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  • - Hello lovely Jason Horton viewers. I'm so excited to meet you. My name is Hello Hannah Cho

  • and I'm here to talk to you about why guys like Asian girls. Now this is something Jason

  • and I have spent countless hours and days discussing and trying to get to the bottom

  • of and as a part-time beauty guru, part-time button collector, full-time Asian, we thought

  • who better to talk about it than me because those three things totally mean I'm an expert.

  • And as the studious Asian I am because everyone knows Asian's are studious, I've spent the

  • last three-and-a-half days doing intense research. Videos, articles, blogs, oh the forums and

  • comments. It has been both riveting and terrifying and I'm here to share it with you. Why guys

  • like Asian girls. In no particular order, rhyme or reason. Asian girls are petite. Feminine,

  • submissive and subservient. We care more about the dreams and success of our man than our

  • own. Asian women are kind and caring and cute and quiet. We like to cook and clean because

  • it brings us joy. Asian women like to be dominated. It also brings us joy. Now we also need to

  • discuss this sickness that goes around. Typically men catch it at a younger age and I would

  • be bold enough to call it an epidemic. Yellow fever. Signs and symptoms of this disease

  • might come in the form of a deep obsession with anime, cosplay, Asian movies and TV shows,

  • KPOP posters and art, and pictures on your computer of busty cartoon Asian chicks only

  • eating out what you would call and "authentic" Asian restaurant and always using chopsticks.

  • DDR, speaking Japanese or Korean even though no one in your life speaks those languages.

  • Let me tell you, with all the research I've done, yellow fever is not something to take

  • lightly. If you or someone you love is suffering from this please seek help immediately. I'm

  • hopeful that with combined efforts and some more awareness we can find a cure. The last

  • few reasons the guys secretly love Hello Kitty and the only way they can get away with buying

  • it and having it around is dating Asian girls. Guys like to do all the driving and don't

  • like to do math. They're drawn to exotic, but not too exotic. They like that for Halloween

  • the ninja or geisha costume will look real. They don't ever want a text message without

  • an emoji. Finally, of course, guys like that Asian girls have small, tight, eyes. Am I

  • right? Well, I hope you've enjoyed this educational and informative video. Quickly, another big

  • topic I saw out there when doing my deep research about this was the question, why to Asian

  • women like white men? You know, I can answer that for ya easily right here and now. It's

  • because of guys like Jason Horton. Duh, ding. Thanks for watching. If you happen to be into

  • make-up and Hello Kitty or just whatever I'm doin', check out my channel. Bye.

- Hello lovely Jason Horton viewers. I'm so excited to meet you. My name is Hello Hannah Cho


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なぜ男はアジアの女の子が好きなのか (Why Guys Like Asian Girls)

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