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I think there's like a 55 at the end ... No. there's not.
Yeah, no. Sorry. That's okay.
Oh we text all the time.
Like, I mean daily. Anytime we're apart. Yeah. sometimes when one of us is in the bath.
We call each other kinda like the middle of the day and just talk just to check in.
You know each other's phone numbers by heart? Nope. I know the beginning.
Yeah I know she knows mine. I think I know yours. I don't even know what your startings are.
No. No. Not much of it. I don't know any of it. That's really sad.
Everytime she tells me her phone number, I'm like "Oh yeah I recognize that number but I can never just like say it."
The first time I've seen his number in a while is for the call sheet for this.
3? No. 8? No. 4? No. 5?No. I don't know.
3861... Nah
209... No.
973...7 No.
56625... Nope. Oh, damn. 66? Nope.
I think it starts with the 646... Nope.
Is it 913? Nope.
Like 2..1...5. Nope.
You are 9 no 8? 888 one 8?
I knew I know. I just kinda find out for a second.
You should at least know your boyfriend's number and your mom's number.
I know my mom's phone number and my home phone number.
I hope one day I get to learn this cell phone number. We haven't hit that stage in our relationship.
Yeah, we're not there. That's like a three-year mark.
He's at the top of my favorites list on my phone. That's good.
I text my girlfriend everyday. I mean I don't text her. She texts me like constantly.



Couples Reveal They Don't Know Each Other's Phone Numbers [LABS] | Elite Daily

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