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calling all car the copyrighted program created by the real run be loyal company
assemblies calling all cars national guard dog as eighty-seven philip dodd
missus bush is the chinese
bond narcotics raid intranet and the cup anticipated characters on hold for
questioning that'll role conclusion
we have invited me to do or did somebody
petroleum engineering member of the society of automotive engineers
to tell you tonight
why you save money
by using we'll go round the clock japanese in your pocket
this december
all automobiles
built during the last five years
have high compression high-speed engine
and ordinary gasoline what work efficiently and even more
motorist who buys a cup price
un crack gasoline think they're saving money
but they are wrong
your motor can use only part
from the power and each drop of on crack definitely
the online placement difficult to wait
occurred in the damaging carbon
or queens don't use them to wall the lucrative soil
dozens of dilution do any serious damage misses them
i could play at the
if you put the finest oil into a motor
and then run with this cut price unpacked gasoline for only a few hundred
you're all well and so that we didn't get it
then you lose power
happened began to choke the motor
your engine is no protection from fiction blair what your recommendation
every car
built since nineteen thirty
figures nothing but the fact definitely
high compression high-speed motors operated politicians the only on crack
cracking insure that gasoline burns quickly completely living north of the
burned parts the compromise with a little oil what do you think of the real
banded patented cracking process them
we have branded unquestionably the finest packing plant in america
i consider your packing process
the very latest and f development petroleum refining and you know why so
many leading left in city
make couple tests
for the gap between the specified further emergency vehicles
police cars and fire engines
you rio grande a quack got me more than and a other plans
now we are pleased to present keith
james lee david
of all thank them forty hip-hop
good evening friends
tonight we bring you a story of the operations of the narcotics plot
embed never ending battle against the drug traffic
this type of police work
is one of the most exacting which we perform
narcotic peddlers are widely and the operators who employ them
fortified with the power of the underworld
are exceedingly difficult man to capture
even though we do make in the rest of the peddler
as he is known to the underworld
this rally brings us to the main source of supply
these new rules are well-trained and willing to take their punishment
for favors or considerations promise to them after they have served their time
it is this bright to police work which involves very often the storybook
properties of disguises and false mustaches
in order to obtain the information necessary to eliminate the source of
narcotics apply
our officers must look like little futures
my stress and rough close and mingle with the underworld
this type of work calls for the utmost bravery
if the disguised officers suspected
is mine fired with dole
they decided exactly in terms on the spot
a narcotic manner hand picked for their bravery
that intelligence and our comprehensive knowledge of criminology
and criminals
they constituted body of peace officers
of whom the citizens and taxpayers may well be proud
i would like to call to the attention of everyone within the sound of my boys
that although the law breakers in this story are chinese
cases of crime among our oriental citizens are very rare and they
constitute one of the most law abiding groups within our jurisdiction
walking here
coverage time you've got a puppy love you
replanted setting that don't or walking yet
the court
ought to get this longing
gonna publish map of the property and all the required won't do any good to
bring in one week by at least in smart
that the mules that grappling
women like that
warm yet know they'll appeal to the sender the of the jury until light
sentencing actress like apart
firewall longing
cannot conduct that that demand flag to the fact that leon name barton
that but now a which backed with the park
you're coming dot what we know you are in
and yard any event that gave no other actively it on the lab a pet
made detecting technical book if there is any palestinian adding yet and i hate
to be glad to update you ended you're back to work
he divided the outfit looked just like they did
nothing thackeray thoroughly maybe you've got some honor now i came down
here the other thing
they about effect
if i can help in anyway but in a long and
regret that we don't have a passed away
john admit they work for you
they engaged
colorado college quiet
tickets and parking lot
applied mcvane find it impossible to understand collectively factbites dot
based in no way and use a lot of python they it'll prolly upcoming fully aware
about the legal right
i am a note hotpot however
high-end dictated beat depicting the same way keyword italian department that
exploding night indicate it was to depicting that put me in the world
it mag and didn't know that quality
below and not mean that can expect you to a fag the line only
about arnold
character who worked for that matter levi catherine you can't make it stayed
here you know it
applauding notebook but we don't know
according to what other we can't prove it
you don't understand the go ahead with the way i do
if you'll pardon me saying so you're handling this going all wrong
uh... or nothing
you know that you do definitely not try to keep it is completely different
things power to do it
worked and where the oriental doug
i think my time
and heavy infinite patience
i wanted to do it if you let me do this my only i would love it
through it and that way you right but that doesn't stop on that i could track
media here doing or pay or play that but but
wanted unique at
at mad that i am looking remember major what do you want to know
hydrocodone along a twenty-mile wide-open like don intranet it heading
day at that
that everybody alignment
what is this
i dunno never been able to find out why not
what got at least effectively implemented that color update body
japanese departments like it dot olympic than the other bamford that would have
been working on that pile on the floor much
uh... no
let me tell you baby chick was on the case you'll get them
and at that time
thirty that get benthic right well
pup academic what kind of car now as i haven't
no money getting it yet but i didn't trouble a lot of whom don't sounds so
good that you company
uh... what got shot can't climb
the cup nowhere one you junkets
lead which black
she uh... everybody's sensor
if they do not conduct plot driven up in the daily lakshadweep
pick normally shiite
calcula tell the blood on the product
act which allowed
you know yes
that thought it'd be wet look mild and know about it
what set
and thank you
now but i don't know what i got the lowdown thanks at the time being
approached by a few act i walked like that
okay and i think the only know except what brought up on top of that doctor
not denied that
beltline combat
that reported that
not court
uh... that no longer is running a small joint
uh... you do about it
bertram proven a story that
what's that
at the narcotics plotted receiving quite often repertoire immunity watch such
stories all of our car op
let's go to one of the ic what do you know made what stop
flatmate you can't bring it out here that it's probably you did one yet
this is his way of getting even you'll realize what sure i do its little
political material
all the opposition leaders who opened up a smokejumper night dixon picture that
preferably with student which is that the cupboards one of the papers the
election losses right either something about doing everything i can
which had a meeting it was really
excuse my
shaky everytime network
anne cooper in this story
if there's any doubt in your mind if you go get won't get yourself
i know the voice in my spot in the rich and any of them taking hush money or
about plans or about it
this investigation the first place we wouldn't be in a jam like this because i
don't know what i'm talking about class restriction on what to expect me to put
your chest without the prior habitat that ship and put it back
i'll get longer oreo i'll take your place
i hope that you get my convert to a mechanistic pounding the pavement on the
smoke clears the way
the disney story books living ever want to make any got their white thing
before we've got the white was the book
what are you talking about explains all the way out
flaunted store about the way the book and
restricting to bring the police department and we've got to stop it
oregon out too long it helps
instead breathing you know anybody's around the house knowing what you're
going to go
i'm going to cut mechanically paid into the car
he's right though
guards lawyers picture hand
okay uh... huh
with medicare
how would you kindly tell me what's the big idea
i'll actually kind of like me to the car
and i'm not beholden to the knife is a good one for us a little bit about
hold we got to do with people and wounded cult when he drives away with it
and get a head start and we still don't call it
anti-government attitude with this
clearly to the following a roadmap spirited
if you were to be because uh... but in a chinatown
whipped up along the deployed for the role of a kind of competition back to
his house
they tell me this
i would have done it hadn't come out right away
winning by means of all about what they did have time to make a problem with
uh... consider that a lot
reimer the plan
as long a car parked across the street haha
on colony that matters and i what's an accepted another tenant on the floor
then begin the tedious work for the nomination
just look at all costs landscape
took over the place in the business
restaurant in buildings right on the block radius of alameda muscles
analyst honestly to eliminate it wants
then caplin parties made regarding double spot
so slowly to the two officers know they're suspenseful television final
avery mapk one building on the democratic side street
which cannot be accountable
one august cheerleading in early september
sequence ones get dressed in old clothes
couple group chinatown
better looks a little bit like you had a little bit bored
the chat with associate little story
rebuilding tour warehouses has nothing to evacuate night maybe but this one
them when we come to cumple
the citizens number seventy three that's right
will have all been broken
nintendo manage budget issues there
people as a child hands
and townspeople
sneaking concede
when gone home with abilities ability to be a tube that's just not going to find
out how see that little building across the street and as a kind of people in
the senate
we're gonna have group
this is that still comported warehouses in
i keep down then stacked
he undersea down in the street with admittedly through www ministry
because them
into seeing things will go to china man just turned the corner
his addiction hebron now
when reconfirmed across the street and say what the government to get through
that moment smoke filled building he looked at was because got elected
now surely they go into the dog doorway say with any of the boys are not going
to work
them technopark remain the few the plane
look at the moment at the capital injection you may want to come in and
out of along with the black
we're going to handle it our way
night up tonight all week
get would keep the lonely people about the ancient building an old time at all
watching the shadowy figures linked on the policy disappear into the awning
black and the abandoned buildings while a one-night wants to join him on the
witness failed
accepted would
them not moving give movement booming paying attention much
the sisters and i've noticed them through the night written to the victory
alaska pat buchanan linden report smokers moonlight
say children with your was ok with many about
uh... yeah
within sight
lifeline here u
and them
with those stairs me van right now
moscow appalachian
you know we've been at the seams for years to uh... that he income with
whitfield diller
do you have to have
the though
i think that you're good
book with him
and she will look like a miniature innocent was that
that nothing up here
the really
let's go down
i wanted to do like the rest of the building
video that you know
student u_n_ to look at him
between unit during on the night
but sometimes it's the biggest play
panel posted a little bit within the roman ruins says halfway in the states
narcotic men at the corner waiting for a single
clapton ok it looks like for me
uh... lecture by the people who
about a dollar israel's had
okay probably is quiet this weekend
is related to the seller about the pentagon pulled out of the road and
clean up that with me
most of the veterans of the time of member firms of ten years ago
vividly the boys over the phone
loved wildly
looks like we're going through the downtown of that which rapidly nearly
gone down
but that would that they've but with them
it might have blank wall of the others maybe newton
over there and find out what specifically would but my shoulders now
hain but
for a little bit
camp walk
three inches below the surface
slivers of next-in-order where you're standing idle
soldiers raising at his house
i mean it will continue the way the spoken with him
if you take a look at the old you've been with the political at all beat up
on the other or can you
what the world for that
and anybody
uh... but the product out
about the the book but uh... it looked like
piece of what it means for
nothing to deprive him of that
but this one should be listed down in the second homework
thank you
that's cool nazi victims in the place
jordan as a whole different breed just move mail
we'll see
dispute this one won't play moving but
or bring it back
women's movement will contact them on the link
blizzards maker like we have to get around that
that it would make a shortcut
the dorothy and perfectly
alright involvement
at the time of the planet
fertilizer plant
pants column
a huh
hepatocyte half of the
caroline o'neal advocate light on the republican up
but let me put it out
uh... the
battle that problem matt wonkette didn't care
maybe they've gotten over it and they do they want to know
and it was one at the end of a place like this
what what
the building you want it
looks like you've got about everything it now everything but wanted
relegate the other way through the where act
separate problem but if you do this your own away multicultural on october the
joined at night confiscated about ten thousand dollars of the narcotic
football if you want i want one big well i'm still working on him found several
addresses in the code one of the man who was paid i'm checking on the mound if
you don't have a good example you have a great i'm going to happen my child edu
elec opponent
by applicant would meet men please tell me about the bombing rated one by one
they were eliminated as being completely innocent restaurant rooming house
winding up tonight up to the raid landlords and not whatever miniature and
you go to
that'll that and you'll
the reason why i wanted to go back to me i would drop
that could be the back of the cleveland hit wouldn't drug
that's what i thought
smell anything but julia
web streets no openssl
them on we got back to headquarters in the tabloids
split down the alley
give me two minutes in the store instead of breaking down a little
when i start w come into the store my guess is right there waltz right into
our arms ultimate apartment gave me a goat
well or not
you ought to go over the border biopic
internally and
and at the pet will pick or not going or not guilty
and underpaying
you can do something good for payments macbook
or you know
or waiting for your order number one on nobody would
portal i think you're bored
what you want which placed back in the back of it though
with about four or don't want them
will look like the gardens or that you've got all the time you will that
work for you that you know yeah it
uh... at at at what about our playdate at all and what will that be ok what
label edward public holiday
hat output anybody that right thing education about eight out of a end of
nineteen ninety-five homie
which showed that this is the u happiness would not be a great night
it always planned to be developing
i must ask killed an introductory enough doesn't come with a cold in the home a
bottle and singing you're under arrest will meet and an absolute about cutting
out of my took the ap bandgap into what it it's not that i don't know
now to get my neck
the along the nile
well it
theory smiles and singing as a bachelor pad the comforting top aide to
consolidate fencing ends i do not copy and bright idea concen jewels
i had to have been bothered me off my kubeck hannigan down on a bird headline
your path
didn't happen it will go to pack
let me just another couple of up to the war period
would let you go into parliament he wanted
and that's about
landers and we've got to where we want to know on that
is all the probe we need to set you up to the big house
food aid
if you've written
he who parked that bag and must the ever happened there
as his back leaving cottontop into him
mean at that time
wall mi eight
and his companions were speedily tried and sentenced to the states and
for the terms prepared by the law
dusted captain chatswood and his men closed the last of the fabled all-time
opium dens in los angeles
as work advances on the new central terminal block after block aboard
chinatown is rapidly being raised
to make way for the railroad yards
no more do the marquardt officers clamber through foul-smelling subsonic
to find that party
when opium smoking resorts are discovered nowadays
they're apt to be in hotels and apartment houses in the more fashionable
parts of the city
but due to the never-ending vigilance of your police
assisted by state and federal narcotic officers
this vices slowly but surely approaching complete eradication thank you steve
the efficiency of your police department has given more times the reputation of
being one of the best policed cities in the united states
views of rio grande a cracked deafening has contributed greatly to the
reputation for assistance
for many years although finalist police powers fire engines an emergency
i've been powered by the o'brien the cracked deafening
ortiz cars responding to emergency called an unbelievably short time
city record short of a mobile operating costs are lower than ever
other california cities open certainly personal bakersfield
many cities and counties in arizona
including the capital city of phoenix all specify rio grande it cracked gas
and exclusively what emergency car
this is the same cracked yes i mean your neighborhood real under service station
by applying for yourself
and you will see what the real branded fact is specified above any other brand
for emergency motors
eleanor national guard will get the event now he'll regarding submission
chinese nigel now in custody battle road
would never go public employees continue that night
calling all cars copyrighted program created but the real monday auto company
the man
the will believe it or not but i do not know it will get maybe eight
paul oxley mother grandmother the reported that more that which is
available and would do it gives them between home and that's all
near the telegram or and
it bambi a goal california agree
now all-time vehicle county police cars fire engines and he reckoned demoted
are powered exclusively by rio grande a quack toughening
about naal
just before the fan diego telegram was received
we had official notification from the body of bakersfield
at rio bamba cracked pepper mean had been adopted or baker deal police arms
after competitive test with other deafening
it was only a week or two ago you credit amount but
capital video both on the was using rio grande a crack up a meeting for all
emergency card
prompting from the example of medical put county arizona
which have been using rio grande a crack instead of cars for many months
in previous broadcast
we have read to you along the the petite using rio grande it back to kathleen
unimpressive lip that include fresno berkeley
and will find them
which at the rio grande a cracked got me next birth of a four year
rio grande there had been awarded me for the contract
not because of pride all politics
but because we are going to crack has proven by actual test
to give greater speed greater power and greater mileage per gallon
unquiet deafening
what better evidence can you out of the contents you at rio grande a crack
binders kathleen you can use in your car
and now it is our privilege to introduce keep william h alan and public
sacramento police department
politically you'll from station k_ ep became in sacramento
keep elena
good evening ladies and gentlemen
two nite
the sacramento police department
is proud to join the roster of law enforcement agencies
whose work has been dramatized on calling all talk
in introducing my department to this great radio program
i would like to assure although
within the sound of my points
who may be planning to break the law
that crime
does hate
crying vase with big dividends
crime pays with the climes of misery
of penance
oblong tears behind iron bars
a poverty and disgraced
and for those who really embraced the crime to its fullest
who commit the supreme crime of murder
for them
crime has the greatest payment of all
on the gallup
enraging grasping
dept for the side of the prime
opt like being spares and donald one
though a little trap
to eternity
hit the pavement the crime
any of you would think it is worth it
i want you to break the law
make one false step bama please would be looking for you with a vigilance
that level a
with the lead to a certain number sleeps
looking for your possibly to award you the reward the product
which is
don't forget
don't print for a moment
the crime doesn't pay
all of you who desire on happens
imprisonment or death
land bite you
to embrace it life of crime
our story tonight opened and the late summer of nineteen twenty three on the
top of the content of the colorado state reforms
at to forty and bilingual or and that
or eight
you have paved road that specific
you made a mistake would you thought you could break the law
i don't think that it read about the tired you prepared here
and i hope you have learned well you would be with us
that crime
the prop eight owners in the exit
you've told us that many times abroad to produce tool for equipment
it is the truth
an unmistakable tremendous too
the that you always remembered alway welfare
but i had gone strike that
that's the sort of resolution i'd like to hear
you will never be granted
there's nothing like appear kanchan
there's nothing like being able to
to look for your reply would be i and know that you look for you
clear through
invite me princeton
don't think i have been faced with temptation walling ourselves
not the temptation to rob hall's but the
there had been temptation
and i met each one and confident
like a man
that's the challenge the flight crew that is boyd
yes sir
i could go on on that subject for dollars
uh... i'll bet
i believe you boy it could be speak about the before
though i know we we did what welcome to the world rejected
yes methodical
well here's part of the you get yourself thank you sir
revival and remember
even yes
ear view time to time
but dole let me see you back yet again we won't be back here again that
did it
replied then demand that that that did that did not go back
the right time
the method of molecular couple much crap and i think it will probably stop by gap
up five bucks it's bipartisan way but i think that nobody but they were the the
bike product based blades
demand crime don't pay
if you don't have a much like and what we're going to make a paper asst
okay cake
open-ended order attract
within your back pretty thick and i don't want
you ain't goin strata and i went on strike without a doubt
picking up an old second-hand bothered to boycott weapon ankle brothers almond
outbound as well
they make a connection with a blow to make a money to pay expenses by making
deliveries born in that one day and found bruno california
made one of the boulevard stoppages gone through hotwire nobody got atlantic
about traffic now happily and that's what you think
the cutback on it dot you competition the dot and
that the democrats getting probably try pumping out what to expect nine nobody
out here come on for another round
treatment is
alex chief of police
well i don't know who is it doesn't look like that if i asked doctor gets more
economic story deadline that a keep you know i'm not inhabit
i think at least cargo octagon and fast
the employees are kind of the property pickup but what the caller about them on
the complete
of an envelope on the carpet learned yet that the tangled brother
answered the phone
and but suffice it to board under arrest
except for that they're questioned in separate rooms carlkipp audio equipment
that can so don't look like a lab the main ally laureate europe your landed in
nashville tn cavemen
alexander bottle or come on here
an honest convention is booked for the floor
why don't you tell the truth
but i think that asked
well it's not ok
echoed right
okay or tomatoes welcome back to work with the everybody's been
helpfully jumped back
that it's uh... welcome but i think i can fax and i don't know about that yet
led to this day
at review and utility meet ice hockey they focused all broken up that yan
insect study double-crossed
capped what
after cricket
protect us
he can't score modestly it wasn't something and fault them desert
i'll tell you what else i can see feel that they can cut up lots of time
quite a few more acutely doesn't listen back only got only one on youth
witnesses down the number of your car when we found the car we found her
brother's addresses your brother got an alibi duet you shot keeps me it capped
cape of that
art if in fact the particulars about tiptoe
i think and squeezed
i could get my hands on and
saw the rap on amazing
about peco looks pretty bad for you know from what alter their gaps
okay i think that's all
song i'm going to get into it too
go ahead what kind of a confidential but that's how i felt that way
during the trial to compare notes triangle involving allies ultimately
into a confession by strategy
all right if it appeared to be fitted with a pledge themselves with this
because it was picked up the thirtieth possible moved october the eleventh
nineteen twenty three they are spending san quentin for life
a tough position on the political thing that made the penitentiary
the party was washington's wasn't
self-contained thanks
became line
different matures
last night
compile-time just can't daft
but quite stock
charged with a duck
versus spots docs a cut fitful act
static yet
last case
can call on all at least a penitentiary what exactly
finally request fateful morning it justin artist coffee
why functioning after
website office
go ahead and couple
hate anti-white
come up with them
coming up later on the bandwagon
firing appalled alarm but localize it warren county lawn what part of the
director of public
all but but but but but
dot blot
and auto mall management of the dragnet
bible birth date of picking them up
a ban on a global nineteen twenty five in the building store in petaluma we get
the did you do the book and i get work
you got your thoughts with you got the but look if you could by into about
applied applied architectural like he did not include cable worksheets
dot ok dot that's quick beautiful got other company other than to try it
acouple buy compact
okay occupied recovered
we have given me a new clothes e thinking about you got your hand picked
up because i think what the defense computer brand i picked it up to the v_
likened blown out of the gap
but the fact that many ideas alone i i don't
two days later in the general store and hubert dot any republican or a little
bit regard night right at the newseum
colonie one of the little rabbit
and in a sheltered where right
like this dot
uh... ect and is that they should have been met
ninety-six televised doubled up
okay but that's not the intended effect industrial architecture mike mcintyre
mcintyre dot background then abruptly anytime baby articulate
then two days later time go all rob two men on the outskirts in sacramento and
then on april eighteenth they enter the compound sacramento
a moment when no one has broadened the proprietor h data to third and the clerk
little boys expanding jumping gasket market population must be fully pretty
packed like tell basketball
to look at that time occupied
not just a basket
later in the day for me to find the dvd tomorrow band animal park
reports coming from a wide area surrounding sacramento and guatemala
seven times the implants are county in new capital
they were reported in the bombay goldmine bottled apostate bottled up the
canyon but the duplicative managed to escape
or days upon his poem countryside
at auburn the dude up but i don't think anyone equally
and not made big your pullback in hospitality
each with a male consumed this background schindler
yet you doctor yesterday i want to go back
coming up
over the coming up
about duke
it compact
they didn't come out of that truck
that date works for me i don't know what it's like a middleburg
the will come back and correct cap
me okay
distrusting of good
into a speech
you won't get probably some action like that when i was a boy scout
language that you must have been and coming up for smoking
and what do you say
up with a bumping off though i wouldn't
no sense in heaven too many mothers against and split the difference we got
to do it might have a lot a lot
election once
but wait gonna hang once a week
use in baltimore
let's touch a mother s bank
the public eye comes up when i was rocks down and go to sleep for awhile okay to
seven point
eric out like a psychopathic okay let's get this mail provider
here comes which i don't depend
the first one in a couple of hours evacuated rock later castro deputy
minister of the head of the disbursement and what you're going to get the weight
of a looking good can come get your still another quick break until convicts
pickett's charge dot on the net tax
this took place in the cockpit is short of it didn't
make a guiding me through convict
activity it will be deducted
activated made big ticket item
that shortly but it wasn't a collateral because i had him dead to rights
she'd social startups shuts off in the past
can't strikerchick
and show us what you know chilam
than balconies parties for a month with a quick break finance cabinet in the
hills and that was a great abundance of the right on the cabin
not nobody gonna stop us
so i'd like to check for the party albert some dumb deputy shot he's got
well that's right now we only got notified hawaiians
but they killed or live with partners and their pictures and descriptions by
stepping up the public place
and colombo standards for escape for summer
nevertheless the couple days before the next development would make one
afternoon detective captain alan and barbara mantel repeat next by the
telephone call
attractive girl
with him
thank you very much mister fain out there and i'll send them out to look at
it over her fingerprints
principled between but they can about those two this afternoon
mountain at
to get them out of the color of the mother ever nineteen twenty two dots
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