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  • Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese  it's CathyCat! Greetings from Tokyo  

    Ask JapaneseのCathyCatです!東京からのご挨拶

  • Where there is light there is  darkness where there is heaven  


  • there is hell and today we're going to talk  about the heaven and hell of Japan let's go


  • Melonpan is one of the nicest  sweetest bestest bread here in Japan

    メロンパンはここ日本 で 最も甘くて最高のパンのひとつです

  • there's absolutely no melon in melonpan


  • when entering or leaving the station you can feel like a vip by touching your card to the panel and the gates open up


  • but one out of ten times you touch your card to the gate and it won't open and you stop everything  


  • and everyone looks at you and you're like super  embarrassed


  • "Sorry sorry i'm gonna charge it sorry sorry!!"

    「ごめんなさい、ごめんなさい、ごめんなさい!!」と 恥ずかしい思いをします。

  • If you really love anime you could  talk all day about anime and you can talk with your Japanese friends about anime


  • and tell them  how well you know anime....


  • and if the answer was

    知っているかを彼らに 話す

  • Heeeeee .... heeeee

    こと が できます....そして

  • you know that they have actually no  idea what you're talking about and are

    答えが Heeeeee だった なら.... heeeee

  • maybe not even interested  in what you're telling them


  • Japanese convenience stores are  quick and super convenient so you  

    多分 仕事前や昼食時の朝 、 あなたは すぐに 迅速かつ超便利

  • can quickly go and buy yourself something you want

    行くと自分であなたが欲しいものを買うことができ ているので、

  • But in the morning before work  or during lunch time there are  

    それらを 日本のコンビニエンスストアを 言っているものでは

  • actually so many people in line  that it's not that convenient

    なく、に 興味が ない ものを全くわかりません 時間 それは

  • That one suddenly started singing really loudly!


  • With the narrow streets in Japan it's  actually better to get yourself a bicycle  

    その便利ではないということラインで非常に多くの人々が実際に そこ に

  • than getting yourself a car and you can quickly  go from here to there having your trusty bike  

    あります ! 日本の狭い路地で、それは 自分で車を得るよりも、 自分で自転車を取得するために、実際より良いだ

  • But when finding public parking is actually  hard to tell where you left your bike and  

    とあなたはすぐにあなたの信頼のバイクを持っここからそこに行く 。しかし公共駐車場を見つけたときには、あなたのバイクを離れて

  • also finding public parking is really hard  for bicycles

    も見つける 場所教えて、実際には難しい ことができます 公共駐車場は自転車にとって本当に難しいです

  • Watching a really great anime


  • Seeing the terrible real life action  that they made out of that anime  


  • Hold on this wall here is done specifically  for the vending machine can you see that  


  • they fitted it right into the wall so it wouldn't  be on the street and still in the building what


  • Being able to watch neon genesis  Evangelion from the beginning to the end  


  • Actually watching neon genesis  Evangelion from the beginning to the end

    実際に 新世紀エヴァンゲリオンを最初から最後まで 見る

  • Fried chicken at the convenience  stores in Japan is the best


  • Sorry! Can I have the Fami-chicken please?


  • Hm? Do you mean the Nana-chicken? - Yes that one.

    うーん?ナナチキンのことですか? -はい、その1つ。

  • Ah right they name it something different here...


  • Thank you so much.


  • I said fami-chiki at nana... at 7-eleven  it's called "nana-chikii" actually

    私はナナでファミチキと言いました...セブンイレブンでは「ナナチキイ」と呼ばれ ています

  • oh yeah

    実際 には そうそう

  • I'm not sharing with you Mr crow....


  • hmm juicy.


  • Convenient store fried chicken is even  better than in some restaurants like Kfc


  • Please let me have some nana-chicken....


  • We are here at Family mart. So would you like Fami-chicken?


  • Fami-chicken please!


  • You look cute!


  • Thank you so much, that makes me so happy!


  • this is family mart so their chicken  is called famichiki not nana chicki!


  • Hello mr Doggo!


  • Who is a good boy? Hello there.


  • Gosh he's cute!


  • summer in Japan is amazing there  are lots of summer festivals  

    日本の夏は素晴らしい夏祭りの 花火

  • fireworks so many cool things to  do Japanese summers are amazing

    がたくさんある ので、日本の夏は素晴らしいです

  • but with the extreme heat and the high  humidity and the very aggressive insects  


  • you might find yourself more inside than  outside than you actually thought you would be

    ために、実際に思っていたよりも内側にいることに気付くかもしれません。 あなたが何かを持っている場合は、

  • These were a couple of heaven and hell ideas  from Japan if you have anything else you'd  

    リストに追加し たい の です が 、日本からの天国と地獄のアイデアのいくつこれらをした ことが

  • like to add to the list let us know in the  comments down below if you love Japan don't  

    「 私たちはあなたが日本を愛していれば 、私たちにフォローし、私を与えることを忘れ

  • forget to give us a follow and I'll catch you  soon for more videos here on Ask Japanese bye  

    ないでくださいダウン以下のコメントで知らせて Ask Japanese byeでもっと多くのビデオをすぐにキャッチします

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Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese  it's CathyCat! Greetings from Tokyo  

Ask JapaneseのCathyCatです!東京からのご挨拶


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