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Have you ever heard someone say that they could never be in sales?
They act like sales is somehow dishonest and equates them with the stereotype of used car salesman.
That’s unfortunate because selling is a fundamental skill in life.
It’s a form of persuasion successful people should use all the time.
Here’s one great example. If you have strong career ambitions, one huge part in getting ahead
Is making positive change. Finding things that can be done differently or better and actually getting people to listen to you and help you
That requires you to sell your ideas.
As long as you keep striving, you’ll be selling.
So let’s talk about what it means to successfully sell your ideas at work.
Consider these four very useful tactics.
First, access your credibility.
Depending on the quality of the idea you might want to share with others no matter what your level of credibility.
Having said that the goal is to be as credible as possible
That means, first, having a trouble-free, high-quality track record at your job.
Second, also means having a reputation as a person who is helpful and supportive when others speak up with their ideas.
Next, do yourself a favor and build lateral support before trying to build vertical support.
What I mean is that you’re well-served to start with your peers
And others on your level or below you.
This way you can gauge how well the idea might be received above you.
And you’re likely to receive good feedback that will help you refine the idea and make it better.
It’s also important when promoting ideas to position them in a way that helps others
It’s your idea and you have your own agenda but that everyone has their own goals and agendas.
This is especially true when sharing ideas to people above you in the company
How does your idea somehow line with their priorities.
How does it help them.
Don’t assume they will see the connection. Be ready to articulate it to them.
Last, be sure to spend time practicing your pitch.
If the idea is a big departure from the past or you’re pitching to the executive level, you’d better be ready.
You have to know the bottom line costs and projected benefits that are likely.
You also have to be ready for predictable questions
which is why a great practice talk with peers is so useful before pitching to executives.
Selling sometimes gets a bad rap but it shouldn’t.
Selling yourself and selling your ideas is a normal required part of professional life.


Leadership tutorial: How to sell your ideas | lynda.com

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