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  • it's great to have you back.


  • The truth is is that all of my viewers have been begging me to get you back and talk about the next coins.


  • They remember you coming back year after year talking about coins, they never heard of talking about crypto and defy I mean you educated everybody and me to um, and you were calling things when it wasn't popular, you were calling dips, you were calling selloffs and we've been wondering where you are.


  • So I'm excited you're back to talk about this hyper boom concept.


  • I'm curious.


  • Um, if people want to learn a little bit more about it and attended event, your happening, there's a link below or they can go to London real dot tv forward slash tickle.

    このイベントについてもっと知りたい方は、下記のリンクをクリックするか、London real dot tv forward slash tickleにアクセスしてください。

  • We pre recorded a piece about this.


  • It's not gonna be on youtube or social media, but you can sign up to watch it.


  • So link below London real dot tv forward slash Tika Tickle.

    だから、下のリンクはLondon real dot tv forward slash Tika Tickle。

  • Where do we start?


  • You know, we've seen a crazy year, we've seen Bitcoin go as high as 60,000 back down to 30,000 now where it's somewhere in between.


  • We don't know where it's gonna go.


  • Um, a lot of people are talking about it.


  • My mom and my daughter are getting involved in, in some kryptos but there's another picture happening here, right there are these smaller coins that have always been your specialty and I'm so glad you're back because it sounds like you have a new set of them.


  • Maybe you can talk about that concept and then what you mean by a ketchup coin as opposed to maybe a Bitcoin.


  • So a catch up coin is a coin.


  • Generally a small project.


  • It's misunderstood a lot of the time it's actually really beat up in price because people don't understand it.


  • And I call it a catch up coin because there is something that occurs in the background that most people don't know about or can't see that causes an explosion of valley in a very compressed time period.


  • And they're cold catch up coins because they allow you to catch up financially and they allow you to do it in a way without putting your current lifestyle at risk.


  • Anybody who knows my background knows that in the late 90s I went bankrupt from taking too much risk and I left a permanent scar on me Brian.


  • And it taught me that hey, it's okay to swing for the fences, but it's not okay to risk the life that you, that you've built in order for the hope of a better one.


  • And so that, that forced me to create a new way of managing risk.


  • And then when I discovered Kryptos, I took that risk management with my research ability and then what was able to create these, The strategy that would give me these catch up coins that would literally put anyone in a position to take something as small as $1,000 and turn it into as much as $1.5 million 10 months and that's something that I've been able to do um Again and again and again and again and again this I recommended 22 coins that have gone up a minimum of 10 times in value.

    クリプトスを発見したとき、私はそのリスク管理と研究能力を駆使して、これらを作り上げることができました。 文字通り、誰でも1000ドルの小額を10ヶ月で150万ドルにすることができるキャッチアップコインを提供する戦略で、私はそれを実現してきました。

  • So You know some people say that's luck.


  • I don't know that you could do that 22 times and call that luck.


  • No it's not it's not luck antica you know we both worked on Wall Street for a long time and I've been in the financial markets have been watching him for 30 years.


  • I worked in them for 15 years in New York Chicago London.


  • And I've never seen, I've never bought a single asset that's gone up 10 X.


  • In that amount of time.


  • And I don't know many people that have in their whole lifetime.


  • So the fact that you've done it 22 different times, it's extremely exceptional.


  • And it's why you're the one guy we have on this show to talk about coins and to talk about you know crypto and to talk about these things and you've always been there kind of you know seeing the future.


  • I always joke you've got a bit of a crystal ball.


  • Um I also used to joke, it's like I trust a professional.


  • So it's like you know when I when I go home tonight and I need to you know have someone uh design me a new home.


  • I get the best architect And when it comes to this space I I usually just call up tika and say what are you seeing.


  • And so um again it's almost uncanny that you've picked these things in the past.


  • We've always invested in your picks.


  • Um And this whole concept you have of this kind of asymmetric risk is kind of interesting because I mean you've changed lives with some of these pics um and there's not many investments that normal people can make that will really have a measured effect on their life like that with with that limited risk on the downside.


  • And so you know you've got a history of picking those things where you know you get in low and you put a small amount of money and has these big returns.


  • Is that the wave of the future in crypto is that what these new ketchup coins are these kind of asymmetric returns?


  • Yeah but they're a symmetric.


  • I've made a lot of asymmetric investments And on top of those 22 coins that have gone up a minimum of 10 X.


  • I've had more coins than I can count that have gone up three x four X five X.


  • And seven X.


  • So the beauty of these catch up coins is that during certain periods in the growth of crypto there are certain periods of time where you have what I call a hyper boom event where these catch up coins which are already very sensitive to certain outside stimulus when the stars align you create this massive onrush of buying and that's really why I'm calling this the hyper boom event because there are a series of circumstances that are lining up that I have never seen in the history of crypto.


  • And I've been involved in crypto for six years and I went back and I looked at Crypto in the past and I have never seen this same series of events so aligned to create really a field of possibility that could create so much wealth so rapidly.


  • And I've identified six of these opportunities that I believe have that ability to to create very, very rapid wealth.


  • But to do it without needing to take an enormous amount of risk.


it's great to have you back.



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