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Hi, so because I'm lazy, whenever a friend of mine has gone outside I ask
"Hey, did you just come from outside?" Yes, and the weirdest thing happened
I bumped into that girl... Yeah whatever! What's the weather like outside?
Is it warm? Is it cold? Do I need to bring a jumper? Should I bring a jacket?
I can't tell, or it's okay to just wear a t-shirt. Tell me cause I don't want to be uncomfortable.
Cause you know, checking the weather myself is just too much effort. Why don't you just
google it? You're in front of the laptop.
Cause I'm busy... looking up Jessica Alba hairstyles 2014
Why last year? When did it become 2015?
But the thing is all I actually wanna know is do I need any more layers of clothing.
Because whenever I do that thing when you stick your hand out to see if it's cold outside
I just don't trust it. What's it like outside? Is it warm? Is it cold? Should I bring a jumper?
Because let's face it the hand is not a reliable source.
It's what you use to test the bath water.
And we all know how that goes down. That feels nice.
No~~~ because when I look at the weather report, I just see numbers that is
this abstract reference and then I try to remember other days but it was like
18 degrees and what that felt like
18, what does 18 feel like. What was the weather that day last week?
Was it 18? What was I wearing? This isn't a real memory now. You made this up.
You don't sit near pools as if you would remember the weather anyway.
which got me thinking: this is how weather reports should be.
And for Natalie at home the weather outside is what you would consider kinda cold
Don't listen to Amy. She is "ridonculous." What you need to bring is your grey jumper.
Not the grey jumper that you know you usually wear around the house.
The grey jumper you bought that time in the city and you had frozen yogurt afterwards.
That one would be enough. But if you gonna stay outside,
it's gonna get a little bit chilly, so maybe should bring your black jumper with the hole in the back.
And don't worry, no one will see the hole. Excellent!
And the reporters could do that thing that they do now, that they go outside to prove the weather so you can see it,
except they do it in your clothes.
Now I'm outside and just to prove it to Natalie
I'm gonna wear her t-shirt and it's still cold. It's very cold that so I recommend
this cardigan that you just bought.
Let me see. Now this is good.
Yeah I'm comfortable, yeah wear this today. Yeah, I know. I'm being dramatic but I'm a huge wuss if it's cold
And I just always end up standing next to warm air when we go outside.
Ah, can you feel that? There's warm air coming from the vent. It's so warm. I'm gonna stay here.
- Ah, cool. but we have to go to dinner in there. - Just go without me I'll be here when you get back.
Just go.
I know, first world first world problems. I'm too warm and now I'm too cold.
I wish I didn't have to carry a sweater with me. It weighs so much!
I'll tell you what kids. Life is hard when it's not hard.
Yeah, anyway I hope you guys well. Thank you for watching my last two videos, by the way,
one of them was about TV binging
and the other one was a talk. I really appreciate you guys sitting through that one and
for your lovely comments on both. I'll mention some those in "Porno Music Slash Comment Time".
I hope you guys have been really well and yep it's actually been
freezing here. I don't know how people survive
in this kinda weather. Sorry I should stop talking about weather
I know what what my weather report should say right now and at this point of the video
you should probably stop cuz everyone's getting bored. I agree with that.
And I hope you guys are well.
and I'll see you soon, bye.



How Weather Reports Should Be

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