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  • just perspectives from watching all of that evolved in some ways.


  • Is it kind of like what you said brian gaming is always popular and it's always growing, you just only notice it in certain ways or have you also seen that this is now a new evolution because the Blockchain space because you can now play inside and outside of that gaming universe.


  • Yeah, so one of the things about the big shifts in gaming growth has been, first of all it has been just acknowledging that you know, there's a kind of skill needed for gaming to play with a fund entertainment devices interactive.


  • Those are the console wars in the early days, you know, Atari then Sega Nintendo, right.


  • You know, all these devices that came about Sony playstation the first generation and then you hit a kind of a bit of a sort of slower growth and that slow growth happened because the gaming sort of wasn't the hardware limitation anymore, it was a limitation of skill needed to play the game, meaning that in order to play a game well in sort of around 2000 and seven and eight and nine, that period I'm pre smartphone gaming, you need to know how to use a console controller, you know, which had many buttons.


  • And it was kind of complicated.


  • Right?


  • And so it became sort of really much more people to find us hard for gaming people who play almost professionally, even though the sports industry really didn't exist.


  • And so it started slow growth and we're talking about hundreds of millions of gamers, but not yet billions.


  • And then the smartphone came about.


  • And the real innovation that the smartphone delivered to gaming wasn't the fact that it was a game in the pocket that was of course part of the axis.


  • But you know the Nintendo already had a portable game device with the Gameboy way Before that it's a portable gaming already existed before the smartphone.

    しかし、任天堂はゲームボーイの方法ですでに携帯ゲーム機を持っていたことを知っています。 その前に、スマートフォンの前にすでに携帯ゲーム機が存在しています。

  • It was the fact that you could play a game and be really good at it through the swipe of a finger.


  • If you remember any birds or things like candy, what it really did was it completely amateur eyes gameplay.


  • So suddenly we found the market where they were actually billions of people who love playing games but couldn't play the game because they were just too difficult and sort of similar to what instagram did to photography, the smartphone actually did that to gaming at large where basic game designers had to now create fun and engaging games with the skill level was essentially easy to get into.


  • But obviously difficult to master and then got people into things like Candy crash or like clash royal or obviously Angry Birds is the originator of, you know, these were a simple gameplay but a lot of fun to play and very easy for someone to get into.

    しかし、マスターするのは明らかに難しく、その後、「Candy crash」や「Clash Royal」、あるいは「Angry Birds」の元祖のような、シンプルなゲーム性でありながら、誰もが簡単にプレイできるものになっていきました。

  • And that's how the gaming industry grew from hundreds of millions of players To 2.7 billion today.


  • But there are five billion people or so that are online today.


  • And because everyone has a smartphone today, There's actually basically a little more than 30 or 40% of the world of the global Internet connected world that has had access to games but still chooses not to play these games because for them even the swiping of a finger or the interaction is either too tedious or not fun or not interesting.


  • This is where this introduction of gaming and value becomes powerful as we have seen with things like rev racing or actual infinity or even sandbox because now you can interact in the gaming world in financial value ways in a more passive way.

    ここで、ゲームと価値の導入が威力を発揮します。"rev racing "や "actual infinity"、さらには "sandbox "などで見られるように、ゲームの世界では、より受動的な方法ではなく、金銭的価値のある方法で交流することができるのです。

  • In other words, I can be involved in the game, but I don't actually have to play the game because in order to be able to engage in this world, I need to be a good player.


  • Still right, there's still amount of skill involved.


  • It's a little bit like saying you can't actually play basketball unless you know how to shoot at least 10 books in a row.


  • That means if we do that, then actually we will be canceling out perhaps two thirds of the audience because we would never be able to qualify to be able to enjoy basketball because we can't meet that high bar right now, that's kind of what gaming is today.


  • In order for you to engage in gaming, you need skill.


  • Right?


  • Even if it's a simple skill, which smartphone is done.


  • It's still too hard for some.


  • Now, what if you enter the game where you could just watch it and you could actually maybe by, you know, your car and give it to someone else to raise and you can basically be excited about the outcome of the car or if you were, you know, having a bunch of axes and you actually were renting it out to other players who are using your axes, you would be a participant in the game, you would be just as emotionally engaged, but it isn't your skill to us, it's not just a paradigm of offering value to the gaming system and and and offering sort of economic value, but it's bringing in all the other people who would wish they could engage in the gaming world, but couldn't because the skill levels to hide guess what now, you can passively engage.


just perspectives from watching all of that evolved in some ways.



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