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These are the six types of girl friends you have.
First up, the wild one.
She's super fun, but she always seems to be getting you into trouble.
Come on, one night in Vegas isn't gonna kill you.
Really? What about last time?
Last time was a fluke, how am I supposed to know you're allergic to apple martinis?
Because I am allergic to apples.
Yeah, whatever, if you don't come to Vegas then you're no fun and you're gonna regret this for the rest of your life.
Next up, the dependable one.
She's basically the mom of the group.
Where do you wanna go to the movies tonight?
I looked up all the times for two different theaters.
This girl's on top of her shit.
Also, instead of that theater crap, I brought healthy snack alternatives.
We're never gonna be able to sneak those in.
Why do you think I brought my big bag?
Then there's the one you're secretly jealous of.
Somehow, her life is always more exciting than yours.
Sorry I'm so distracted, I just found out my flight to London is delayed.
What, you're going to London?
Yeah, but I'm just going for work, so it's not like I'm really going to London.
Yeah, sure, anyway, what happened with that guy?
Oh the doctor?
He was kinda clingy, I don't know.
He wanted to be my boyfriend, not into that.
Well, at least you have your friend who's always down to chill.
Weirdly, she never seems to be doing anything.
Yeah, I haven't been out for like two weeks 'cause I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.
What, without me?
Get over it, I haven't even gotten to Logan yet.
Who cares about Logan, #teamjess.
Jess is overrated.
Oh, hell no.
Now the one who makes you laugh.
She can seriously make anything funny.
So, there I am, standing with my hands over these rocks, and I lean forward, I fall straight in the water.
My white shirt is soaked.
The date is like, totally ruined.
Where did she come up with these stories?
Did I ever tell you about how one time I went over to my crush's house at 3:00 AM, and asked him to kiss me?
No way.
Yes way, well, no way, he didn't end up kissing me, but, whatever, his loss.
Then there's the one who talks shit about everyone else, the know-it-all.
Wait, me?
Yes, you.
No, I'm not talking shit, I'm just calling it like I see it.
Sure, but these girls are your friends.
They're much more than the labels you've assigned them.
I mean, yeah, obviously, they're all great.
So, why label them?
I guess I shouldn't.
I knew you'd come around.
Yeah, yeah, I feel like this is Mean Girls, or something.
Oh yeah, totally.
When do you think Tina Fey's gonna write another movie?
It's been forever.
I know, right, I feel like it's not the same when she's acting, either.
She used to do something with her besties.
'Cause we all know life's better when your besties are around.
Right, alright.



友達の中に必ずいる六つのタイプ (Six Types Of Best Friends You Have)

257634 タグ追加 保存
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