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  • Hello and welcome to one minute Wednesdays the video where I teach you

  • English in just one minute, you solidify your knowledge by putting a

  • practice sentence in the comment section below. I will read it give it a thumbs up

  • if it's correct and correct it

  • if it is not. Let's start that clock. okay today's

  • lesson is between the homophones higher and hire. hmm

  • two words that sound exactly the same because they're homophones but they are

  • spelled differently and they have different meanings. Firstly higher the

  • comparative of the word high so for example I might say she has reached the

  • higher set in maths at school. Oh clever girl. Next the word higher which means to

  • employ or to gain the use of something in exchange for a payment. For example I

  • need to hire a car when I go on holiday when I come back I'm going to hire a new

  • accountant. Now it's your turn write a sentence or two down in the comment

  • section below using both of these words and when I get

  • chance I will have a look. Don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up.

  • Remember to subscribe and click the bell notification button otherwise put the

  • kettle on and let's have a brew.

Hello and welcome to one minute Wednesdays the video where I teach you


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【1分英語】覚えやすい!Higher v.s. Hire、発音は似ているけど意味は全然違う!(One Minute English #5 - Learn Vocabulary Fast - Higher vs Hire)

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