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  • Hi everyone, I'm Vienne Lu and you're watching our channel of Chinese culture.

  • Today's topic is Halloween. Did you know Chinese people have their own version of Halloween?

  • They call it "Ghost Festival" 鬼节 [gui jié]. [gui] means ghost and [jié]means festival.

  • The Chinese believe that each year in mid-July, ghosts or [gui] are allowed to come to the

  • human world to celebrate their temporary release from

  • being locked up behind the gates of hell. During 鬼节 [gui jié],

  • the gates would be opened and ghosts can come receive the offerings provided by the Chinese

  • people, typically including burned incense, paper

  • money and food offerings. Unlike in the Western world where parents

  • would like to take their children out to trick-or-treat during Halloween,

  • most parents in China would keep their children at home during 鬼节 [gui jié], especially at

  • night since no one wants to come into contact with these ghosts.

  • If you get a chance to travel to China during 鬼节 [gui jié],

  • my suggestion is not to take any pictures of Chinese people burning incense or paper

  • money on the street. Chinese people are serious about this festival.

  • Some of them believe that if you take a picture you may

  • capture the ghosts in the picture and they may haunt you later. A store of my childhood,

  • when I was little, my mom told me not to touch walls during 鬼节 because

  • ghosts travel between the walls. She also told me not to pick up

  • any money on the street. This is what my mom told me: "ghosts are trying to test if you are

  • greedy and you don't want to be the target." Again, Chinese people

  • are not celebrating during this festival. This is an offering

  • day for the ghosts and guess what...Chinese people can't wait for this day to be over.

  • This is the lesson for today. Thanks for watching.

  • If you want to learn more about the Chinese culture, subscribe to our channel.

  • Happy learning! Bye.

Hi everyone, I'm Vienne Lu and you're watching our channel of Chinese culture.


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中国の文化。中国のハロウィン(別名:幽霊祭り (Chinese Culture: Halloween in China (aka the "Ghost Festival"))

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