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Guess it's true, when they say, you become a man
When you find the one and you take her hand
Luckily for you, it all went to plan
And she didn't say no, cause that'd be sad
And now you're here with me
I'm singing my Best Man's speech
For my brother and his wife
Now they're stuck together for life
When we were kids
Trying to get to sleep
You'd say to me,
Be quiet please
I'm trying to get to sleep
But every breath you took
Used to sound like this
So when you moved out of home
I thought thank the lord
I won't be missing you
Then you were gone
With your special girl
I thought you were dead
Never saw you again
But now she's found the ignition
Got you're sweeping the kitchen
Yeah you're feeding the dogs
Doing the laundry and dishes
You're independence is gone
No more fun of your own
Except for the bucks last weekend
When we were having some fun
And although you met on the internet
I know this love is true.
It's enough
to let the dogs on your expensive rug
And not kick them outside.
Hey my new sister,
From another mister,
Oh you look so great
On your wedding day
I hope it's been the perfect day
Hey my new sister,
Thanks for making him so
Happy all the time
Because his loneliness had never been a friend of his
So he searched and searched for you
Then one day in the craziness you came along
He couldn't get you out of his head.
It was Sarah this
And Sarah that
Sarah this
Oh I knew that he loved you
It was Sarah this
And Sarah that
Sarah this
Oh I knew that he loved you.
Ok, We're going to get a little bit serious now.
So Adrian, now you've become a man
And we're not the kids we used to be
Although we'd scream and fight as children
Now I realize, what you mean to me
I'm so proud of you
And all you've done for me
Whether you realize or not
I've always looked up to you
It's ok if you're getting emotional
It's the same way I feel for you
All the time that's gone, where have the years gone?
But Adrian, I've got so much love for you
So won't you raise your glass ("raise your glasses")
For these...for these special two
I wish you nothing but the best
For your lives and all the rest
Because this is love, it's clear to see
Oh this is love, it's clear to see
So won't you, raise your glasses with me
Because this is love it's clear to see
I wish you joy, and happiness
For eternity.
Thank you guys. Have an amazing night.
I love you brother!


"THE BEST BEST MAN'S SPEECH EVER!" - by Daniel Buccheri (歌詞/lyrics)

40618 タグ追加 保存
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