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  • >> BRUCE PENGRA: Well another one of the really big stories of environmental change is the

  • deforestation in the Amazon. An interesting part of the story starts at

  • the river a long ways to the north actually. If we zoom in here along the Amazon way up

  • here in what looks like virgin forest still -- and a lot of it is --

  • you can see a road that leads from the Amazon here

  • and along through more or less untouched rainforest for hundreds and hundreds of

  • miles. And as you get south far enough you start

  • to see clearing along the road where farmers are starting to clear the

  • forests and farm.

  • The road facilitates the farming, the road facilitates the population

  • coming out there. And then all along that road the land is cleared

  • and when there isn't any land next to the road another road is cut,

  • often in another direction and people start clearing that.

  • And progressively you get this fishbone pattern that expands and expands and grows together

  • into things that look more like this. And the forest is just a handful of little

  • scraps anymore that are scattered throughout

  • between farm fields where it's either a low spot that swept

  • or for some other reason isn't ideal to farm.

  • Amazon basin deforestation is along an arc and the states of Rondonia, Mato Grosso, and

  • Para and from 1999 to 2012

  • it's quite striking. This whole area here in Eastern Para state

  • if you go back to 1999 the vast majority of it is

  • intact forest and you can just see the herringbone roads come out through the

  • forest and then roads come out from those and the land

  • clearing and the forest disappearing.

  • And it's made all the more obvious with these two protected areas here

  • which don't disappear... makes it really quite compelling to see.

  • As you look at this, these are... a lot of people called Amazon the lungs of the

  • world. It's a little bit at a time when you're on

  • the ground and you clear an area for soybeans and you can feed some people.

  • But when you look at it in the bigger picture again as Landsat allows you to do

  • you can see that it's not something we can do forever.

>> BRUCE PENGRA: Well another one of the really big stories of environmental change is the


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アマゾンの森林破壊。タイムラプス (Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse)

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