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medical schools and to cut and cities in india
turkey is a true melting pot of cultures
freeman in while
spiritual hedonistic
turkeys mutation to numerous journeys journeys in time
insurance for the census
to dispatch this explosion is no six remains annotation cities
in his byzantine heritage and this kind of art and culture
you're interested
sit down with a classic siege
listen to the call to prayer
soak up the colorful atmosphere
and get ready for a memorable journey
is terrible
visit excellent introduction to discovering turkey
it is more than a city and worth the trip in itself
did was exceptional location along the baja stress between europe and asia
displayed a symbolic wall between the east in the west since the beginning of
its history
this convergence of cultures has shaped the city and contributed to its
the constantinople is tomorrow
such mythical means for the same city
history will show several facets marked by its rich past
hodges sophia
perfectly illustrates his history written in successive layers
the does it was built during the six entry into the reign of emperor just
indian to restore the splendor of the roman empire in the midst of
inaugurated in five thirty seven
pudgie's sophia remains the largest church of the christian world into the
fall of constantinople
in fourteen fifty three
under assault amended
it became a mosque
a function of kept until nineteen thirty five point out that sir
turned it into a museum
under the sensual tone that rises logistically
the visitor admire the beautiful mosaic of christ as a glorious symbol of
christianity at its height
did the seventeenth century its ultimate the first want to build a monster with
equal or even surpassed by the recipient
the blue mosque is a masterpiece of harmony and elegance
does this mean
to the two thousand ceramic tiles from disney deadline arterial walls
near the major religious monuments difficulty palace was the residents of
the ottoman sultans for almost four centuries
they lived there with bells on
the phantom income after one of the city's most beautiful thousands
symbolizes the entrance to the palace
the palace has expanded over the centuries
but it's a little rolling out
center around four course has not changed
fiat is part of the byzantine tradition of isolating the morning
the politics of its amazing treasures including the famous cooling curve dot
this piece experienced are upset with dozens of germs
does this mean to alleged
it is said to be found in a dog
by street vendor in exchange for preschoolers
another extraordinary executives gold agar inlaid with three large emeralds
doubles coveted by peter ustinov in the movie takaki
the palace overlooks the boss for a second faces the gala to surround
many foreigners diplomats and merchants who dealt with the empire used to live
four private billions for the sultan occupy the fourth quarter
at the end of the tulip garden two of them are particularly charming
the everybody just was built in sixteen thirty five to commemorate the conquest
of paradise today's armenia from persia
and in the circumcision decorated with magnificent ceramic tiles the sons of
the sultans came to rest after the painful rite of passage
according to popular belief that it was a place of debauchery for the sultan
it how's the private apartments at the imperial family
traditionally contracts of the etiquette regulated every aspect of life in the
salt in the head of the four th
did have under two twelve children
four to five hundred people could live in the house
near the banks of the bus porous drawn by the sense of spices
follow the crowd to reach the egyptian market
up until recently merchants here still sold products such as some of them tempo
pilots afrin analysis no
most of the shops have now shows into somewhat common projects such as used
cheese olives delicious fishman monstrous policy of moammar
the obligatory spices
all the ingredients are traditional turkish cooking up a little less noisy
and animated politics
here in italy today gourmets to taste all the streets from dates to the crime
scene the uses double pastries
here love you
through the lapd covered streets about rejection market you can reach the
ground is off this many products for tourists
the moscow's moving in the magnificent welcomes visitors for a peaceful and
quiet pots
he stumbles largest and most grandiose models was built between sixteen fifty
and fifteen fifty seven
although impressive in southeast amongst interior remains pleasantly simple
built on one of them
those overlooking the golden horn
this remarkable landmark also offers beautiful this time
at sunset during ramadan on the issue just when i was going on here so if you
have to live in moscow
small restaurants actively get ready for the fifty five
the moment when fasting is interrupted
paul the donner kebab swing into action
ramadan is a time of prayer
but also a celebration that lightens up the city
dot the
passed along to a fasting personality muslims who are waiting for him wasn't
some items in the rest
family members and friends can start to celebrates
his friendly atmosphere
they enjoy the opportunity to meet again
and have a good time to go
on the balanced first the small harbor below the egyptian bazaars and hustling
plays all day
despite several law
arched bridges navigation remains the most commonly used means of
transportation between the two continents
palaces built by the sultan spread further north along the western shore of
the boss boris
at the end of the eighteenth century
the sultans left the golden horn is a copy
to settle sumptuous and lavishly decorated marble residences
littering the nineteenth century missiles became increasingly drawn to
the house and whose influence is felt in the architects of the passes and then
we'll decide marks duties
klaas on the europeans took a class for instance the mammalia fortress with its
the was killed prime minister conquering only four months analysis point of the
street to prepare the siege of constant opal fits in surrendered
bistable is also a modern singing in many ways similar to major western
capitals with stores in the crowd at the desk and streets
you can feel the stumbles attraction for you
it has come to terms with its rich historical past
and numerous cultural influences
it is also a city of contrasts
within minutes visitors can go from a modern city typical cities such as these
fishermen lined up on the callout average
despite appearances stempel isn't a capital
few visitors spend time in a car
the modern capital turkey
yet it embodies the contradictory trends that expressed themselves throughout the
today on car is a lot of the city with ministries ford indices hospitals and
light industry
the coach it's at the mosque finished in nineteen eighty-seven provides a
gigantic architectural scale so typical of the imperial ottoman style
it's imposing silhouette is the main landmark of the city's modern center
even though one can feel different sources one of the country
turkey remains a secular state
the mausoleum of answer figures to venerated today for having allowed sir
please enter the modern world
symbolizes this distinction between the spiritual
this imposing citadel dates back to the nine centuries
area walls are even more agents
the city's most ancient mosque was built in the twelfth century
around this monument a traditional turkish village with his typical wooden
houses being restored
glycolysis sometimes full of contracts
since several districts of the capitol
school it is still used for cooking and heating
the colorful little houses at the foot of the citadel
are called to check a conscious which means houses built overnight
they contribute to the rabbit urbanization problem the city is trying
to control without much success
this suburb accommodates a constant flow of peasants from anatolia leave their
land hoping for a better life
protected by the city ca
old autumn and houses create a special atmosphere in this district
the dry food markets are must as well as the rations from anatolia that are eaten
all day long
the center of anatolia the heartland of turkey
office in striking contrast to the minute training coastline
the large on the leading plane seem desolate with only herds of sheep
yet dynamic in the nation carol
and it's on the inside
express suddenly emerging
in the booming town is accelerating little has survived for me and see roman
town formerly called
along these modern roads in the heart of anatolia
life seems to peacefully follow its course
but this region
the bridge between europe and asia and the cradle of many civilizations
testing the armies of dozens of empire school by
these this teaches bear witness to the vacations commercial activity involved
communica cellmark's this strange minarets heading back to twelve thirty
six is called the turkish tower appeasement because of its tilted
deeper and deeper into the capital cheer region numerous case to disappear
puzzled she was the heart of the hip to be empire
prior to becoming an independent kingdom
mineral deposits mentioned in the bible
visitors appreciate injuring the deaths of these mysterious underground cities
excavated several centuries bc
the natural environment capitalist is also exception
this veterinarian worshipped by geological history of rare intensity
in constant evolution
never ceases to amaze the visitors
cap isn't she is one of the best places in the world
for our first hot-air balloon
experience flight conditions are exceptionally good
as for the scenery innocently unforgettable
the sky fills with police
it is unquestionably the best way to admire the lavished scenery where mother
nature is works defied imagination
on supports a hands-off village in the go rent out
span by mass tourism
it is preserved the atmosphere of charming rural village
the main attraction is a castle michael caton information used as a fortress
during this entire times
in the valleys of the area
very chimneys unfold as far as the eye can see
this is the pretty temperatures are
it's council is a high level can accompany considered thirteen hundred
meters carved out of town halls and openings
today the stores to traction offers a panoramic view of the balance of the
country side of capitol chia
within a couple of tourism patrol but i'd wellington been transported
intelligent guesthouses
all the other side of the peak life unfolds and well in this crime commits
all the occupants are aware
or that they are living in a fragile world a world in suspension
due to disappear sunday due to emotions and this activity
with its so we'll see in a race identified imagination
this region was shaped by the combination action of wind and rain on
the two for created by volcanic eruptions
bikinis excavated at the top of the rock basis we use just pigeon houses
the villagers used to raise the spirits for the droppings which they used as a
few places in the world offer such clear evidence of a successful fusion between
human life
an exceptional natural environment
at the beginning of the load valley last days of the religion is in progress
grandpa salt has completely disappeared leaving only a superficial incise shall
have to flat subject to the ourselves so the wind and rain
unesco world heritage site
give many of these natural wonders queen mum and i didn't it disappeared
built in the volcanic tougher
the town of gore and there's an attraction in itself
in the middle stance deluca lessee a high book anything crowned by roman
temple carved into the rock
the proliferation of cape churches testifies to the major surge of
mysticism that swept over this region
today difficult lives in preserving the senators that includes approximately one
thousand site exposed to the rough continental climate
and the flow of at times inconsiderate tourists
the took only two this is one of the most beautiful churches that go around
it's frescoes painted around nine hundred and fifty illustrate scenes of
the life of christ that unfolds like a picture book
pushed by the wind
we head north dakota
fear the scenery offers new models informations molded by erosion
we can let our imagination one wild by trying to guess which shapes of objects
characters are animals cabin carved out in the sky when she needs
disenchanted setting along the red river bassist ron tunnels formerly called the
names of
this motion city is famous for its pottery
the artists and still use the red clay of the universe a practice that has
remained unchanged for centuries
fielders traces of this form of artistry go back to six thousand bc
prior to the invention of plastic
animals was the most famous production center of turkey
philip is officially
have this legacy
animals was also famous for the town of this week's particularly during the
ottoman and
today although the artisans used synthetic materials an island
they also continue to work with silk
during the month of october the caterpillar settled and they're still
boiling water will prevent them from ever becoming butterflies
the precious treasures collected by following a meticulous and complicated
the beginning of the threat must be found in order to empty the could croon
uncover the silk threads instincts
almost all small family businesses have disappeared
they were replaced by modern workshops
however in recent years there has been a renewed willingness to preserve the
know-how for which turkey was so famous
leaving of rocks
along the roads the presence of numerous caravan serai attest to the intense
trading activity in ancient times many of these monuments reflect this
particularly trisha cast
heading west this is the imposing sultana and caravan serai whose
construction began in twelve twenty nine
it was restored and certainly is today one of the most beautiful caravans to
rise in turkey
the inner courtyard lined with poor to cause has a mosque in the center
during the eighteenth century
bezeljak told several caravans rise throughout and it's only along the silk
fees for supply police were built one day's journeys apart to facilitate trade
the construction costs were covered by the sultan and paid three tributes
levied on the profitable exchange of goods
the thirteen century of cookie caravan serai is not situated on the ancient
silk road
it was built with roman vestiges demonstrating if need be the tremendous
archaeological potential of the region
at the bottom of the campaign to ride
a strange volcanic lake
thanks if you think industry flowed over the site
progeny in the heart of anatolia ski
leads to cognac
this town is an open air museum of celtic architecture
one could just admire the exterior facades of its buildings but it would be
a shame to miss this blunders within
p_h_d_ minarets was a crowning school built in twelve sixty four
main interest of this building lies in its which these complicate with arab
banana right behind the gate was called the slender minarets after which the
chronic school was names
until those destroyed the combination of modern and traditional elements
connie is a religious city where bill clinton or handsome influences grand
one never tires from consecrated the sadness of the minarets that stand out
like rockets towards the sky
one of the most important mystic philosophers of the subjects alternative
was hello deluge
his father was called in
which means our guide
he founded this terrorist conv
to pray
observers to a ritual dance symbolizing oneness with god
with the right hand held high they receive blessings from having and
communicate bensonhurst with the palm of the left hand towards the ground
and and and and and demanding
one can come to a friend who wants to
and none of this error
voter surmounted with huge turbines symbols spiritual authority
there are still numerous triggers to mislead by
india joining mas several exposed to a preponderance of the object of intense
many muslims come here on pilgrimage
certainly never ceases to surprise the travel and beyond
north of downtown
three largest freshwater lakes are surrounded by mountains
their names buzzer mega-deal tendencies
division here make is certainly the most beautiful with instruments montero a
traditional and modern homes burned in harmony
from her
the town used to have a strategic position on the caravan rodale inc
communism at a training in seattle
invasion here you were discovered the traditional an authentic facing turkey
which the coastal towns have lost
tell you all of you
the town has one of the most admire believe a milestone central anatolia the
architecture is a remarkable with thirty nine wouldn't tell harrison admira
decorated in the new ceramic tiles
and called police
mr dominic religion in turkey
coexistence of various religions is exemplary in this country
the religious communities have in fact rendition of together this period of
time which is fundamental in an area where several world's converge
all along
or wouldn't we wouldn't
marshalling the moment i was a force management c we've reached the
pro-democracy dexterity genitalia formerly called
fields of cotton fruits and vegetables
usually has supporter of greek and roman theaters but the most beautiful evolved
is badavatz spenders
built by the government's care for about a dozen scenes and the center it was
restored after et cetera visited the site
the future provide seating for fifteen thousand spectators it is used today to
put on numerous shows and concerts
it is greatly appreciated for the exceptional technical characteristics of
the state this magnificent acoustics
the flourishing sound and that's how he is located above the gulf tormented by
the taurus mountains on the edge of the plant soul with this plunging into the
sophisticated and relaxed it has the advantages of a large city
it has managed to preserve its historical sensor
the nation's times to city walls were used to resist attacks today the prevent
traffic from invading its narrow streets so it's a better enjoy the chill
service on in town
this ancient roman harper was restored in the nineteen eighties to become a
marina for yeltsin excursion boats
a few fishermen
are also left
from here one can explore the islands of the gulf of antalya or visit other towns
along the coast such as fallacies liberals orchid
one can also simply enjoy the standards of the or in some mediterranean sea side
this is the heart of of my nose company amazing melting pot of civilizations
whose name was influences still make up as well
the journey continues along the coast
it is a former greek unanswered
discovered in the nineteen eighties by travelers searching for a simple life
and tranquility
this momentous regulations legal to marina developed resort accommodations
be agree callousness in traditional ottoman home still line the streets of
inefficient continue to liven up the harbor
peace lovers be blessed with a few mythical places such as losing teams
as sheltered leaving this can't be seen from the same o'quinn arriving here from
the hills one discovers a stranded you'll
crystal clear water
sandy beaches
and we see in the background
because of its beauty this site so much sought after spot for filmmakers cassava
by following the men in training coast
heading south of the large bay
one discovers
of the retention town formal email
estelle missiles
it belonged to loose confederation prior to the following in jefferson domination
during the six century b_c_
it was an occupied by the opinions followed by the romance during the
second century
most of the ancient buildings were destroyed by the nineteen fifty eight
however strange-looking circus which he built around four hundred and fifty
still remain
the town extended around these tombs
as for the tomb of the meters behind it snow its missiles were built in the
style about ironic temple
boardroom symbolizes a more modern turkey
this resort town is often referred to as the turkish central k
but the vestiges of history or never for
the castle overlooking the town was built by the nights of hospital nurse
who took blood from a fourteen oh two
taking advantage of a moment of weakness of the young woman empire
fishing boats ambience of the turkish jets at lined up along the toxic harbor
a few local sponge fishermen even managed to earn a decent living for
their activity
has all the charm of the seaside resort but for the tourist seeking peace and
quiet the high season
may not be is enjoyable
however in the spring in the fall
the town recovers all of its discreet charm
near the boudreaux airport u_s_ will most probably appeals to those who wish
to take advantage of a pleasant stopover away from the our differences and the
seaside resorts
miller says persecuted several hundred years old residences as well as
beautiful autumn in houses from the beginning of the twentieth century
life in this old village perched on the hill is a typical example of turkish
every tuesday
cousins from the surrounding area sell their produce at a pretty local market
visitors who enjoy strolling around and reveling in the colors romans atmosphere
anti-missile inhabitants
does with a passion for history will be used to be able to explore the numerous
archaeological sites
baffled yourself as an insight into the magnificence size of these classical
cities for the distributor today
the city was of course named after the greek goddess of fertility and sexuality
and pleasure
all that remains of aphrodite his temple are beautiful portico standing among the
at least remarkably well preserved stadium
most of the thirty thousand seats are still in good condition
one can easily imagine the atmosphere the prevailed during games chariot races
and that he has fights
in the city has culture school
is a small marvel
built-in model during the first and second centuries
buried under a layer of mud for centuries it's either preservation is
almost intact
at the end of this century
new puts on a philosopher still taught here
the situation changed however during the byzantine
the temple of aphrodite he became a plane christian church and the ancient
monuments were destroyed to use this term stated for the construction of the
after having lost its former glory
city suffered the attack september elaine and fourteen oh two
they've never recovered later the circus relationship harris piled up on that
deeper into the mountains the proof of how much colleen shelters the agent site
a fire on fitness
another major attraction is there any is nature's
the hospitals fixed interest on the hillside deposit calcium oxides to cover
the entire class
with white compression stain overtime form these large natural for
devotes quickly realized that these thermal springs have therapeutic
at the end of the second century bc
higher office became a very popular resort
many people from the ancient world came here to you
higher up on this remains one occasions most beautiful nonprofit
approximately twelve thousand tumse lineup on each side of a pack
that leads to the gate at the city
it stretches over almost too good moments with ancient thermal baths in
its center
at the beginning of the fall upon leaving her opulence large plane
surrounding the news leave bloom with delicate white balls of content
is difficult to grow and harvesting is by no means a pleasant experience
almost move around and plantations of shrugs his branches are driving hard
field usually employ seasonal workers from eastern europe anthony enjoying the
after the initial harvest one must wait for the next few hours to bloom depict
the cotton again
that probably a momentous
or something but systems it's trying to clear up the phone
devoted its meaningful service train were different countries to help rebuild
the work is a very precise meticulous
the pottery sports is determined by the nose
the result is commensurate with the allison can create unique pieces that
are very slow down to my collection is wouldn't eat style represents a
different region brewed branding
print andrew cunanan
back to the d_n_c_
offenses an amazing greco roman site
with this avenue leading to the harbor
but this was the foremost economic center of the region
the first riches of civilization here go back to the third millennium bc
they also was an intellectual center
eric lattice head of the irony in philosophy school here
apostle jungle his gospel m_f_n_
and the first christian communities were founded here
the library of selves is a prestigious example of imperial power in asia
the marble columns the ornate decoration nothing was beautiful enough for this
edifice built a shelter the mausoleum of a roman governor
archaeologist are still at work here the task at hand is gigantic giving the size
of the site
put it towards the north life izmir
the most important sitting on the gnc
its past resurface is at the mention of smear a cosmopolitan city in major
harbor they'd reached its height under alexander the greats
the auto rental houses still let the charm similar to that of alexandria in
a major part of the city was destroyed by fire in nineteen twenty two
in the district of concentra several no streets were spared by the flames
numerous pretty love unsigned houses some of which were restored with care
have become fashionable cafes and restaurants
could be interesting in picturesque is on the city is a genuine lab
once again the visitor will be able to revel in the charms of this country
statistician for an original courts between contemporary
and the liberal of its complex rich and fascinating history


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