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If survival horror is the house that Resident Evil built, Silent Hill renovated it. Konami
traded the camp that made Capcom’s game so charmingly B-movie for a much more psychological
brand of terror. For its budding genre, Silent Hill was a pivotal moment that really expanded
what a survival horror game could be.
Fast forward more than a decade later, and Silent Hill is the latest series to get a
contemporary facelift. The second and third games in this renowned franchise are remade
in high-definition in Konami’s Silent Hill Collection, and although HD has certainly
improved their look, sadly, it can’t do the same for their design.
Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 were originally released in 2001 and 2003. Both were lauded
by critics, earning Silent Hill praise as a consistent leader in survival horror. So
frankly, the quality of these games is almost unquestionable...at least, within their time.
Now, when you revisit them today, you’ll still be scared, you’ll still be amazed
by how thrilling and really smart they are.
But you’ll also ask yourself, “Were games really this clunky ten years ago?”
To start with those criticisms, these games do show their age. They just don’t make
games like this anymore, and I mean that in terms of their general design. After you struggle
with the camera, the controls and a few unreasonably cryptic puzzles and objectives, your nostalgia
buzz immediately gives way to retro frustrations.
And if you’re a newcomer, yeah...this is how games used to be.
The good news is these games are still absolutely terrifying. In fact, when you’re revisiting
them, you quickly realize that very few horror games have been able to recreate the sheer
terror and deep emotional impact these Silent Hill games so effortlessly muster. The themes
are relentlessly dark, and for those willing to
explore it, there’s a psychological depth here that is profoundly disturbing.
Now, the second game is still a bit better, and their old design quirks can be a little
annoying. But when it comes to survival horror, you still can’t do better than a trip to
Silent Hill...and the place has never looked better than in the Silent Hill Collection.


CGRundertow SILENT HILL COLLECTION for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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阿多賓 2013 年 4 月 11 日 に公開
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