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  • What does it mean to project and how do you stop doing it?


  • I'm Dr.Tracey Marks, a psychiatrist,


  • and I make mental health education videos.


  • Today's topic is based on a viewer question


  • and here's the question.

    ここに 質問が あります。

  • "I know I project a lot with my spouse.


  • "I attribute this to my very low self-esteem

    。」 私は 、このような、のようにコメントして

  • "which he made worse by body shaming me

    「彼は私に恥体によって悪化し 、」

  • "with comments such as, 'She let herself go.'

    私の非常に低い自尊心にこの属性 『彼女は自分が行きましょう。』

  • "As in I gained weight.


  • "My question is, how do I stop projecting my insecurities

    私の質問は、 彼が 私の外見について「 直接的なコメントをしたときに

  • "when he has made direct comments


  • "about my physical appearance?"

    ことができ ますか?」

  • Thank you for this question.


  • First of all, what is projection?

    まず、 投影とは

  • Projection is a psychological defense mechanism

    何ですか? 自分

  • where you have feelings and emotions


  • that are unacceptable to you,

    感情や感情 を

  • and instead of owning it, you attribute it to someone else.


  • Here's an example.

    心理的防衛機制 .

  • Let's expand on the viewer's question

    ここに例を示します. 視聴者の質問

  • I'll call her Tina and I'm making this all up.

    を 拡大してみましょう . すべてのアップは。

  • Tina has always lived in the shadow of her sister

    ティナは常に 賢く、より成功し、きれいだった

  • who was prettier, smarter and more successful.

    彼女の姉の影に住んでいました 。

  • Tina married her college sweetheart right after college


  • and immediately became a stay at home wife and then a mom.


  • Tina feels like her life is always about


  • soccer games and homework.

    サッカーの試合と宿題 について

  • So this is the backdrop here.

    です. これが背景です.

  • So she and her husband are watching television,


  • and her sister is on the news

    ます. 彼女

  • because she just got promoted to CFO of a tech company.

    はテクノロジー企業の CFO に昇進したばかりなので 彼女の妹がニュース

  • Tina's husband says, "Wow, your sister is amazing."


  • Tina feels hurt by the statement and says,


  • "I bet you regret marrying me.


  • "I've never been good enough for you."


  • In fact, Tina is always accusing him of having an affair

    実際、ティナはいつも より良い女性と 浮気を している

  • with a better woman and each time he's like, "What?"

    と彼を非難し 、そのたびに彼は「何?」 しかし、彼女の夫は

  • But even though her husband does feel like

    、彼女が子供を持って以来、自分を手放した よう に 感じ

  • she has let herself go since she had the kids,

    ていますが、 それでも彼女を愛しているのですが、

  • he still loves her, but he's sick of her

    別の女性が欲しいといつも 彼女

  • always accusing him of wanting another woman.

    を非難するのには うんざり しています.

  • So what's really behind this?


  • Tina doesn't like herself


  • and seeing her sister's accomplishments

    、妹の功績 を 見て

  • makes her feel even worse about herself.

    自分自身について さらに 嫌な 思いをする.

  • Now she recognizes this.


  • What she doesn't recognize is on a conscious level


  • is that she regrets getting married

    結婚し て幼い子供をもうけた

  • and having children so young.


  • She loves her kids, but she feels like the stay at home life

    です。 彼女は子供たちを愛しているが、家にいる生活 が彼女を

  • has kept her from blossoming into becoming

    最高の自分に 成長させることを妨げて

  • the best version of herself.

    いるように感じて いる.

  • And since her youngest child is nine,


  • she feels trapped in a prison sentence


  • of denying her own needs for the next 10 years.

    という懲役刑 に 囚われていると感じ ています.

  • Tina projects this unacceptable thought onto her husband


  • saying that he's the one who regrets getting married.

    結婚を後悔しているのは 自分 だと言います。

  • And she justifies this conclusion

    そして、 彼女は体重に関する彼の発言で

  • with his statements about her weight.

    この結論を正当化し ます。

  • No, it's not a great thing to say to her


  • but it's not about her weight,


  • it's about her regrets and she projects


  • her regrets onto him.

    彼女は後悔を彼 に投影 しています.

  • Now, these are made up details


  • and I'm using to explain projection.


  • Going back to the viewers question,


  • I don't know what she's projecting,


  • but the way she asked the question,

    、質問の仕方 は、彼女が自分自身に対して持っている

  • it sounds like it may be around negative thoughts

    否定的な考えに関連し て

  • that she has about her herself.

    いるように見え ます.

  • More than likely her weight is just the tip of the iceberg,


  • and one of many negative concepts

    あり 、彼女が自分自身について持っている

  • that she has about herself.

    多くの否定的な概念の 1 つです

  • So the answer to the question of,

    。 したがって、 その人が 私の不安を

  • how do I stop projecting when the person is reinforcing

    強めて いる ときに 、 どうすれば投影を止めることができるか

  • some of my insecurities is,

    という質問に対する答え は、

  • you have to work through your own negative self-talk.


  • If you have a strong self-concept


  • someone's insults are hurtful, but you don't own them.


  • They just become external attacks that you fend off.


  • It's only when those insults penetrate your soul

    それらの侮辱があなたの魂に浸透し、 あなたの思考の一部になった

  • and become part of your thinking

    ときだけ 、あなたは

  • that you start projecting.


  • Projecting is about what's going on in your head,

    投影とは、 人々があなたに何を言うか で はなく

  • not about what people say to you.

    、あなたの頭の中で何が起こって いるかについてです。

  • And depending on how much negative self-talk you have,


  • you may need a therapist to help you identify

    これらの考えのいくつか を特定 して処理

  • and process away some of these thoughts.

    するのにセラピストが必要 になる 場合があります 。

  • Once you reach a higher place of self-acceptance,


  • you won't have the need to project.


  • And other people's comments just become noise


  • that you can choose to give your attention or not.


  • One last point.


  • Psychological defense mechanisms are unconscious


  • meaning, there are things that you do beyond your awareness.


  • Some people will use the term subconscious


  • but that's really an incorrect term.


  • Using a psychoanalytical model of the mind,


  • the mind is split into the conscious thought,


  • which are things that you're aware of


  • and unconscious thoughts


  • which are things that you're not aware of.


  • I think people use subconscious

    分けられ ます。

  • because unconscious sounds like you're asleep.


  • That unconscious is an adjective


  • that describes being mentally unresponsive.

    ます。 その無意識は、

  • In this case, unconscious is a noun

    精神的に無反応であることを表す 形容詞

  • that describes a part of the mind.

    です。 この場合、無意識は 心の一部を 表す名詞 です。

  • Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy


  • seek to make the unconscious

    、あなたが意識 している無意識の

  • behaviors and motivations that you have conscious.

    行動や動機 を作ろう とします。

  • So that you can change your thoughts and behaviors.


  • The way we do it that using a psychodynamic approach


  • is to ask questions about decisions that you made,

    は、あなたが下した決定、あなた が持っている反応

  • reactions that you have, that tell a story

    について質問 することであり、

  • that reveal why you do what you do.

    なぜあなたがその行動をするのかを明らかにする ストーリー

  • Here's an example,

    を 伝え ます。

  • starting with the problem of emotional eating.

    エモーショナル イーティングの問題から始めて 、例を示し

  • A cognitive behavioral approach may involve

    ます。 認知行動療法には、 自分の体についての歪んだ考え

  • examining your distorted thoughts about your body,

    を 調べたり、 食べ物についてどう感じている か を

  • looking at how you feel about food

    調べたり 、食べ過ぎを防ぐための

  • or implementing mindful eating techniques

    マインドフルな食事テクニック を

  • to prevent you from overeating.

    取り入れ たりすることが含まれます。

  • You're trying to change your behaviors and your thoughts

    自分の考えや行動の 根本的な原因 に 目を向けずに

  • without looking the root cause


  • of your thoughts and behaviors.

    。 CBT (

  • And there's nothing wrong with not trying

    認知行動療法) では、

  • to get a root cause, because with CBT,

    「今ここ」に焦点を当て 、行動の理由に関係なく、

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy,

    行動を変えよ うと

  • the focus is on the here and now

    するため、根本原因を見つけよ うと し

  • and trying to change behaviors


  • regardless of the reason for the behaviors.

    。 精神力動的なアプローチ

  • A psychodynamic approach could be to talk about


  • what food meant when you were growing up.


  • Or, find out who in your life made you feel good

    。 または、あなたの人生の中で、あなたの

  • about the way you looked.

    見た目を 良くした人を見つけてください 。

  • Through that kind of exploration


  • we could discover, for example,

    例えば、 あなたはあなたの父親が

  • that you grew up seeing your father

    母親の体重を侮辱 しているのを見て育った

  • insult your mother about her weight.

    ことを発見することができ ました。

  • But he adored you because you were skinny and cute.


  • And it killed you to see your mom in pain

    そして、お母さんが苦しんでいるの を見たり、お母さんが恥をかかさ

  • or to see your mom shamed.

    れているのを見ると、あなたは死にました 。

  • So you ate to spite your father.


  • Now an emotionally mature adult


  • may be able to admit to themselves

    は 、自分が親を憎んで

  • that they hate their parent, but a child can't see this,

    いることを認めることができるかもしれ ませんが、子供はそれを見ることができず、

  • or even really feel it that way.


  • So in this case, overeating, wouldn't be something

    できません 。 したがって、この場合、過食

  • that you do intentionally or consciously.

    は意図的または意識的に行う もの ではありません。

  • And because it's not conscious,


  • you don't see the connection


  • between the anger and resentment, and your eating.

    関係 が わかりません 。

  • Once you have that insight,


  • the therapy would focus on helping you

    、セラピーは 食事についてさまざまな決定

  • make different decisions about your eating,

    を 下すの に役立つことに焦点を当て

  • because you no longer need to use food

    ます。 なぜなら 、

  • as an emotional weapon against someone.


  • There are other defense mechanisms


  • that are born out of the psychoanalytical concepts.

    です。 精神分析の概念から生まれた 他の防衛機制があり ます。

  • Let me know if you want to hear more about this kind of thing.


  • In the meantime, check out these other videos

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  • on negative self-talk, and having unconscious motivations

    、特定の行動パターンにとらわれ続ける 無意識の動機 についての

  • that can keep you stuck in certain behavior patterns.

    他のビデオ を チェックしてください 。

  • Thanks for watching, see you next time.


What does it mean to project and how do you stop doing it?



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What Does It Mean To Project? A Psychological Defense Mechanism(What Does It Mean To Project? A Psychological Defense Mechanism)

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