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  • you know my name for you have whispered it in fear for centuries.


  • Mindful of the horrors I carved upon history itself.


  • Glad the third dracula, son of the dragon and I will have my throne.


  • My nation will be free at any cost.


  • And I will about the need to know man, Hungarian or turk emperor or Sultan.


  • My story begins with my father, an ambitious man who fought for many years to take his rightful place as the ruler of WA Ka lia.

    私の物語は、野心家である父が、WA Ka liaの支配者としての正当な地位を得るために、長年にわたって戦ってきたことから始まります。

  • A nation in what is today.


  • Southern Romania, stuck between the kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.


  • All nation was frequently nothing more than a political tool to be wielded by one side against the other.


  • After having to flee from Hungarian forces, Sultan Mehmed the Second granted my father the support of a small army with which to retake the broccoli in thrown, There was but one condition myself and my brother Radu would be left behind this royal hostages and my father was to pay yearly tribute to the Ottomans, swearing fealty to their rule with their aid, my father retook the throne and once more my family ruled Albert over a land with no true independence beholden to powers far greater than itself.


  • Predictably, my father would go on to betray the Turks.


  • In 1444, when the European powers gathered together to try to stop the Ottoman Empire's expansion into central Europe.


  • Despite some initial successes.


  • Unfortunately for my father, he was inevitably forced into a piece with a greater power and sick of my father's double crossing Lord High and I at last invaded WA ka lia, chasing my father from the throne and killing him.


  • My eldest brother, my Syria the second was with my father in the end, and the boyars, rich noblemen of my country, captured the two and put out his eyes with red hot pokers before burying him alive.


  • I would not quickly forget they're hideous violence against my kin, but like my father, I too would have to bide my time, surprising perhaps most of all to myself.


  • The Sultan did not immediately order a demonised deaths after my father's betrayal.


  • The Sultan was always thinking ahead and saw no use for the murder of the only to legitimate heirs to the wal italian thrown instead, he continued to keep us safe in his care until faith turned in his and my favor, Lord john high and I, backed by various european powers, launched once more into a campaign against the Ottoman Empire in 14 48 Taking with him the impostor king, he had placed upon the broccoli in thrown Vladislav the second With Vladislav II two Sultan Mehmed granted me an army with which to re enter my home and take the throne.

    スルタンは常に先のことを考えていて、唯一の正当な継承者であるイタリア人を殺害する必要はないと考え、彼と私の信仰が好転するまで私たちの安全を確保し続けた。14 48年にオスマン帝国への戦いを再び開始した 彼は2代目ヴラディスラフを投げてブロッコリーの上に置いた偽りの王を連れて行った ヴラディスラフ2世とともにスルタン・メフメトは私に軍隊を与え、私の家に再び入って王位を奪うことができた。

  • Shortly after my return.


  • However, the Ottoman scored a decisive victory against biondi's army, be it at a great cost the forces lent to me by the Sultan returned to their homes and with the failure of Honda's crusade, I learned that Vladislav the second now marched upon melancholia.


  • A king is no king without an army to defend his right to rule.


  • And sadly I found myself without said army forced to abdicate my rightful throne.


  • I fled into exile, vowing to return and reclaim what was my birthright For long years, I bought my time in my exile to the only place friendly to my interests.

    私は亡命し、戻って自分の生得権であるものを取り戻すことを誓いました。 長い年月をかけて、私は亡命中の時間を、自分の関心事に友好的な唯一の場所に費やしました。

  • The Ottoman Empire.


  • I found myself still in favor with the Sultan though I rankled at the knowledge that to the lecherous old ruler, I was nothing more than a pawn and my kingdom and my homeland merely pieces of a greater puzzle in the Sultan's ambitions for europe, my father's death and my own young life had taught me the virtue of patience.


  • However, and patiently I waited knowing that the ever evolving conflict between europe and the Ottoman Empire, between Christianity and Islam would eventually present an opportunity to return home.


  • That opportunity came in 14 56 bodies loved the second was no longer as politically useful to the Hungarian Empire as he had been.


  • And Lord Honda offered me a chance to reclaim my throne on the condition that I had remained faithful to Hungary in future conflicts.


  • You may judge me and my father as you wish, but know that I am a loyal man loyal to my soldiers, my kin and to my people, but I refused to be the pawn of greater powers and my ultimate ambition was always to free my home from the influence of the two kingdoms.


  • It found itself between.


  • I swore my fealty to Hungary.


  • Knowing even as I took that oath that I would one day break it with the support of the empire.


  • I re entered my homeland for a second time in 14 56 and demanded that the impostor, King Vladislav the second, face me in single combat.


  • A king who does not appear great God like even before his people, is not long to rule.


  • And despite my obvious physical superiority and weapons training and youth, both the fool agreed to face me rather than hide behind this army, as he and I both knew he must we match blades surrounded by a circle of soldiers and boyars alike.


  • Vladislav was a formidable man once, but age has dulled.


  • His reflexes snapped his speed and strength.


  • Both I toyed with the fool.


  • My blade repeatedly finding exposed flesh, his blood trampled into the mud underfoot, cut in a dozen places the pretender king refused to surrender, and I could see by now in the eyes of the boyars gathered a silent pleading for mercy.


  • Put the fool out of his misery.


  • I could see their eyes saying enough is enough.


  • They had their fill of blooded, seemed a pity for I would drown many of them in the deluge of crimson in the weeks and months to come with a single thrust.


  • I slew the impostor and reclaimed my throne patients, as I meant, um is a hard earned virtue and that last, it would pay dividends.


  • With my throne secure.


  • I immediately turned upon the wealthy boyars, the very man who years ago had betrayed and murdered my father.


  • Pluck the eyes from my eldest brother and buried him alive.


  • My wrath was immediate and I put into practice a technique I had learned during my long years of captivity in the Sultan's court.


  • A greased log sharpened on one end, would be laid on the ground with the victim made to sit upon the pointed tip and held fast with the use of ropes attached to each leg.


  • The victim and log would then be lifted into the air, the body's weight impaling the victim upon the sharpened stake from below.


  • I watched with no small satisfaction as the men who had murdered my father were each in turn forced to watch the impalement of their wives and Children before meeting the faith themselves.


  • Next, I turned this favorite punishment of mine onto the ranks of betrayers lurking amongst the psychopaths of my court.


  • Other wealthy noblemen I knew or suspected of plotting behind my back.


  • I would have my kingdom and I would have it be free of traitorous rats during my life.


  • I have held no great love for the Turks or the Sultan and yet I am no fool upon retaking my throne.


  • I began the customary yearly tribute to the Ottomans, a move which angered my Hungarian beneficiaries.


  • Yet this tribute would be cut off.


  • Just years later, my people would not be subject to any foreign power.


  • Hungarian or Ottoman.


  • I knew my move would bring conflict and I had long ago prepare for a coming war.


  • Using my intimate knowledge of the Ottoman empire and its forces, I launched a series of lightning raids across the border and into Turkish lands, destroying many key provincial outposts and fortresses that could be used to support an invasion into a qalea.


  • I took plunder as well, righteous repaint for my years of forced tribute to the Sultan, as I knew would happen.


  • The Ottomans responded in force and in 14 62 an army, 150,000 strong marched against me.

    オスマン帝国はこれに対抗し、14 62年には15万人の軍隊が私に向かって進軍してきた。

  • I had no hope of defeating this larger force in direct conflict.


  • And so I turned the very land of my nation and its people against the invaders.


  • My forces fought retreating action, forcing the Turks to push even deeper into my lands to secure a decisive victory.


  • Yet, as I steadily retreated, I poisoned wells, breached levees and flooded marshlands, even ordering the evacuation of all people and animals in the path of the Turkish forces the result in and his men would find no crumb or morsel amongst my lands to feed their rumbling bellies and with supply lines stretched to the breaking point, fatigue settled in.


  • I spread illness amongst the ranks as well, rounding up hoards of Lepers.


  • Men and women with tuberculosis and other villiers plagues, and marched them directly into the ranks of the invaders.


  • I could not retreat forever though in late one night I launched a daring raid into the Sultan's camp itself.


  • Though sadly slew instead to Grand vizier is and not the head of the snake as I had planned, my forces could not stand against the superior Turks for much longer, even half starved and beset with all manner of ilya rinse as they were.


  • I would send these invaders a message, then, a final warning to leave my lands and never return on pain of greatest torture.


  • Weeks later, my masterpiece would be revealed to the invaders as they entered the now deserted town of To Grove east there in the field 2600 m long and 1100 m wide.


  • late 20,000 souls upon sharpened stakes, Turkish prisoners and civilians.


  • Both the great slaughter on full display, held row upon row of families, strong up together, infants, pierced along with their mothers.


  • By the time the Turks found them, the birds have made nest in their entrails, as I have said before, I would see my home free of both Turks and Hungarians at any cost filled with horror, the Sultan ordered his grand army to retreat, but left the force at the border, held it by my youngest brother, Radu, now turned traitor against his own kin, born of a gentler persuasion and the natural charisma Radu managed to do what I could not and turned public support against me and my rule, not with threats of violence and grizzly displays of torture, but with kind words and promises of solidarity and forgiveness for past transgressions against my family.

    トルコ人が彼らを発見する頃には 鳥たちは彼らの内臓に巣を作っていた 前にも言ったように 私はどんな犠牲を払っても トルコ人とハンガリー人のいない 故郷を見たいと思っていた スルタンは大軍に撤退を命じたが 国境に軍を残した 私の末弟であるラドゥがそれを保持した 今や自分の親族に対する 裏切り者となってしまったが優しい説得力と天性のカリスマ性を持ったラドゥは、私ができなかったことをやり遂げ、国民の支持を私と私の支配に向けさせることに成功した。暴力の脅威や拷問の醜態を見せるのではなく、優しい言葉で連帯を約束し、

  • Radu, the youngest brother I had protected as best as I could for use during our captivity, would now be my undoing as I lost the support of my people and was once more chased into exile.


  • The value of royal blood has always been greater than gold, for it can buy more readily that which coin often cannot political stability.


  • I was captured by the Hungarians who imprisoned me as an insurance policy and once more, I found myself by then my time knowing that in the end I, and only I would be the one to decide my fate and that of my people.


  • In the meantime I entertained myself with an old hobby and took great delight in the horror of my guards as they discovered the rows have impaled mice and Robbins which I had learned into my cell.


  • In 14 76.

    14 76で。

  • Nearly 50 years of age, I was released from my prison and once more on the march to reclaim my throne, supported by Hungary age and imprisonment had robbed me of youthful vigor and strength.


  • Yet I took to the field of battle.


  • Regardless, I suppose I knew the fight would likely be my last, but I would be the one to write my own ending for the histories and not the Hungarians or the Turks.


  • Late in 14 76 I fell sword in hand, never to rise again.


  • Yet, though my kingdom had eluded me a third time I had won the greater price.


  • In the end, my name, written in the annals of history forever more.


  • My name is Lead this second dracul, the son of the Dragon.


  • And you know my name for you, whisper yet in fear, centuries after my death, mindful of the horrors I inflicted upon my enemies.


  • Uh huh.


you know my name for you have whispered it in fear for centuries.



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