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  • Welcome to Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. Hello Food Tubers! And today we're going to cook

  • up some belly pork, we're going to cook up some of our own home made plum sauce and stir

  • fry cabbage. All of those ingredients. All this amazing flavour working out at less than

  • £2 a portion. Two quid! BARGAIN! Right, we have root ginger and orange if you

  • could slice both of those with the peel and everything into our roasting tray. Okay, now

  • be honest Ben. Two quid a portion what am I going to get? Am I going to be full up?

  • Yes. I am? This is like a full plate of food. Perfectly

  • balanced, nutritious and it will keep you full! I promise. Right Chinese Five Spice

  • going into our roasting tray. Along with some warm water. Why warm? Just to start the process

  • off,. you can do cold water but then your oven's going to have to work a bit longer

  • to get it up to temperature. Is that okay? Yep, that can go in there. Slice of orange

  • the same. Bold flavours going on. Smells awesome. Yes, but just because you're cutting back

  • on ingredients and the cost of ingredients, doesn't mean you have to cut back on flavour.

  • We're using bold flavours so that we can really enjoy a great meal. And the great meal consists

  • of pork belly. So these are pork belly rashers, or pork belly slices. It's the cheapest way

  • to buy pork belly. It looks like mega thick bacon. We'll it's off the belly instead of

  • the back but it's the same animal. We're going to put these in, two portions at the moment.

  • I find pork belly tastes so nice that I'd expect it to be more expensive than it is.

  • You've got to do a lot to it. You can't just flash fry it, you've got to cook it for a

  • long slow time. It's what we're going to do there. Along with a tin foil lid so it doesn't

  • dry out. So it can go into the oven for about three to four hours at 160 degrees celsius.

  • And that means the cheap meat will become really tender. Lovely!

  • And in the mean time what we're going to do is an amazing plum sauce to go with it. Can

  • you do the plums, over on that board. Oh be careful because it's full of water and it

  • drips if you're not careful. Ohhhh all over my clean floor! What do I do with these plums?

  • If you could just quarter these up, de stone them and put them in a pan. I'm going to finely

  • dice up a shallot. Don't ever cut into your finger, don't ever,

  • ever do that! Cut down to the board and roll it, down to the stone. Then twist it. Then

  • cutting down into the board again This is really really easy and then you don't have

  • to stand there and jam into your hand! Which is deadly!

  • So, stone comes out, quarters go into a pan, shallots going in, a glug of oil to start

  • the process off. Two star anise. One clove of garlic, Baz if you could crush that up.

  • And a few slivers of red chilli. Now you can make this as hot or as cool as you like. It's

  • very sweet but a little spice helps as well. So just a little bit of chilli in there. Its

  • a cross between a kind of a sauce and a chutney so we have rice wine vinegar, 100ml of that

  • goes in. And because that is obviously very acidic we're going to need brown sugar to

  • balance that out. So brown sugar going in, garlic going in that'd all the ingredients.

  • Phoawr! That's a lot of smells, a little bit of salt and once that bubbles for about ten

  • minutes. That's all you need for a perfect plum sauce. Wow! And once you make this will

  • it keep forever like most chutneys? Yeah if you put it in a jar, make a big batch. Especially

  • when the plums are in season you can get them even cheaper, go to a market and actually

  • they have those bowls of ingredients for like a pound. Grab some plums while they're in

  • season and make a big batch, you're absolutely right put it in a jam jar, seal the jar in

  • the fridge. Even cheaper! Yes! Next up, cabbage. Now what would be amazing

  • with this dish would be something like pak choi or Chinese cabbage leaves. But they are

  • slightly more expensive so we're doing something very, very similar. Great colour, great flavour

  • with a bog standard cabbage. Are we going to trim it? Pretty much cut it

  • up nice and fine. Remove the white stalk. I think white cabbage is under estimated.

  • I love cabbage! I use it a lot but I do get annoyed at people who slag it off a bit.

  • I think people over cook it. And that can make it taste bad. BUT, what we're going to

  • do is really quickly sauté it off, a little bit of soy sauce. That's it. That's all it

  • needs to create an amazing flavour. Is that going to make it quite crispy? Yes! Keep the

  • green, we';re not just using the outer leaves as well. The inner leaves are good for a coleslaw

  • at another time. But for this dish, the outer leaves the greener ones are best. I mean if

  • you just lie them all on top of each other. Not only do you save money, you save time

  • too. This man's a genius, okay maybe that was going a step too far.

  • I mean, he's chopping cabbage! Don't want to be wasting your time chopping cabbage,

  • a genius like you. I mean you're wasting your talents.

  • You wait until you try the cabbage, you might change your mind. Alright, now that the water

  • is boiling, add in the rice. Give that one stir so that grains don't stick together.

  • A little bit of oil in this pan, cabbage in to sauté. Sauté

  • And just before it's finished. Just a little splash of soy sauce for seasoning. And then

  • Barry can you drain our rice into the sink? Now we've got a colander. And that's everything

  • coming together, look at how that is mushed down to an amazing sauce or chutney. And our

  • pork, one that we're pre done. Ohh nice. Very, very soft. I was not expecting to see that.

  • It looks lovely, but it does look burnt! Well, I think that's the Chinese Five Spice giving

  • it a very dark colour. It smells lovely. Some of our soy sauce cabbage

  • on there like so. And then for the pork, now this needs to come out and be served the other

  • way up because that's the more succulent side. Now our chutney, here we go. Less than two

  • quid a portion. it's our Chinese inspired pork belly, soy cabbage and our plum chutney

  • sorted. Literally all you will need is a fork, you

  • won't need a knife. Really? For hours of cooking it will just fall apart. I'm going to use

  • the knife just to, not to chop it, it is, it falls apart but just to help. Did you get

  • a bit of the chutney on there? I got a bit of everything! That's no normal pork belly

  • at all that is, that is spectacular. You're really struggling there aren't you? I'm using

  • the knife just to construct. Big mouthful, that is delicious. That plum

  • sauce is so sweet. It's great. It counteracts the five spice. Very good. Now I know we're

  • demolished that between three of us, but is that a portion? Oh yeah, definitely! If you

  • want more thrifty and amazing food subscribe to Jamie Oliver's foodtube and if you want

  • to get hold of this recipe, head over to our website

Welcome to Jamie Oliver's Food Tube. Hello Food Tubers! And today we're going to cook


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