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Thanks so much for helping me drive to work.
Just the traffic is so bad, if I've got someone with me it's just a bit...
Oh, I know it's the worst, isn't it.
I really appreciate it.
No, I just I kind of feel I'm on the show.
I mean it's gonna be a good... something for me to watch at night.
-Yes, we can go like this Big Hero 6... -Phew~
Can I put the radio on?
-Yeah, please. -Yeah?
You want to shut me up, I mean...
-I'm just say it'll be fun if I turn the radio on. -No no no, that's fine.
-No no no, I'm just here for you. -See what song you like...
Ohhh....see now. That's not an accident!
I know your act. I know your act.
I mean it's a new car! So I don't know how to change the... radio station.
-We can..... hahaha -Hey...(singing)
(singing).... Are you ready?
-Come on. -I'm not singing today, it was a full night.
(still singing)
-Take it! Take it! -OK, I got it.
-Say it........Hey! -Babe, babe, babe....
They don't talk to you about going too much... They don't know it!
It's a great song in accent!
I don't know what it is. It's not.... I'm not trying....
Hey, bro, it's my American.
Let's talk New York.
I can only talk New York if I'm cursing, say...
-What are you talking to me....so say it! -What you talkin about?
-"What are you talkin" -What are you talkin about.
-Just like you didn't see "about". Like, "we talkin".  -What are you talkin?
From Tribeca.
We get from Tribeca now, but it was Brooklyn to begin with.
OK. Who else do we have? Do we have any other artist?
-Let's try this one.......say what? -Oh my god.......
How many albums do you have? 18?
-Yes, 18. -More than Elvis?
-That's why my age stays this 18. -More than Elvis, right?
-I will, see, we'll celebrate my 18th birthday.....with the fact that I have 18 albums, yes. -Hahahaha!
-You look so hot. -Yes I really am.
-Stop it. I'm a married man. You gotta stop what you're doing now. -Oh goodness.
-I know that I'm your dream lover. -I read you like a book.
Oh, please...
What was that?
It was just me giving you flick.....
...like, when you like the boy in junior high, and you give them like the... What do they call it?
C'mon. Give me some sugar.
-Give me some sugar! Give me some sugar! -You give me the full one...... Alright.
So we could talk Southern too.
Well, that I don't mind.
The English are always good with the Southern accents, like they're really good...
Is someone getting thirsty?
Is someone getting thirsty?
You know a song!
I want you to play this again. Alright.
You know what?
Mariah Carey you're in trouble!
You like it!
-Thank you so much for helping me get to work. -Thank you so much.
Was it a good ride for work?
Are you going to be all right getting home from here?
I think I'll like...I'll hitch a ride and see if someone picks me up.
Thanks for watching. I hope you found it funny.
If you didn't....I'm sure you'll post a really positive response underneath anyway.
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【レイトレイトショー】マライア・キャリーとカラオケ!(Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke) (歌詞/lyrics)

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