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(hip hop beat music)
- Nikki, tell them what we're making today!
- Today we are making an "Elsa," from Frozen.
- Amazing film, amazing film.
I didn't see it, was it good?
- A frozen Elsa, I get it, because when drinks are blended,
they're called frozen...
And it looks like one of the characters from the movie
Frozen. - [Skyy] Does it look like her, though?
- It does look like her.
- Okay, alright, let's make this drink!
- Let's make it!
- Amaretto... - [Nikki] Okay.
- Coconut rum. - [Nikki] At the same time?
- Same time. - [Nikki] Oh my God!
- Go!
- It's like a sword fight. - [Skyy] Stop!
Okay, Nikki, blend!
- Okay, it's an appropriate time to blend.
So this is just ice and alcohol, huh?
- Kind of, keep going, keep going,
a little more, little more.
- [Nikki] We should use a spoon.
- [Skyy] No, we don't need to use a spoon,
it can drain through.
- [Nikki] Ahhhh, pretty.
- [Skyy] Yeah, it's going to go through.
- [Nikki] It's like an island.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And this is a sugar-rimmed glass, okay?
We used yellow and blue sugar that I found at the store,
but you could just use food coloring to color your sugar.
Part two, let me put this in the freezer for a sec.
- Okay, 'cause it's hot as balls in here.
(Skyy laughs)
- Coconut rum, pour a little bit of that in.
Let's see, Sprite, hit it with some of that.
Okay, blend. - [Nikki] Okay.
You're getting it everywhere, and this was an ice cube.
- Oh my God, this is a big damn ice cube, okay?
Whose idea was this? - [Nikki] (laughs) Yours.
- Okay, sorry, okay, we all make mistakes, lads.
- Oh, like a snow cone, but with alcohol.
Oh, that's cute.
- And there you have it!
The "Elsa" from Frozen, and this drink was sent to us
on Facebook by Nakita McKenzie, okay?
Taste! - [Nikki] Okay, "Elsa."
- Taste the different layers here (mumbling),
and let me know what you feel.
Tell me how it touches you.
- Mmmm. - [Skyy] How's it good?
- This middle layer, I love it by the way.
It's got a really nice sweetness to it,
like really good balance.
But you can really taste the coconut in this layer,
so it takes like...
Yeah, I mean, I'm not a huge fan of Amaretto,
but I like it in this.
- Did you watch Frozen? - [Nikki] I did.
- Was it a good movie?
It was a good, but it's not all like,
everyone hypes it up so much.
- So it's not as good as the hype.
- No, I mean, I didn't think so.
Me personally, my favorite movie is Aladdin, that's my
favorite movie of all time. - [Skyy] That's your favorite
movie of all time? - [Nikki] Disney movie.
Disney movie, yeah, what's yours?
- It ain't freakin' Aladdin.
- Well, what is it then?
- I don't know, some soft-core porn stuff.
Anyway, look here, it's not about me.
I like to go to movies, but I'm just sayin'
it's weird going to Disney stuff,
'cause usually I go to movies by myself, okay?
It's time that I spend alone, okay?
And it's weird when you've got a grown ass man
in the back row by a little boy
sitting in front of you, okay?
And the light's off, and the people are looking at you like,
"Why is this guy here?", you know what I mean?
- Oh, we know why that guy's here.
- I'm just here to see the movie, kids, okay?
I don't even like kids, just so you know, okay?
They're freeloaders, they don't pay rent,
they eat, and take craps.
And you have to clean it up, that's not my style,.
I feel everybody should pay their way, okay?
- Come closer. - [Meghan] Ooh.
- Man up, are you scared? - [Meghan] No.
- Well why are you backing away from the flames?
- I don't want my hair to catch on fire.
- And there you have it!
The Four Horsemen
of The Apocalypse surrounded by fire!
It feels like hell, go ahead girl.


The Elsa Cocktail (from Frozen) - Tipsy Bartender

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