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  • What you're about to experience is like nothing you've seen before. Introducing HERO4 Silver,

  • the first ever GoPro to feature an integrated touch display.

  • Use the intuitive touch display

  • to preview your photos and videos, and frame your perfect shot. You can also play back

  • your content and relive the moment instantly. Want to navigate the menus and adjust your

  • settings? Easy. Just tap and swipe the screen. Featuring an enhanced sensor, HERO4 Silver

  • boasts better image quality than any of the best-selling GoPro cameras that came before

  • it. Capture stunning 1080p60 video that's sharper and more life-like than ever. High

  • resolution, high frame rate 720p120 and 960p100 video modes serve up exceptionally smooth

  • slow motion playback in HD so you can relive your highlights in all their glory. HERO4

  • Silver captures 12 megapixel photos in blistering bursts of 30 frames per second, an unbeatable

  • setting for moments you don't want to miss. Time Lapse mode lets you shoot at set intervals,

  • from half second to a full minute. Great for gear mounted shots when the shutter button

  • is out of reach. Want to shoot the Milky Way or a campfire hangout? New Night Photo and

  • Night Lapse modes allow you to document ultra low light scenes in a whole new way. With

  • customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds for both single and Time Lapse photos.

  • When it comes to staying connected, HERO4 Silver has the bases covered. You'll get both

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to quickly sync your camera with the GoPro App and Smart

  • Remote. The GoPro App transforms your phone or tablet into a live video remote for your

  • camera, offering full control of all functions and settings, easy shot preview and playback,

  • plus sharing via text, email, Facebook, and more. Or connect to the Smart Remote to control

  • multiple GoPro cameras from distances of up to 600 feet.

  • Want to power on and start recording with the press of a button? You can. QuikCapture

  • turns your GoPro into a one button camera.

  • HiLight Tag, another new feature, lets you tag key moments while recording, so you can

  • locate your best clips later on. Tagging can be done with the new, dedicated button. When

  • you're not recording, use this button to access your camera's settings. Now making adjustments

  • on the fly is more intuitive than ever. Protune unlocks the camera's full potential, delivering

  • minimally compressed cinema-caliber capture. And here's the big news, Protune is now available

  • for photos too. Protune is a must for professional productions, offering customizable settings

  • for color, ISO limit, white balance, sharpness, and exposure. And enjoy the greatest degree

  • of manual control available in a GoPro camera.

  • Professional capture needs to be paired with professional sound. With a powerful new audio

  • system, HERO4 Silver delivers nearly two times the dynamic range.

  • Whether you're recording

  • an acoustic jam session, or the purr of a powerful v8 on the track, capture natural,

  • clear audio.

  • SuperView is a GoPro exclusive video mode that captures the world's most immersive wide-angle

  • perspective. It allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in the shot,

  • resulting in ultra-engaging footage of any adventure you can dream up.

  • Auto Low Light lets the camera do the thinking for you, allowing you to move between bright

  • and dark environments naturally, without having to adjust your camera settings.

  • With an integrated touch display and powerful new features like Night Lapse, HiLight Tag,

  • Protune, and SuperView, HERO4 Silver sets the standard for ease-of-use and real world

  • functionality. Waterproof to 131 feet or 40 meters, HERO Silver combines true GoPro versatility

  • and pro-quality capture with the convenience of a built-in touch display.

What you're about to experience is like nothing you've seen before. Introducing HERO4 Silver,


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GoPro HERO4 シルバー。プロ品質のキャプチャ。便利なタッチディスプレイ。 (GoPro HERO4 Silver: Pro-quality capture. Touch-display convenience.)

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