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  • really good stuff card a no, tell me what you think about the future of this protocol.


  • We've seen its price, I think double in about three weeks, which of course gets everyone's attention.


  • 3rd, 3rd largest market cap, I think, uh, we got Charles here in two weeks from yesterday, 13 days.


  • He's also does a lot of live streams on youtube.


  • He's the only major Blockchain with a spokesperson, good or bad.


  • Um, and now after five years, I think we might get smart contracts from that Blockchain.


  • Can I get your opinions whether Cardinal with the place ethereum and I'll give you a little context.


  • I asked a couple guests recently, I even asked Dan Morehead who was out there in 2013 flogging Bitcoin funds to the institutions and getting thrown out of boardrooms.


  • So he's been there and done that, told some great war stories, but he flat out told me he's not convinced.


  • He said the amount of developers, the amount of transactions, the amount of history on ethereum makes it almost um, I don't know if it's un usurp mobile is the right word, but it makes it very difficult.

    彼は、イーサリアムの開発者の数、トランザクションの数、履歴の数が、ほとんど......un usurp mobileという言葉が適切かどうかはわかりませんが、非常に難しくなっていると言います。

  • But if you're coming late to the Cardinal narrative.


  • And again, most of these coins are narratives to a certain extent, it looks like it could be the next thing.


  • And so, you know, that was his read on it.


  • We also made a reference to Microsoft and Microsoft office and I've used this a lot of my students and it gets a chuckle out of all of them, I don't work in an office, but I know some people that have and whenever go there and I look at their computers first of all they're using these, you know, old crappy computers we use imax here but they're usually running outlook or something and it's, it's kind of your grandma's software but no one disputes the fact that even though it's a second, maybe not the best product, it's got the adoption And Microsoft probably isn't going anywhere for 20 years and it's probably gonna be a great business model.


  • So what's your call is ethereum the Microsoft of Block chains or do you think cardinals got a real shot?


  • I think ethereum is the Microsoft block chains in a lot of ways and I think there's, you know, a standardization that's occurring even with like the ethereum virtual machine.


  • So I'll try to break it down real quick.


  • So ethereum has all of the popular applications as the most activity.


  • It's like the London or the new york city of Blockchain, like all the businesses are there and it's like a hub right in order for people to move to another neighborhood, it has to be that much better.


  • And if you're not sure where you're going to plant your flag, you're gonna plan to, you know in the hub where all the activities, yeah the traffic is bad and the taxes are bad and it's expensive but like you know if you want to build your own business, you want to go to the help and that's how I see a theory.


  • Um, and that it has this amazing network effect and lacking already there and there will be block chains that are faster and cheaper than ethereum, but it doesn't mean that they're going to win, they might attract unique applications that can be done, you know, in a city, like maybe they'll attract, you know, agriculture, whereas, you know, that doesn't belong in a city, you know, if you have wide open fields, it's a different type of entity that wants to go there.


  • Um, and so I think like, you know, even though ethereum has flaws, it's expensive, it's slow, it's got lots of traffic, it's still like the the like hop for these types of activities, so it's gonna be really hard to dethrone.


  • Um, you know, that being said, there's always the opportunity to surprised the community, surprised everybody.


  • You know, if a platform is materially and significantly better as possible and wins over the hearts and minds of developers and it creates like a huge network effect for itself, but it's a really tall bar, I think that's why you see even in assets that have appreciated rapidly ethereum as a smart contract platform, a layer one is still Head and shoulders more valuable than every other L1 that's competing with it combined and then multiply, you know, so I think the market is relatively fair in that regard and I think it's sort of like implies a continued dominance of this area.


really good stuff card a no, tell me what you think about the future of this protocol.



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