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  • I don't make it much of a secret,

  • but I get quite frustrated

  • when young people we work with

  • don't make the most of the opportunities

  • that they're provided.

  • So, just to give you some context,

  • we provide, on our website,

  • there's a plethora of opportunities

  • from some of the biggest organizations

  • in the country,

  • and you'll just get sometimes

  • a lethargic response from young people,

  • and I'm just like,

  • "God, like, do you know how amazing this is

  • to just have it served to you on a plate,

  • and you're kind of like, hmmmm?"

  • That frustrates me quite a lot,

  • and I have to,

  • I have to kind of keep that undercover.

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I don't make it much of a secret,


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