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>> BRUCE PENGRA: Well another one of the really big stories of environmental change is the
deforestation in the Amazon. An interesting part of the story starts at
the river a long ways to the north actually. If we zoom in here along the Amazon way up
here in what looks like virgin forest still -- and a lot of it is --
you can see a road that leads from the Amazon here
and along through more or less untouched rainforest for hundreds and hundreds of
miles. And as you get south far enough you start
to see clearing along the road where farmers are starting to clear the
forests and farm.
The road facilitates the farming, the road facilitates the population
coming out there. And then all along that road the land is cleared
and when there isn't any land next to the road another road is cut,
often in another direction and people start clearing that.
And progressively you get this fishbone pattern that expands and expands and grows together
into things that look more like this. And the forest is just a handful of little
scraps anymore that are scattered throughout
between farm fields where it's either a low spot that swept
or for some other reason isn't ideal to farm.
Amazon basin deforestation is along an arc and the states of Rondonia, Mato Grosso, and
Para and from 1999 to 2012
it's quite striking. This whole area here in Eastern Para state
if you go back to 1999 the vast majority of it is
intact forest and you can just see the herringbone roads come out through the
forest and then roads come out from those and the land
clearing and the forest disappearing.
And it's made all the more obvious with these two protected areas here
which don't disappear... makes it really quite compelling to see.
As you look at this, these are... a lot of people called Amazon the lungs of the
world. It's a little bit at a time when you're on
the ground and you clear an area for soybeans and you can feed some people.
But when you look at it in the bigger picture again as Landsat allows you to do
you can see that it's not something we can do forever.


Amazon Deforestation: Timelapse

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