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[groaning]: Oh.
-Uh, how's it goin', Orange?
-Oh, you know... I'm... [groans]
-Dude, you don't look too good.
-[moans] Hey, hey Pear.
-Yeah? What is it, Orange?
-[groans] -Gross.
-I don't feel so good, Pear.
You're gonna have to take over.
-Sure, no pro--
wait... what?
Hey, hey Turnip? Hey.
Turnip, hey. -Hey, what's up, Pear?
-Yeah, it's just that I'm glad you could, uh, "turn up."
[chuckles] -What?
-You know, "turnip." [chuckles]
-What are you getting at, man?
-Nothing, it's just a joke.
You don't--turnip?
-W-what are you talking about?
You think I'm late?
-No, it's just-- -I'm a late-blooming vegetable, all right?
I'm ready when I'm ready. -Okay, okay, okay.
-I'm not running on your schedule or anyone else's, you hear me?
-Okay. I'm sorry.
-You're bombing, Pear.
-Look, I've never done this before.
-Just call him something he's not.
That always works for me. -All right.
Hey, hey Turnip.
-I'm not talkin' to you.
-Good, 'cause you're just a fat radish.
[chuckles] Get it? Fat radish. Ha-ha.
-Whoa-whoa-whoa, Turnip, dude.
-Why are you doing this to me?
-Way to go, Pear.
-Geez, I didn't know he was gonna cry.
-Oh, my God, what's going on here?
-Pear made Turnip cry. -No, it's not like that.
-[sobbing] He called me fat.
-Pear! What's wrong with you?
-No, this is Orange's fault. He told me to do it.
-Hey, keep it down. I'm havin' a sick day over here.
-Is that all you have to say for yourself, Pear?
-Ehh--dude, you gotta help me get out of this.
What do I say now? -Oh, I don't know.
I just usually make funny noises.
Everyone loves that. -All right.
Hey, hey Turnip, hey.
-What do you want now?
-Hey, I bet you can't do this.
Owrr! Owrr! Owrr!
-Wha-- is that supposed to be me?
'Cause I'm fat, right?
'Cause I'm always eatin'.
-No, Pear's just trying to-- you know-- cheer you up.
Right, Pear? -Owrr! Owrr!
You're a monster!
-Pear! -I'm sorry!
-No-no-no, you're doing it all wrong, Pear.
It's more like this.
Nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya...
-Eww! -Ewww!
-Ugh. I don't remember eating that.
-Uh, look. Why don't we all just call it a night?
Huh, guys? -Yeah, I second that.
-[sniffles] Okay.
-Oh... Hey! Hey, Fat Radish!
-Orange! -I'm not a fat radish!
-No, not you. Fat Radish.
-[slurps drink]
What's up with you, Orange?
-Knife! -Yaahh!
Captioned by SpongeSebastian


Annoying Orange - Annoying Pear

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