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Hi my name is Michale Quebec and today's subject is how to burn calories while running. Keep
in mind that burning calories while running brings us to another subject how to calculate
your calories expended while doing physical exercise. So to reiterate you want to, you
know you want to look up the particular activity, in this case it's running, check that with
your body weight. For me that would be a hundred and fifty pounds. So for someone who is a
hundred and fifty pounds like me running burns about nine point one calories a minute if
I'm doing it at about five miles an hour. If it's seven miles an hour it's a little
more, if I weight more it would be more calories burned. If I weighed less, less calories are
burned per minute. So you want to check your calories, how much your calories you've burnt
while running. You want to get a stop watch and you time yourself with your run. If you've
got a pedometer that would also help. Pedometers like a wristwatch you wear it around your
wrists and tells you how fast you are going. And with that in mind, you'll be able to calculate
how many calories you are burning while running.


Burning Calories : How to Burn Calories Jogging

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