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  • Vegetable fritters.

  • It's an incredible way to get your kids to eat vegies.

  • It's the perfect thing to serve with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Side dishes served with poached eggs.

  • There's so many ways to incorporate them.

  • And the best thing of all is they're really, really simple to make.

  • I've got a plate of vegies here -

  • potatoes, zucchini, carrot and an onion.

  • And what I'm gonna do is show you how to slice them on this guy.

  • It's a Japanese mandolin.

  • It's a really inexpensive, useful tool

  • if you can get your hands on one.

  • I'll show you how to make it in the food processor if you don't have one.

  • All we're gonna do is take different vegetables

  • and slice through the potato on your mandolin

  • and you see these beautiful thin slices of the potato.

  • Zucchinis, of course, are much easier to slice through than the potatoes.

  • Some carrot.

  • OK.

  • Get yourself a big bowl.

  • We're gonna scoop all those vegies up and pop them in.

  • And then I'm gonna take an onion and just go through...

  • ..and slice that the same way that you've sliced the other vegies.

  • Alright, now, what you do is you add a couple of teaspoons of salt

  • to your vegies.

  • So, that's how you do it with a mandolin.

  • Let me show you how to do it in a food processor. Turn that on.

  • Great. So once you've sliced up all of your vegies,

  • you do the exact same thing.

  • You get them out of there, pop them into a bowl, just toss them together.

  • You're gonna add your salt. OK, we'll let the salt get to work.

  • We'll come back in five minutes

  • and I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about.

  • So our vegies have had four or five minutes with the salt

  • and what's gonna happen...

  • If you get the vegies out,

  • you can pick them up...

  • ..and give them a good old squeeze.

  • Because when you make the fritters,

  • you don't want all of that moisture in there.

  • So you see how nice and dry our vegetable mix now is?

  • It's gonna make the perfect fritters.

  • What we do next is get a couple of eggs.

  • I'm gonna pour that straight over my vegetable mix.

  • A little bit of pepper.

  • And then you just mix all that together.

  • Once you've made your mixture,

  • you just wanna get a nice warm to hot pan, little bit of olive oil.

  • Or you can cook them in butter as well. Not too much.

  • And then you can just go ahead with your fork

  • and pick up a nice generous amount

  • and just sort of flatten it down like that.

  • Just have a look. Make sure that it's nice and golden underneath.

  • And then you can just flip it on over.

  • Right, while they're finishing off,

  • I'm gonna show you how to make a really quick delicious dipping sauce

  • or accompaniment for the vegie fritters.

  • I've got a little dill.

  • I'm just gonna take that off the stem.

  • I just chop it up nice and rough.

  • And pop it straight into your creme fraiche or sour cream.

  • Grab a spoon.

  • So that's the fritters.

  • I'm gonna serve this with a little smoked salmon

  • and that creme fraiche

  • because it's just the perfect thing to serve for breakfast.

  • But as you can see, they'd also be a great side dish.

  • If you're having a barbie, do some of these. People absolutely love them.

  • There you go - vegie fritters.

  • No more excuses for the kids not eating their vegies.

  • Mmm!


  • PEOPLE: Ta-da!



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カーティス・ストーンを使った野菜のフリッターの作り方 - Coles (How to make Vegetable Fritters with Curtis Stone - Coles)

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