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  • In my history of scared, this is the most scared I've ever been.

  • Congratulations, Dad. It's a boy.

  • I've always believed in The One.

  • But being your dad is changing me.

  • For you, I'd move to some soulless suburb.

  • Come latte with us.

  • For you, I'd marry the monster.

  • Your mother, Love.

  • What could go wrong?

  • We both have done bad things.

  • I wanted to move here so that we could start new.

  • We are just the nice, normal neighbors next door.

  • We are a team.

  • The best team.

  • Oh, no. This is bad.

  • So now, I have you.

  • Things will be different this time.

  • Something's going on. You're always distracted.

  • Are you okay? You look paler than usual.

  • I think we need to go to couples therapy.

  • This came sooner than expected.

  • Marriage isn't really built for secrets.

  • There's no such thing as privacy in Madre Linda.

  • You obsessed with her?

  • Why don't you love me anymore?

  • He's plotting something and I can feel it.

  • Why does everybody think I'm impulsive?

  • You are not making me kill anyone!

  • Neither of you is gonna kill your spouse.

  • You're many things, but you are not murderers.

  • I never thought to wonder what happens after boy gets girl?

  • We're a team, okay?

  • Till death do us part.

In my history of scared, this is the most scared I've ever been.


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