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I have never read Playboy before.
'Cause I grew up in the digital age,
so you didn't really need magazines.
I just want to apologize to my mom.
I feel like I'm sinning.
The 1960's.
I'm more aroused by the prices back then.
Twenty-five cents for everything.
Like, the old school art is so vintage, so cool.
I don't see any boobs yet.
Do people actually read the articles?
There are a lot of articles.
I feel like that was the old joke.
The moment of truth, I always wanted to do this.
Oh, I feel so raunchy.
That is just an American Apparel ad today.
Uh-oh, eighties.
I'm expecting hair on hair on hair.
The first bush era.
Every picture kind of looks like a Prince album cover.
I know women at Walmart that are from the eighties
'cause they still have their hair like this
and they can't let it go.
They're too poofy, they look like Pomeranians got naked.
(whipping sound)
It's like a Glamour Shot.
It looks like something you would take at the mall.
That is a jungle.
In the sixties they were kinda like, ooh, what's there,
but in the eighties they were just like boom!
Take a good look, America.
So, this is the nineties.
I'm just playing the theme from Full House
in my head as I'm looking through this.
The nineties ones just look like my teacher, it's weird.
It comes with a bio.
It has her childhood photos.
How do you go to your parents, like, "Hey Dad,
"I need some pictures of my childhood
"because I'm kind of in Playboy?"
This is not up to health code.
Don't eat this popcorn.
The 2000s.
This is like when Playboy needed
to step their game up, 'cause the internet was around,
and people could get it for free.
Just drunk college girls lifting
their shirts up to the camera.
That was a thing for like a decade and a half.
And now I'm seeing an article about the two faces of Islam.
Good boxing theme 'cause she's a knockout.
She's a racecar driver.
Well, she's a girl who sits on racecars.
This is when Photoshop started to come in.
She's way too smooth-looking.
I feel like you painted her body.
This is not real, this is not real.
Country girls.
My family has a farm, so I sort of grew up on there.
No one dresses like this when they're like,
"I'm gonna go drive the tractor".
If they wanna sell these,
they should do hipster girls of Silver Lake.
These girls are imported.
None of these girls have ever been to the South.
Although, we did have tire swings.
There's not a whole lot of racial diversity
in these Playboys, and I'm kind of upset by that.
Brown people can be in the country too, you know.
There's water everywhere.
They don't know how to drink out of a canteen.
This part is sexy but then like this part
where it's just dripping off at the end, you're like, ew.
As the time went on, it was getting just
more explicit and less tasteful.
Not gonna read 'em, I don't think,
just 'cause, I mean, the internet.
Just interesting with these old magazines.
You and your friends all looked at the same
two dozen naughty pictures.
I guess it's more like a recognizable name.
It's like McDonalds but for naked people.
Just want to apologize to my mom again.
I'm sorry, this is weird.
I know this is weird for both of us
'cause you're gonna watch this.


Men Read Playboy For The First Time

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