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Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Dual Review! What can I say about the iPhone 6 that you don't know or haven't already
not much actually it's running I was 8 it has a great camera
a thinner design and a handful of features that make it different from
last year's iPhone
this year Apple has popped up the display size and released
two models we have the 4.7 inch iPhone 6
and the 5.5 inch iPhone six-plus but if you've been paying attention to the
rumor mill leading
up to the release these two models might not have been a surprise
that being said there are still some things that I'd like to touch on in this
video but instead of creating 2 reviews I think it's safe to combine them
today you can find out which one is right for you welcome to my review of
the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plots
well obviously Apple has aimed at two very different personalities with these
two sizes
the iPhone six-plus is without a doubt considered a fab Lee in my eyes
while the iPhone 6 is probably a strong candidate for the average consumer
one is bigger any other is bigger than bigger no it's not necessarily the 5.5
inch display
on the iPhone six-plus that makes a large device
its actually very large because I've its body and how it is designed
but if you'd like to check out mine boxing videos on either device all the
drinks down below for that
first off let's take a look at specifications the iPhone 6 is packing a
4.7 inch display with a resolution of $13.34 by 7:50 given it 326 pixels per
we also have a dual-core Apple aid chip clocked at 1.4 gigahertz
1 gigabyte of RAM and 18 10 million power battery
and up to 128 gigabytes of internal storage
now when it comes to the app on six-plus it features the same internal
along with a larger 2915 million power battery
optical image stabilization on the rear camera and a 5.5 inch
1920 by 1080 display with 401 pixels per inch
aside from the internal specifications there's one obvious difference with this
year's iPhone
it has a completely different design now the lock button has been relocated to
the side in the device which will make it easier to access due to the larger
sizes involved here
but everything else is basically the same we have the volume buttons and mute
on the other side and you'll find the microphone speaker grill
lightning poor and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the bottom Apple has
slimmed down the design and one with something that closely resembles the
fifth generation iPod Touch
iPad Mini and iPad air I'm a big fan of thinner but sometimes we must sacrifice
certain things to get there
now I'm not going to make this a review about durability because
honestly I have not use these devices long enough to tell you how durable they
are and how they will hold up over time many have you may be wondering
he'd arm does the iphone six-plus really band
and I'm not going to get to in depth with that I can tell you that my iPhone
six-plus has not banned yet
but I will leave an article link down below with my full opinion
on the matter it's kinda lame P so get ready for that but it definitely need
explains exactly how I feel about
the whole band gate issue maybe I'll do another review in six to eight months
down the road
to account for durability and if that's something that you'd like to see feel
free to leave this video a thumbs up
anyway because it the slim design we now have a protruding camera
and I know most people cringed at the thought of this but it's really not a
big deal you'll get over it very quickly I promise
I'm a big fan have the design happening here them its then and sleek any display
panel is covered by class that has a very elegant curve along the edges
and gives the entire device a seamless look though as you may notice
this curved edge design is going to be problematic if you prefer to have screen
that extend to the edge up the glass because well there is no edge
all that said I do like the design and I'm always a fan to buy an iPhone that
doesn't look exactly like its predecessor
so what about camera performance I gonna be straight up here even though this is
only an
8-megapixel camera capable of shooting up to 10 EP video
at 30 or 60 frames per second it's still likely wanna be best cameras on a
for some reason Apple always excels in this department pictures are crisp and
though low light performance isn't all that great but in great lighting
this is the best smartphone camera that you can currently get
at least in my opinion another useful feature on the iPhone 6 and six plus
is the addition of 240 France for second slow mo video
at 7:20 P it just looks fantastic now the iPhone six-plus comes along with
optical image stabilization which definitely helps when it comes to
and video just for comparison sake here's a video clip
me walking with the iPhone 6 an iPhone six-plus
and as you can see the place has far better stability
this is the main benefit you get with optical image stabilization
I'm a fan but I wish it came as a standard on the iPhone 6
well maybe it'll come on the iPhone success but as far as video performance
the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus killer again
though some may be disappointed that you're only getting 1080 p video quality
here and not
4k like sum up the competition on the market it makes me sad but I guess
I'll get over it probably another feature in the works for the iPhone 6s
if you'd like to see the maximum potential up the iPhone 6 and six plus
I put together an epic cinematic video test that you can check out using the
link down below
it's shocking what this camera is capable of next up we're checking out
as most I O S users have grown to expect I O S is pretty snappy and I was 8 is
snappy on both devices in fact performance is going to be identical
between the two you
but to be honest it's also very similar to how I less eight runs on the iPhone
Apple's lack of PV internal specifications does not affect the
software experience
it seems that overall there's not a huge gap in real-world performance between
the iPhone 5s
iPhone 6 an iPhone six-plus launch bugs aside
I O S is pretty much always a star performer and if you'd like to know more
I O S aid or its new features all leave a link down below to a top 20 i OS
8 features video that I published a while back but this isn't an hour's 8
review were talking about the overall experience
with the iPhone 6 and six-plus Apple has fine-tuned I was 82 work better with
these larger devices
by adding a couple of software enhancements to make it easier to
on both devices we have the addition reachability and this new feature allows
you to double tap on the home button
to move down the user interface it's a handy feature but
in my opinion I found to be easier to just use my other hand
it's not the reachability is bad I just don't care for that much to be honest
on the iPhone 6 plus we have full rotation abilities
the home screen and other specific caps can be rotated into landscape mode
to bring more than iPad like experience to this larger display
it's definitely a nice feature but it's not groundbreaking
though I did find it useful to be able to pick up the device and use it
regardless a bit orientation NFC is also present on both the iPhone 6 in six-plus
but unfortunately it's only there for a feature that you can take advantage of
yet Apple pay is a new mobile payment platform that takes advantage
up this hardware and it will be rolling out soon but until that happens
NFC doesn't really matter normally I don't get too in depth with battery life
but it is important to point out a couple of things about these two devices
battery life is
stick on the iPhone sick plus because its larger size there's a larger battery
and it definitely shows
i've seen. usage times have up to five to six hours with pretty heavy use
unfortunately the iPhone 6 isn't as good as the iPhone six-plus
but one thing is very clear: no matter which one in these two devices you
Apple has finally managed to put together a set of phones with all-day
battery life
so which device is right for you well that's going to depend on a lot of
I've laid out most of the information in my official comparison between the
iPhone 5s the iPhone 6
and the iPhone six-plus so if you'd like to check that out I'll leave a link down
if you're a fan and larger displays I'd go with the iPhone six-plus
if not then the iPhone 6 is for you for me I have to side with the iPhone 6
don't get me wrong the six plus is great with its display battery life any
optical image stabilization
but I need a device that's a bit more pocketable and I'm willing to sacrifice
a few features for that
if you currently rocking an iPhone 5s well you might just wanna wait until
next year's iPhone you still have a very capable device
but let me know which iPhone is your favorite down in the comment section
do you prefer the iPhone 6 or the iPhone six-plus
be surely this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed my review
and also feel free to subscribe for more videos like this in the future
thanks again for watching everybody this is Dom and have a great day


Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus - Dual Review!

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