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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making this LOUEY VUITTON alma bb alligator skin handbag cake. The real bag
costs around 20 thousand dollars. If you want to know how to spot a fake louis vuitton this
one has cake inside so it's definitely a fake.
Double the chocolate cake recipe and bake it in two trays lined with baking paper. And
if your trays are not as deep as mine then you can bake it in three if you need to.
Then print out the template for the bag cake, you can watch the cake recipe video and purchase
the template from the howtocookthat.net website. And I'll put a link in the description just
below the video to that site. Once our cake is baking in the oven we need to make the
hardware for our handbag, for the square rings roll out a long skinny snake of black and
then place some non-stick baking paper over your template and shape the fondant into the
size shown, trimming it at each end and then joining it together in the middle.
We need 4 of these but I'd suggest you make 6 so you have spare just in case they break.
roll out another snake and bend it into the shape of the top of the padlock. And then
cut the ends longer than they need to be in a pointy shape on the end there.
For the body part of the padlock roll a fat snake and then press down using the palm of
your hand to get it the width that you can see on the template there. Use a blade to
cut off the top and the base leaving you with the padlock shape.
Stand it up on one end and then using something round make an indent on the base. Then take
a drinking straw and squash it and bend it so it looks roughly like this sort of shape
and push that into to base to make the part where the key goes into.
Flip it over and mark the width of the shackle using a toothpick. And then use that toothpick
to push it in and then move it around in a circle making it big enough for the fondant
to fit in. Dip the tooth pick in a little water and dampen
each hole then place the shackle very gently on top making sure it's straight.
To make the logo on the front you'll need to lay the padlock flat. I'm just using some
fondant and some non-stick baking paper to support that shackle. Then bend a small piece
of card to the right shape using your template as a guide and then press it in to the front
of the fondant to make that L and then the V. Then take an even smaller piece and use
it to put the tops on your letters just indenting them there.
Then to make the pull for the zip place the template over the black fondant and cut it
out. And then use your blade to mark and cut out the holes as well and you'll need two
of those. For the studs roll out some fondant and using
something round cut out circles of black, you only need 4 of these but make a few extra
so you can choose the best ones. Dip a dry paintbrush into gold luster dust
and then dust all of your hardware to make it golden. And it works out the best golden
colour if you start wight he black fondant if you start with white or something else
it just doesn't come up looking the same. Remember to turn them over and do both sides
for all of them except the studs you don't need to do that for those.
Once you're done you can just sweep up any excess dust and reuse that later.
To make your handle of your cake roll out a thick snake of lively pink or whatever colour
you're making your bag in and place it over the template. Then from where it starts to
get fatter use your rolling pin and roll it out. Trim off the ends and make it narrow
enough for that fondant to easily fit through the square rings that we have. Place the ring
over then bring the fondant carefully around an through the middle and then trim it off
at the top to make it neat and flatten it onto your handle.
Take some spaghetti and push it into the handle under the rings, this will give it the support
it needs when we add it to the cake. When you do this I also add some baking paper just
above the spaghetti under the ring there just to lift it up on a forward angle, I didn't
do that and so it was hard when I was adding the handle to the cake because it was on the
wrong angle which makes them just hard to get on without breaking off.
At the join push down on each side and across the ring. Then take a toothpick and add a
stitching lines around on those indents. To make the alligator skin pattern you can either
draw it on using a smooth object or I made my own shapes out of aluminum flashing which
made it much faster and then you can just push them on.
Now we are ready to move on to the actual cake part. To make a simple syrup add equal
parts by volume of sugar and water to a sauce pan. Then if you like you can add flavouring,
I am using some instant coffee. Heat that until the sugar dissolves and then stir in
some vanilla and let it cool.
Level the top of one of your cakes and then trim off the very end. Place your base template
piece over the top and cut out three pieces in that size And then use that remaining little
strip for the top section of the cake.
Take the other cake and cut two of the middle template size and another one of the base
size. Place some frosting on your cake board and
then your first base sized layer of cake. Brush it with the coffee simple syrup,. Now
what the simple syrup does is it just keeps the cake really moist it doesn't make it soggy
it just gives it that real moist mouth feel and it can also add flavor if you've added
flavoring to it.
Add a layer of frosting and then the next base and continue that until you've stacked
four of them. Check on your template that your cake is up to the middle line that is
markers there. And then you'll want to swap to the middle
cake shapes. Put a middle cake piece on top, brush with simple syrup and top with frosting
and another layer of cake. Check with your template you should now be near the top. Add
be able to add your final top layer of cake and making sure that it is all straight.
Put the side template on the end and use your knife to trim off the excess cake from each
side and make it round like the cake. Then from the front of the cake place the
front template at the top and round off both corners to match the template.
Then cover the whole thing in frosting, I am using my chocolate buttercream recipe for
this one. And that recipe is on the website as well. Once it is covered place it in the
fridge for about half and hour for the frosting to firm up. You can leave it for longer if
you've got other things to do. Then roll out your lively pink fondant and
lay it over the top of the cake. Smooth it on the front and back and at the sides squeeze
it together just using your thumbs and your fingers. Then use scissors to trim off the
large amount of excess and then continue to smooth it, if you have a fondant smoother
they are really helpful here, you don't have to have one but you can just use your hands.
Pinch that join tightly and trim off closely using scissors then run your finger or a smoother
over the top. Trim the excess from around the base.
Take some aluminium flashing and make some more shapes of various sizes and use them
to make indents in the cake. Start at the middle and try to make it roughly symmetrical
making the shapes smaller as you get towards the edges. Just have a look at a picture of
an actual bag to get an idea of what it is supposed to look like.
Once the whole cake is covered take a ruler and a blade and we want to cut out a strip
for the zip goes. Just cut two lines and then peel that fondant out the whole way around,
and then make sure that you smooth the icing that is underneath that gap so it is not going
to sink in on different levels. To make the zipper roll a long snake of pink
and then flatten it with a rolling pin Now I am using a slightly darker pink here than
I used for the cake so it give a little bit of contrast just like ti has on the bag.
Take a brand new hair comb and press it into the fondant, the firm plastic ones worked
best for this and I broken the comb in half so I only had the wide part of those little
rungs not the really narrow thin end. Brush some luster dust onto the baking paper.
And then flip your fondant over and gently rub it on the gold. You don't want to press
hard or you'll squash the pattern you just want to rub it on the gold to get it on there.
Flip it back over and cut it to the width of the gap of fondant that you took out of
your cake. And then drape it over the cake letting it
fit into the gap. Then using you knife and in the centre of
the zip just drag it up trying to stay in the middle there and around the top to give
the zip pattern. Take your base fondant template and cut the
zip off at the level that the base comes up to. Then cut off an extra bit so you are leaving
a square shape. Make a square out of balck fondant and dust it gold and pop it into place
Now for the base fondant strip cut it out to the width of the template.
Use a wet paintbrush to dampen the fondant at the base of the cake. Then roll up your
strip so it's easy to move and then unwrap it like your wrapping a bandage around the
bottom of your cake. When you get back to the start there just trim it so that it lines
up with the zip is. And then use your homemade cutters to make the alligator skin pattern
around the base.
Next take a tracing wheel, now you use these in sewing. And they are really useful in cake
decorating as well. What we are going to do is use it to make a row of evenly spaced stitching
dots along the top and the bottom of the strip and wither side of the zip. You can use a
toothpick to do this as well it will just take longer.
Take your handle and gently push the spaghetti into the cake, now this is where my rectangle
rings are set on the wrong angle they are going straight down and they need to be coming
outwards so that they fit not he cake. Now if you try and move them once they are set
like I did then they are going to break which is why I suggested you set them differently
earlier on. Now I'll have to do a little bit of repair work here just using some wet black
fondant to rejoin it on and then I'll just put some gold luster dust on that to cover
it over.
Now for the front detail cut out the shape using the template then squash down the top
end of it to make it thinner and re trim it to shape. Make an indent where the bend should
be and fold it up and around. Then place that curved part over the bottom of the rectangle
ring. and add your alligator pattern to it.
Take the bag outside and spray it with cake shine, I'll link to the one I'm using below
because everyone seems to find that hard to find. The reason I am doing this outside is
last time I did it in my kitchen even though I put paper fowl down it seemed to get everywhere
and was really hard to clean off the surfaces.
To make the key holder cut out the template from fondant and add the pattern and stitching
to it just like you did with the other details. Then make a long strip and split it at the
top. Thread it through the loop and then put the end through the split end and let it hang
down. Take your key holder and make a slit at the
top and poke that strip into it. Then spray that too to make that shiny.
Add your gold studs to just under the handles there and use your wheel to make stitching
details again. Then position the zip pulls and the padlock
how you want them on the top of the cake is ready to eat it.
This cake was requested by Divine Ngunda, mi angelie 25, loom craft, chewing gum, gemma
potts, sara moberg, katie king, nattfra, abbey hewitt, the olly show, Anton O Run ar son,
anna joy leonardo and lots more... Put all your request below
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Have a great week and I'll see you on Friday.
[music: The boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]


HAND BAG CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon Louis Vuitton

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