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  • Is this the worst punishment in the history of mankind?


  • The brazen bull was created by the ancient Greeks as an especially cruel and unusual form of punishment.


  • That condemned would be made to climb inside a life size bull statue made of bronze and then would be sealed inside.


  • A fire would be lit underneath, slowly roasting the person inside.


  • Smoke would billow out of the bulls nostrils that was scented with incense to hide the smell of the burning bodies and the victims leftover bones would be made into jewelry.


  • Special pipes would turn the person screams into the sound of the animal and it said its creator parallels was especially proud of this aspect, telling his patron that your victim will be punished and you will enjoy the music parallels was asked to get inside to demonstrate the effect at which point he was sealed up and became the brazen bulls first victim.

    特別なパイプを使って、人の叫び声を動物の鳴き声に変えてしまうのだが、その生みの親であるパラレルズは、この点を特に誇りに思っていたようで、「あなたの被害者は罰せられ、あなたは音楽を楽しむことができる」とパトロンに語っていた。 パラレルズは、その効果を実証するために中に入るよう求められたが、その時点で彼は封印され、「blazen bulls」の最初の犠牲者となった。

Is this the worst punishment in the history of mankind?



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Brazen Bull - 人類史上最悪の処罰 (The Brazen Bull - Worst Punishments in History of Mankind)

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