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The Livescribe Smartpen 3
I didn't know there's a smartpen 1 or 2.
This is like a third generation one, meaning the stuff has been around for a while.
Oh, the whole box just for a pen.
I'll lose it in 2 minutes if it's anything like other pens in my life.
Pen accessories?
What, what else could I add to a fancy pen?
It's just a USB cord.
That sucks!
It's not an accessory.
I don't need instructions. I don't need instructions.
It's beeping now.
I don't know what that means.
Alright, there's a green light.
That seems good.
All future things have lights to tell you whether they're on or not.
A notification will appear asking if you want to pair your new smartpen.
(Laughter) I got it! I got it!
There it is!
Yeah, I'm into this.
I'm the first to draw the penis.
If anyone else does that in this video, it's not a funny joke.
Only when I do it, it's funny.
I'll write Keith in the penis.
Try to like click around to see what else's here.
It's like page feed in Pencast.
There's a picture of Keith.
No! Wait...
The notebook has it's little like record, pause and stop symbols.
Do they actually mean something?
But if I like... No!
Wow, how does it do that?
How does it know that like I'm hitting the corner of the page?
I set a record, "Keith's so sexy, Keith's so fine, Keith makes everyone totes go blind."
"Keith's so sexy, Keith's so fine, Keith makes everyone totes go blind."
You know what this is good for?
This is good for Tumblr.
When you just wanna write like pretty things in cursive on all the photos.
Yeah, I just... I don't know what you say why I have to use this.
I'll probably buy one and then just have it be stuck in the drawer forever.
So you have to have like a special notebook for this.
That's like...
I don't know, I don't want to be bound to this, this.
Oh, I got the iPod mini so my fingers are too big to use the tiny keys.
So I need to carry my book and my pen so I can still take notes on my iPad at my own pace.
I feel like, maybe you know what, this is like a mother's companion to the iPad.
If you want to be tangible and your mom still likes to make grocery list in an old-fashion way but wants to carry a digital list to the store.
It doesn't make sense!
I can't justify it.


使い心地は?スマートペンを使ってみた! (People Use An Electronic Smartpen For The First Time)

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Wendy 2015 年 7 月 3 日 に公開    VoiceTube Japan 翻訳    Yukiko チェック
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