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  • This is Joe.


  • Now, Joe doesn't know it, but he's about to send a text that would change his life.


  • And there's two ways he can do it.

    「ちゃんとした人だわ」と または#Xを付けずに、彼女にメッセージを無視していると思い込ませてしまう。

  • He can send a "# (hashtag) X" .

    彼女からの大量のメッセージは、ジョーに対する感情の表れ。 「マイハニー」「この人は誰?」

  • That way, his girlfriend will know he's only not texting her because he's driving.


  • Aww... He's so responsible!

    その時の選択が様々な状況を生むわけですが、今回、最初の選択をしたのは彼。彼女が待っているのは幸せな彼かそれとも不幸な彼か。「ハニー、おかえりなさい。」 すべで、#X次第。

  • Or, he can just let her think he is ignoring her texts.

  • Her many, many texts...

  • which may affect her mood...

  • and her feelings towards Joe.

  • There's my guy!

  • Who is she?

  • When it comes time to plan their evening together...

  • She'll make very different choices.

  • Choices with very different outcomes.

  • But the first choice was his.

  • And happy, or not so happy, his girlfriend will be waiting for him.

  • Hi, honey, welcome home.

  • Oops!

  • And it all depends on #X.

This is Joe.



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彼女のメールを無視するとこうなる (This Is What Happens When You Ignore Your Girlfriend's Texts)

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