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Hey guys! Just updating you guys what's been going on with my life recently.
I just moved out to L.A. Yeah!
So I've been living in L.A. for over a week now, and it's been really interesting here.
Let's rewind and take it back to my first day.
Day one.
This is actually my first time moving out and living by myself.
It's such a new experience because I've never been so far away from my friends and family.
I've always wanted to travel alone, and now for it to finally happen, It's just so surreal
Day two was when I realized that I have to start growing up.
I went grocery shopping, and I was like "what do I need to buy?" Like for myself. Like "what am I gonna eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner?"
Like I have to think about these things.
Back at home, my mom always made me food, so now that I have to find food for myself, like I'm trying to be healthy, but yeah...
"Sorry mom! That ain't gonna happen!"
Day 3 was when I went out to explore the whole city.
The Hollywood strip is very lively because it's a tourist place, so there's a lot of sights to see.
There's practically street performance everywhere you go.
When you're walking down the street, you'll see so many characters like Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and many more.
I learned that if you take a photo with them, you have to pay money, so make sure you've got some cash ready.
In this area, you'll definitely be quite entertained!
Day 4 was when I started to kinda meet new people, and that was really cool.
We would exchange numbers, and we would tell each other that whenever we're free, we'll hang out.
I realize now that not everyone is always free like me,
so most of the time when my friends can't hang out, I'll just be chilling at home not doing anything.
Day 5 was when I realized that I'm actually alone
All my friends and family are in Vancouver, and no one's gonna hang out with me!
I started questioning like my whole trip, and like "what am I doing?", "Why am I here?" Um, like "what are my plans?"
Everyone goes through this.
When you're by yourself, and you hear noise, you're just like... "what the heck was that?"
Like I would be studying, writing something, and like what the barnacles was that noise going on there? OK, that is quite scary.
But yeah you know I'll be sleeping on my bed, and I would hear noise, and I'm like oh my God, what the heck was that?
So it's got... day five was scary.
Day six was when I realize that I had to stop being so lazy, and actually start living life again.
Um so... I took out my damn calendar, and wrote up like what I am gonna do like every single day to keep myself busy.
Sounds good!
So if you're like me, and you're living in a whole new city by yourself, just remember that the first week is the hardest.
Yes, you can be lonely, and you can be sad, but you know what?
That is life! You can't always have people around you.
Try to appreciate the time that you have for yourself, and really focus on yourself
You'll only grow from here!
Anyways, I'm gonna go back to Facebook stalking, so have a nice day! Later days! And I'll see you guys next week.
Okay, bye guys!



わかる!一人暮らしのあるある (Things That Happen Living Alone)

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Lily Chou 2015 年 5 月 15 日 に公開    Erina Kawagishi 翻訳    Elaine Chen チェック
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