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  • Transcriber: Victor Borges Reviewer: David DeRuwe

  • Thank you for such a wonderful introduction.

  • Great.

  • I'm here today to talk about motivation,

  • and I've learned in my few years on this earth

  • that motivation is really the key

  • to effecting change in anything that you do.

  • You can put a paper that was written without motivation, without any effort,

  • and a paper that was written with drive and passion

  • next to each other;

  • it's clear which one is the winner.

  • Motivation is the underlying factor,

  • I believe, in everything that we do on a daily basis.

  • If you don't have motivation in something that you do,

  • then you really can't achieve what it is that you want to achieve.

  • Everyone has motivation for things they're passionate about,

  • things that interest you, things that inspire you,

  • and of course you'll have motivation

  • if you play a sport, if you're in drama, if you're in a band,

  • you'll have motivation to accomplish that task.

  • But the true test of finding motivation

  • is if you can find it in something that doesn't interest you.

  • Personally, I'm interested in sitting through town council meetings

  • and reading the 404-page town of Barnstable budget.

  • But others might not find so much paper so interesting.

  • However, motivation can be found in everything that you do.

  • I like to look at it, in terms of finding motivation,

  • as just putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

  • When you're questioning, "Why do I have to do this?

  • Why do I have to put in the time and the effort?"

  • you can just look at what you're doing

  • and say, "This helps this person because ... "

  • or "This person is going to appreciate

  • my effort and my motivation on this task because ... "

  • And I've always found that that appreciation

  • that others have for the effort that you put in,

  • that's what motivates me,

  • the fact that someone is going to appreciate what I did.

  • So when the teacher gives you a paper or something to do,

  • and you say, "This is stupid. I have better things to do.

  • I'd much rather go outside and throw a football."

  • Whatever it is,

  • look at it and say, "This person is going to appreciate the work.

  • This person put in the effort to create the assignment.

  • Now they're going to see it and appreciate it."

  • I do that in every assignment I'm given

  • and everything that is ever brought before me.

  • And that's always something that I think we need to go out and look at

  • when we go out to tackle an issue.

  • Filing papers - people might not find it interesting.

  • But think about how much help you're doing to somebody else.

  • Think about the responsibility that you're helping someone else fulfill.

  • And that sort of help and appreciation motivates you.

  • For me, fine dressing is something that I like to do every single day,

  • and I don't just do it because I enjoy it; I do it because people appreciate it.

  • People see that I took the extra time

  • to prepare myself for whatever it is that I'm doing,

  • and they thank me for it, and that thanks, that appreciation,

  • is truly what motivates me to go out

  • and do whatever it is that is put before me.

  • So I want to finish briefly

  • just by saying that motivation is so important in anything that you do,

  • and without it, you really can't accomplish what you want,

  • but with it, you have the passion to effect change,

  • the passion to make a difference,

  • and you really do have the passion

  • to go out and change the way things are done

  • and make a difference in anything that you want to do.

  • Thank you for your time and your ears.

  • (Applause)

Transcriber: Victor Borges Reviewer: David DeRuwe


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