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- Hello lovely Jason Horton viewers. I'm so excited to meet you. My name is Hello Hannah Cho
and I'm here to talk to you about why guys like Asian girls. Now this is something Jason
and I have spent countless hours and days discussing and trying to get to the bottom
of and as a part-time beauty guru, part-time button collector, full-time Asian, we thought
who better to talk about it than me because those three things totally mean I'm an expert.
And as the studious Asian I am because everyone knows Asian's are studious, I've spent the
last three-and-a-half days doing intense research. Videos, articles, blogs, oh the forums and
comments. It has been both riveting and terrifying and I'm here to share it with you. Why guys
like Asian girls. In no particular order, rhyme or reason. Asian girls are petite. Feminine,
submissive and subservient. We care more about the dreams and success of our man than our
own. Asian women are kind and caring and cute and quiet. We like to cook and clean because
it brings us joy. Asian women like to be dominated. It also brings us joy. Now we also need to
discuss this sickness that goes around. Typically men catch it at a younger age and I would
be bold enough to call it an epidemic. Yellow fever. Signs and symptoms of this disease
might come in the form of a deep obsession with anime, cosplay, Asian movies and TV shows,
KPOP posters and art, and pictures on your computer of busty cartoon Asian chicks only
eating out what you would call and "authentic" Asian restaurant and always using chopsticks.
DDR, speaking Japanese or Korean even though no one in your life speaks those languages.
Let me tell you, with all the research I've done, yellow fever is not something to take
lightly. If you or someone you love is suffering from this please seek help immediately. I'm
hopeful that with combined efforts and some more awareness we can find a cure. The last
few reasons the guys secretly love Hello Kitty and the only way they can get away with buying
it and having it around is dating Asian girls. Guys like to do all the driving and don't
like to do math. They're drawn to exotic, but not too exotic. They like that for Halloween
the ninja or geisha costume will look real. They don't ever want a text message without
an emoji. Finally, of course, guys like that Asian girls have small, tight, eyes. Am I
right? Well, I hope you've enjoyed this educational and informative video. Quickly, another big
topic I saw out there when doing my deep research about this was the question, why to Asian
women like white men? You know, I can answer that for ya easily right here and now. It's
because of guys like Jason Horton. Duh, ding. Thanks for watching. If you happen to be into
make-up and Hello Kitty or just whatever I'm doin', check out my channel. Bye.


Why Guys Like Asian Girls

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