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  • there are days where I want to create a video where I embody that perfect human, but I'm not and I have bad days, I have insecurities.


  • I'm not the most organized person on the planet either.


  • I think a lot of the times people think living in Japan means every day we encounter weird and exciting new things.


  • Although that's true.


  • Sometimes the reality is, most days are just normal days.


  • I spend a lot of the time on my hobbies work lazing around cooking, cleaning, like everyone else in the world.


  • I begin my day with a simple morning routine of lemon water and journaling.


  • I lost track of the days since being home all the time.


  • So my routine is a bit wonky, but I find having a guidance session with myself and a way to connect with myself, helps pave the way to a balanced life abroad way.


  • Good morning everybody.


  • So I am going to, I'm talking quiet because my husband is sleeping, but I am going to journal and I go look a mess, but this is morning and behind me, I have my yoga mat and I'm going to be working out a little bit and yeah, this is what I do in the morning and I have my lemon tea, it's just like lukewarm lemon T I guess.


  • So yeah, I'm gonna do some journaling and I kind of fell off the bandwagon with morning routines since I started working from home and Um something that I want to get back on now.


  • So before we had amazing language apps, I studied Japanese with the regular old note cards and Japan had these ringed ones when I first visited at 17 years old and I can still do that with language learning apps or any materials by copying what I know from there or just Supplement other materials with language apps.


  • 15 minutes of vocabulary study in the morning and 20 minutes of review with something else.


  • Uh huh Which by the way, this video is again sponsored by Rosetta Stone, which I had used in my past as a teacher in America actually and I loved it.


  • Great for kids and adults alike to learn basically any language you want to, it's a colorful app for any type of learner and they have the desktop version I use as well.


  • But when I'm on the go I will pull up the app for review or just when I'm too lazy to open my laptop.


  • Hello everyone, I'm about to leave to get my hair done today and I just want to let you know before I left I was studying a little bit of japanese and Rosetta stones price or the lifetime offer of every single language, not just japanese, you can get every single language for a lifetime or you can get a discount on your subscription.


  • So either one is valid and will help you a lot.


  • I personally use it because I like to review, I feel like I'm in the advanced level in Rosetta Stone.


  • I feel like each program has their own advanced Intermediate and beginner level type program and you just kinda have to see what suits you and what bettors you, there's also an option for a tutor which is awesome.


  • I used it as a teacher in America when I was a assistant language teacher.


  • So I really loved it and the kids really loved it.


  • So if you have kids, I highly recommend, I feel like everybody uses multiple sources to learn a language, not just an app.


  • I feel like Rosetta Stone is a good supplement to all of your other resources that you use.


  • There's so many things out there and it could help you review if you're on the train or you're waiting in line or whatever.


  • Um you can do it anywhere anytime.


  • So I highly advise you learn a second language because it just makes things so much easier, especially if you're traveling or moving abroad or you need a little bit of language learning for your job, whatever.


  • I think it's great for that.


  • So if you would like the offer that I just mentioned, everything is linked in the description below and I highly advise you try it out or just get a discount on your subscription and see how it goes.


  • So it never hurts to try different programs in Japan.


  • I do what most people do everywhere in the world.


  • I make appointments for doctors, run errands, do chores go on vacation and so much more, you know, the everyday, normal routine.


  • I feel like people don't normally show that side and in the beginning it can be so exciting.


  • Everything is new and you feel more like a tourist that's called the honeymoon stage of living here.


  • And sadly that feeling doesn't really last.


  • You basically build a new life here.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • Yeah.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • Mhm.


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah.


  • Mm hmm.


  • Okay.


  • So I am sitting down right now and I'm about to have little lunch because I am going to get my hair done and I'm a little bit early but I wanted to sit outside because I don't sit outside enough.


  • I'm gonna take this off, looks like fall behind me.


  • It really, really looks like fall.


  • So I have my own beauty and I'm gonna open this and I'm gonna eat it while I talk to you guys because that is what I want to do today.


  • So it's supposed to be winter here in Japan and it's not that cold actually, it looks like fall as you can tell behind me.


  • But these are really complicated to open.


  • So this is number one, you have to open it up.


  • But I opened it up very poorly and then it has a number two on it here.


  • So you pull that off and then it has a number three here and then you pull that off.


  • Can then you eat it.


  • Mm Sorry, my eyes are watering because the cold air is going into my eyes so I'm changing and I'm evolving and with evolution and with growth and change in your life comes you know different expressions and art and filming and doing whatever you want to do that evolves as well.


  • And a lot of times people don't really view the real life and the internet as the same thing.


  • We often separate the internet and real life, we don't expect people to change.


  • We don't expect people to grow.


  • I feel like people online are unable to evolve or to grow because of course like followers expect everything to be the same and that's you know that's how it is, that's how the internet is.


  • But if you're a content creator, if you're somebody you know even in real life you want people that surround you, your community followers, whatever you call it.


  • Friends, family, you want them to evolve with you.


  • You want those types of people to really understand your growth and if they don't you naturally disconnect from most people or you lose people and it makes room for new relationships and new connections and people that are in line with your evolution, you create space for better relationships and if there's somebody in your life maybe I'm sure some of you guys at least have one person in your life that has evolved with you over time.


  • I have a best friend that has been my friend since What I was seven years old and now we're in our 30s, she has a baby now, but she's always been there for me and she evolves with me and she changed with me and she understood my growth so you want a community that evolves and grows with you as well.


  • So I'm excited, I feel like changing your hair and cutting your hair is just kind of a symbol of change and I think I'm gonna go dark again, I'm gonna, you know, go a little bit more brown, not so red, but like a brown color.


  • The thing is, a lot of people come to Japan to change their way of life and escape their problems and they think that everything is going to change if they move or you know, if um they start a new life and all of that stuff and that may be true for starting a new life, but a lot of people do come here to escape problems.


  • But the thing is the problem isn't your environment, that's not the problem, it's not other people, it's yourself and that's what I learned through growth on my channel, that's what I learned about myself through this whole entire journey is, it's not the environment is not other people, it's not your problems, it's not your issues that are stopping you from doing what you want to do and stopping you from becoming the most honest and best version of yourself, it's your inner self, it's who you are, it's what you are.


  • And I'm glad that I figured that out.


  • And I realized that because I feel like if I didn't then I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.


  • I wouldn't be starting my coaching venture and that's a whole nother journey.


  • There's a lot of limiting beliefs that come up with that as well.


  • I'm gonna eat my only et yeah.


  • Mhm issues and your problems and you know the problem with time whatever is going through your head, it's never gonna go away.

    Mhm issues and your problems and you know the problem with time......頭の中で何が起こっていようと、それは決して消えることはない。

  • It's all how you perceive things and how you deal with things and how you react.


  • It's all based on your actions and how you respond.


  • So I don't know it's a weird thing but once you understand that you just find so much peace within yourself and your life.


  • You just don't care how other people react to you because it's how you react to them and how you react to what life throws at you.


  • Everybody's taking pictures here and doing Tik tops.

    みんなここで写真を撮ったり、Tik topsをしたりしています。

  • I know I look tired and I am because I don't spend too much time outside.


  • It's another goal of mine that I want to, Another habit that I want to develop trusting myself and believing in myself has always been an adventure and a learning curve that will never change.


  • You know it's just how you react to your thoughts and your emotions and now there's cancel culture I feel like because of cancel culture, people are unable to learn and to grow.


  • What is that?


  • What even is that you can't be actually canceled to use a computer word as if we're all robots, it's just not human.


  • Like we have to normalize being human cancel culture is both.


  • I'm sorry, it's so dumb.


  • I'm going to head out soon and I'm going to go get my hair done and goodbye blonde hair.


  • But yeah, change and growth has never bothered me.


  • It makes me so happy doing what I'm doing today and I'm now going to school and studying more about coaching and things like that to amplify my client's experience.


  • I love my students, I can't believe, you know 50 plus people believed in my course, believed in the yankee guy lifestyle and what I put out there.


  • So I'm super, super happy about that living abroad.


  • I think it's important to consider new avenues in life, grow evolve and never stay the same because if we live in an infinite loop of wake up work, go to sleep, Nothing happens for us.


  • And sadly I feel a lot of expats here fall into that vicious trap and that vicious cycle they become bitter about the country they live in.


  • I got a little lost.


  • So I'm a little bit late but I'm almost there and I feel really bad because they're waiting, but you know what happened?


  • So I'm a borderless salon right now and I'm about to get my hair color dark.


  • So I'm really excited.


  • It's a good change, but there's one person that speaks english here.


  • His name is tai chi so if you want to come here I'll link it down below And you can ask for him.

    彼の名前はTai chiなので、もしここに来たいのであれば、下にリンクを貼っておきますので、彼に声をかけてください。

  • He's lived in New York for six years so and he was doing hair for six years in New York.


  • So um now he's just in Japan, people who live here are sometimes too afraid to improve their life or pack up and move somewhere else or back home, which is 100% okay to do.


  • But I find a lot of expats stay stuck in Japan out of fear there too late to go anywhere else or start over or try something new shot.


  • Okay tada, So I got my hair done and I actually kinda like it.


  • I thought it was gonna be a little lighter but this is actually going to fade the more I wash it.


  • I feel like so much of my hair and my hair is so damaged that it falls out really easily.


  • You can tell there's a little hint of red.


  • I'm not used to this at all, but I like it.


  • I don't know.


  • What do you think I blend in now with the crowd, Everybody has black hair so I don't know, I really like it.


  • I feel a little bit edgy.


  • Another reality, getting into my cozy pajamas eating leftover dinner from our crock pot and watching The Bachelorette on our tv.


  • Mhm I got christmas bread, we're going to open this.

    Mhm I got christmas bread, we're going to open this.

  • I don't know why it's christmas good.


  • I get a lot of my tv shows from netflix Disney plus with a VPN or I just by my favorite series on Apple tv.

    テレビ番組の多くはVPNを使ってnetflix Disney Plusから入手していますし、Apple tvで好きなシリーズを見ています。

  • It's not really difficult to find.


  • Mhm Mhm.

    Mhm Mhm。

  • Mhm.


  • Uh huh.


  • Mhm.


  • Hey everybody, okay, so it's the next day and my hair is still extremely dark, it's kind of crazy look so white, like no joke thinking my hair was up and be really cute but I like it and it makes my eyes pop a little bit and I like this sort of mocha color.


  • Um I ordered some new extensions from Zala because I love solid extensions.


  • My hair is really thin and I like having thick long hair or like not super long but just like thicker hair comment down below if you can relate but that's just like what I love.


  • But even without the extensions, like I really, really love the way my hair looks, it does, it looks thicker just because it's darker, I don't know how else to explain it.


  • But yeah, I like a little bit of tint of red, it looks very autonomy and wintry and I don't know it's gonna be really cool and I just need to take more photos but right now I'm going to be wrapping beauties present.


  • I got him this and yes, it's um what it is, I'm not gonna stay really loud because he's next door.


  • Okay we're gonna wrap I got this at the dice.


  • Oh and for advice.


  • So they give you two big pieces of paper to wrap your gifts.


  • So it's enough.


  • I got three, three of them.


  • It's like way too much.


  • I got way too much.


  • But I like the shiny shiny papers.


  • So we're gonna go at this and I only have box tape so we're gonna use that and I don't have any bow.


  • But I have these little tags.


  • It's cute.


  • And then I have a little card for him.


  • So All right, let's get wrapping.


  • Thank you guys for watching.


  • I hope you enjoyed this video.


  • Please give it a like and a share.


  • And also comment down below what your 2021 goals are.


  • I'd love to hear what you have in store for the future and I'll see you in the next video.


  • Mhm.


there are days where I want to create a video where I embody that perfect human, but I'm not and I have bad days, I have insecurities.



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