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  • Mafia boss, there's few positions of power more feared than this one.


  • But sometimes all it takes to bring you down is ordering too much meat.


  • Al Capone who could be more infamous than the legendary mob boss.

    アル・カポネ 伝説のマフィアのボスほど悪名高い人物はいないだろう。

  • Al Capone himself.


  • Well this feared mob bosses downfall would start with faking a cough.


  • Born in 1899, 2 poor immigrant parents.


  • Capone was a good student as a kid but quickly began to fall behind the other kids As he played hookey forced to repeat the sixth grade.


  • Capone got into a fight with a teacher and then with his principal after which he vowed never to return to school again.


  • That principle inadvertently created the most infamous mob boss in american history.


  • Capone hooked up with a local gang and in 1917 here in the nickname of scarface one night he made a rude remark to a woman at a bar where he worked as a bartender and bouncer and her brother punched him and slashed him across the face with a knife.


  • Soon the name scarface stuck Capone made the move to Chicago where he hooked up with a longtime friend, johnny Torrio again.


  • About this time prohibition had gone into effect in the U.


  • S.


  • And there was a bundle to be made selling illegal booze.


  • Capone was quickly amassing a small fortune, but a new Chicago mayor vowed to crack down on crime and corruption component of his associates responded by launching a voter intimidation campaign that ended up with several voters shot and beat up Chicago.


  • Police track down Capone and company and ended up killing Capone's brother in a shootout in 1925 To oreo decided do the smart thing and retire from a life of crime and moved back to Italy.

    警察はカポネ一味を追い詰め、1925年にはカポネの弟を銃撃戦の末に殺してしまった。 オレオは賢い選択として、犯罪生活からの引退を決意し、イタリアに戻った。

  • He left Capone in charge and the rest is basically history.


  • At the height of his smuggling, Capone was earning about $60 million in today's money a year and then it all started to fall apart because of one dumb lie.


  • In 1929, Capone was subpoenaed to appear as a witness before a federal grand jury in Chicago for a case involving prohibition laws.


  • Capone who was at his summer home in florida at the time responded by telling the authorities that he couldn't make it due to a bad case of pneumonia.


  • The Chicago police contacted the FBI asking them to check out Capone story for them.


  • As FBI agents began secret surveillance on Capone, they discovered that he was in perfect health, making frequent trips to the local racetrack, going on vacations to the Bahamas and going about his life like it was 20 twenty's hot girl summer, the FBI arrested Capone for contempt of court and though he was released on bond, he was now officially under the FBI's crosshairs working with the Treasury department philadelphia and the Chicago police.


  • The FBI helped send Capone to jail though it would be his failure to pay income taxes that landed him the 11 year sentence that finally finished off his reign as top mob boss.


  • Our next crime bosses own family got him permanently put behind bars.


  • Will um the nose hole leader, one of the most notorious crime bosses in the Netherlands history.


  • Will um the Nose leader was born in 1958 in Amsterdam.

    Will um the Noseのリーダーは、1958年にアムステルダムで生まれました。

  • His criminal career began early joining a gang that worked under the table for property owners looking to permanently get rid of squatters on their property while never arrested for it.


  • It's also suspected that he partook in several robberies during his formative years as well.


  • The knows, his father was an employee with Heineken, which may have led to this plan to kidnap the Heineken air Freddy Heineken and hold him for ransom.


  • In 1983 whole leader and his gang executed their plan and kidnapped Heineken and his driver demanding 35 million guilders or approximately €16 million or $19.5 million.


  • The police wanted the Heineken family not to agree with the ransom, but the distraught family paid it out anyway.


  • Inevitably the leader and his accomplices were caught and imprisoned for the kidnapping.


  • The police never recovered several million of the ransom money though, and it's believed that whole leader had managed to hide it away upon his release from prison for the kidnapping.


  • The leader used the money to fund a new criminal campaign, he managed to lay low until 2000 and four when confidant Willem Westra secretly testified against him to the police catching when to the betrayal, the leader had an extra killed along with another police informant while on a vacation to Thailand whole leader was suspected in as many as 25 murders but the police could only bring extortion charges against him.

    リーダーはその金を新たな犯罪キャンペーンの資金に充て、2000年4月までは何とか身を潜めていたが、腹心のウィレム・ウェストラが密かに警察に自分の不利な証言をしたことで、裏切りが発覚し、リーダーはタイへの休暇中に警察の情報提供者と一緒に余分な人を殺された。 リーダーは25件もの殺人事件の容疑者となったが、警察は恐喝罪でしか告訴できなかった。

  • A man that testified at his trial would later be found dead of a drug overdose and despite the obvious link to the leader, police still couldn't pin him for any of the dozens of murders he either committed or ordered.


  • Whole leader would end up getting sentenced to nine years in prison for extortion charges before being released early in 2013.


  • However, he was quickly rearrested for extortion once more and this would be his undoing.


  • Whole leaders criminal empire would come crashing down because he decided to get chatty believing her brother to be a mass murderer.


  • Whole leader's sister Astrid began to visit him in prison while working as a police informant.


  • She wore a wire and secretly recorded whole leader completely confessing to many of the suspected murders.


  • Never once suspecting that his own sister was working for the fuss with this new evidence in hand.


  • Police were finally able to bring murder charges against the leader sealing his fate.


  • However, whole leaders outrage at being betrayed would lead to fresh criminal charges.


  • While he was already in prison after it was discovered he had attempted to hire to hidden in to kill both his sisters today.


  • Astrada leader lives in fear of her brother's retaliation and takes great pains to conceal her identity as she goes about her life, even going so far as to wear disguises, Our next mob boss would have avoided jail if he had simply been a vegetarian.


  • Vito Genovese.


  • Vito Genovese was a rising star in the mafia underworld who would be brought down by one huge order of meat.


  • Born in 18 97 in Italy videos, family made the move to America in 1913.


  • Almost immediately upon arriving in little Italy in Manhattan Vito began to get involved with the local mob.


  • His pure italian blood lent him an air of legitimacy to the largely xenophobic italian mob that practically guaranteed membership.


  • His criminal career began with stealing items from push cart vendors on the street, but soon had moved up to be an errand boy for local mobsters.


  • Then he got a major promotion and a sign of trust by the local mob Vito was allowed to go collect money from bookies, setting up illegal lotteries.


  • His criminal career would be briefly interrupted when at 19, he went to jail for a year for illegal possession of a firearm.


  • In the early 19 twenties, Vito began to work for Giuseppe joe, the boss, Masseria, who had formed a Manhattan gang that would one day evolve into the very family that vito himself would eventually lead working alongside charlie luciano and frank Costello vito set up a lucrative bootlegging operation, supplying and selling illegal liquor to buyers and underground bars across the east Coast rather than end the scourge of bad behavior, prohibitionist feared so much.

    1920年代初頭、ヴィトはジュゼッペ・ジョーの下で働き始めた。ボスのマッセリアは、マンハッタンでギャングを結成していたが、これが後にヴィト自身が率いることになるファミリーに発展していった。ヴィトはチャーリー・ルチアーノやフランク・コステロと一緒に、東海岸各地の買い手や地下のバーに違法な酒を供給し、販売することで利益を得ていた。 禁酒主義者が恐れていた悪行の根絶にはならなかった。

  • The only thing making alcohol illegal did was enriched an entire generation of criminals.


  • Vita would go on to become the boss after Luciano was sentenced to 50 years in prison for various charges.


  • However, as pressure mounted on vito due to several high profile murders he had either committed or ordered, he decided to flee the country and set up shop in Italy.


  • There he became close personal friends with Mussolini's son and received several honorary awards from Mussolini's government.


  • He even set up the murder of an anti Mussolini journalist back in new york.


  • As soon as the allies invaded Italy though, veto switch sides began to work with the allied forces.


  • He gifted former new york governor Charles Poletti, now attached to the U.


  • S.


  • Army 1938 Packard sedan and earned his trust enough to be made an interpreter and liaison officer in the U.


  • S.


  • Army's headquarters in Naples.


  • Soon he was one of the allied military government for occupied territories most trusted employees, with nobody having a clue who he really was.


  • Vito used the opportunity to set up a massive black market right under the noses of the allies, earning him great wealth.


  • However, U.


  • S.


  • Military police caught on to the operation and arrested veto a year later, Discovering who he really was.


  • The US government ordered, he be returned to New York to face charges for a 1930 for murder, but upon returning Vito had the prosecution's witness killed with nobody to testify against him.


  • Vito was released, video would go on to secure himself as one of the us's top mobsters And managed to evade the authorities attempts to pinch him until 1957.


  • In november of that year, Vito called for a massive meeting of mob bosses from both the U.


  • S.


  • And Italy amongst the many topics on the agenda was hashing out gambling in narcotic interests in cuba as well as various criminal projects across the eastern seaboard.


  • The meeting took place in an estate in Appalachia in new york.


  • Their state trooper Edgar Dick Roswell became suspicious after observing pennsylvania crime boss, joseph Barbara's son, reserving a great number of rooms in local hotels as well as ordering a huge quantity of meat from the local butcher.


  • Following his hunch, he reported these findings and state police investigated the criminal gathering, discovering hordes of luxury automobiles, all belonging to known crime boss is setting up a roadblock, the mobsters realized they were being encircled and many fled on foot.


  • Police nabbed a total of 60 mobsters.


  • While vito was let go.


  • He was soon arrested with the help of various informants and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison though he would die of a heart attack on valentine's day 1969.


  • Our next mob bosses ego not only led to his downfall, but the downfall of many mobster associates, john Gotti, he was known as the dapper don, a title that would help cement his inevitable downfall at the hands of the FBI Gotti.


  • Was born in the Bronx in 1940 becoming involved with mob activity by the age of 12.


  • At age 14, he attempted to steal a cement mixer from a construction site, but accidentally caused it to fall, crushing his toes and leaving him with a permanent limp.


  • As he moved to early adulthood, God got involved in various mob schemes and scams such as hijacking truck shipments coming out of what would have been john f Kennedy international Airport.


  • This gave Gotti the opportunity to rub shoulders and form bonds with many future big names in the mafia business such as joseph Massino.


  • What followed was a whirlwind rise to power for the young Gotti eventually leading to his takeover of the Gambino crime family.


  • However, while other capos had chosen to remain in the shadows and not draw public attention to themselves, Gotti was different, hopelessly vain.


  • God, he loved expensive clothing and toys and relish showing off his wealth and power whenever he could, he set up an elaborate ritual of sorts at the Rabbit night social club in Manhattan where he would arrive to a preplanned crowd of admirers and made men looking to gain favor or some it there directly by God then God, he would wave to the present cameras and lookers on creating one big spectacle for the world to see.


  • Some mafiosos however did not like the spotlight that God he was putting on them.


  • This mattered little to the mob's most vain cape.


  • Oh and if you didn't show up when summoned you ran the risk of getting killed.


  • However, got his biggest fans weren't.


  • The crowds of admirers gathered outside the club on his frequent outings all struggling to catch a glimpse of the dapper don.


  • It was the Federal Bureau of Investigation who absolutely relished the opportunity.


  • God gave them every week to gather intelligence on mob activities.


  • Thanks to God his demand that summoned mafiosos attend the gala style public gatherings.


  • The FBI was able to photograph and track even extremely elusive figures in the mob family.


  • Eventually the treasure trove of intelligence that this led to would lead to Gotti's downfall and the god awful reality tv series growing up Gotti that the world would be forced to suffer through briefly in the early two thousand's.


  • Now we're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.


Mafia boss, there's few positions of power more feared than this one.



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