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  • where did you get that?

  • portal gun. pew pew

  • I know what it is, I just thought.. have you heard of portal?

  • uh... somebody help?

  • I feel dizzy filming!

  • oh I hate it when this happens

  • well, you forgot you got me this for Father's day.

  • you may be magic but I have the better tech!

  • I got you!

  • Good Job! Can you throw?

  • 4,3,2,1! Let's go!

  • Good Job!

  • Give me high five! Yeah!

  • Dad?

  • what is that buddy?


  • oh of course!

  • be careful buddy!

  • you know how I told you about climbing up there..

  • oh oh look out!

  • -I'm flying~ - I know, your mom's gonna kill me!

  • you forgot your lunch!

where did you get that?


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B2 中上級

アクションムービーキッド-第2巻 (Action Movie Kid - Volume 2)

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