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  • ♫ I have permission to do it I want, I do it I want


  • Hey there, it’s Marie Forleo and youre watching MarieTV, the most beautiful place


  • to be if you want a business and a life that you love. And today is one of the best days


  • of the week. It’s Tuesday. It’s Q&A Tuesday and that means Q’s and A’s and today’s


  • Q comes from Ajah and she writes:


  • Hi Marie, how are you? I’m a 15 year old girl from Montreal, Canada. First I’d

    "Hi Marie, how are you?私はカナダのモントリオールに住む15歳の女の子です。最初に私は

  • like to say thank you for your videos; they really help me. Smiley face. Here’s my Q,


  • a lot of times I feel like I’m not needed and I’m useless and a mistake and an ugly


  • girl. I’m so alone and it feels like I’m drowning and cannot breathe. Is there a way


  • that you can help me and other kids out there who go through the same thing? Love, Ajah.”

    私と他の子供達を助けてくれないか?同じ目に遭った子供達を"愛を込めて アジャ"

  • Ajah, this is a really important question and before we get into the answer I wanna


  • tell you 5 things that I know about you as a human being just by reading your question.


  • Number one, you are so brave. You shared something publicly that’s clearly painful for you

    第一に、あなたはとても勇気があるあなたは公に何かを共有した あなたにとって明らかに辛いことを

  • right now. Number two, you are kind and youre considerate. First of all, you asked how I’m

    今すぐにその2 君は親切で思いやりがあるまず第一に、あなたは私がどうしているかを尋ねました。

  • doing when youre having a really rough time and you also included the phonetic pronunciation


  • of your name, which is unique, and you did that so I wouldn’t have to stumble figuring


  • out how to pronounce it. Number three, you are a really gifted communicator. You asked

    発音の仕方を調べてその3 君は本当に才能あるコミュニケーターだあなたは

  • your question so succinctly and out of all of the thousands of questions I get yours


  • was one of the first that I didn't have to shorten. Youre also a leader because youre


  • asking this question not just for yourself but on behalf of all other kids that go through


  • this too. And finally, you are an action taker. You know, not everybody who feels the way


  • that you do would actually write the email and send it in to get help. So that’s something

    あなたがすることは 実際にメールを書いて送って助けを得ることですだからそれは何か

  • you should really take pride in.


  • When I was a teenager, I often felt the same way that you do. I remember thinking that


  • my eyes were too far apart, that I had way too much arm hair, I had braces, I had glasses,


  • and I often hated the way that I looked. But I wanna tell you something that I wish someone


  • told me when I was your age. You know, we all have this voice in our head that says


  • mean things to us, but as Eckhart Tolle teaches us, you have a mind but you are not your mind.


  • In other words, that voice in your head that calls you ugly and useless, that voice is


  • not you Ajah, and it’s not true. Some people like to call that voice our ego, other people


  • call it our monkey mind. I like to think about it like a radio station that plays in all

    それを我々の猿の心と呼んでいる私はそれについて考えるのが好きです ラジオ局がすべての場所で演奏しているように

  • of our heads in the background and that radio station is called W-KRAP FM.

    私たちの頭の後ろにあるラジオ局は、W-KRAP FMと呼ばれています。

  • Look Ajah, I know that were poking a little bit of fun here, but this is something that


  • I really want you to get. That voice doesn't know Jack. Seriously. Who you are is the awareness


  • beyond that voice. And one of the secrets to happiness in life is to train yourself


  • to recognize when youre listening to that voice, it really is crap radio. And here’s

    その声を聞いている時には 本当にくだらないラジオだと気づくことができますそしてここでは

  • the thing, that voice seems to pop up for all of us throughout our entire life and the


  • real secret is to recognize when youre listening to crap radio and then change the


  • station. These three tips will help.


  • Number one is meditate on the daily. I know weve talked about this before, but it is


  • so important. I’ve been meditating since I was 17 and it has completely changed my


  • life. Every single time that you meditate you strengthen your connection to your true


  • self, not to crap radio. And the other thing is, every time you meditate you strengthen


  • your ability to disengage from crap radio whenever it comes up. You know, you don't


  • need to do a ton. Again, I usually do 10 minutes a day, more if I have time. But if you wanna


  • check it out, there is boatloads of research that proves scientifically how beneficial


  • meditation is for your mind, your body, and your soul.


  • Number two is you can help someone. So one of the best ways to disengage from crap radio

    その2 誰かを助けることができるだから くだらないラジオから手を引く最高の方法の1つは

  • is to actually engage with the world around you. So Asia, maybe you can help someone else


  • with their homework or give someone a genuine compliment. You know, if you enjoyed hearing

    宿題をしたり 誰かを褒めたりしています聞いて楽しかったら

  • those five great things about you maybe you want to write down five great things about

    あなたについての5つの素晴らしいこと たぶんあなたは、あなたについての5つの素晴らしいことを書き留めておきたいと思います。

  • somebody else onto a card and send it to them. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get that?


  • Number three is change the station, and I mean literally change the station. If you

    3番は駅を変えることです 文字通り駅を変えるという意味ですあなたが

  • find yourself listening to crap radio I want you to change the station and put on some

    くだらないラジオを聞いている自分に気づく 私はあなたが駅を変更して、いくつかのを置くしたいです。

  • killer music and dance it out. In fact, I think we should do that right now.

    キラーミュージックを聴いて 踊ってみましょう実際には 今すぐにでもそうすべきだと思います

  • But seriously Ajah, crank up those tunes and get moving. It’s really important that you


  • make the mind-body connection. Any time that you exercise, which, yes, includes dance,


  • youre gonna release all of these endorphins that will completely change how you feel about


  • yourself and the world around you.


  • So as we wrap up I wanna leave you with one last idea that I want you to take into the


  • rest of your life and, yes, it’s a tweetable.


  • That mean voice in your head is not you and not true.


  • That was my A to your Q, please keep in touch with us and let us know how it goes. Now I


  • would love to hear from you. Did you ever feel like Ajah does? Or do you feel that way


  • now? How do you deal with crap radio? And, of course, if you have something special that


  • you wanna tell Ajah, please let her know in the comments below.


  • And for extra credit, you should copy and paste the prompt below so you can share 5


  • great things about somebody you know.


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  • Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special

    あなたのゲームを続けて、あなたの夢のために行き続ける 世界はその特別なものを必要としているので

  • gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time


  • on MarieTV.


♫ I have permission to do it I want, I do it I want



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