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  • ethereum, You went out on a limb many years ago and maybe you can tell me the whole story and said this will be the next thing I think you were buying at $7.


  • You also started getting deep into this whole ecosystem and again, I remember buying the coins that you recommended I and you know, swap didn't exist, I had to go find these random exchanges just to buy the crypto assets.


  • People don't even realize these these days how quick defy is actually progressed because now when I buy tickets recommendations, I go to, you know, swap typically now they've got their own lists and stuff as well.


  • But again, maybe tickle you could walk us through those early days and maybe what you saw in ethereum and what what you're seeing now.


  • Well in 2016 was when I got involved in Bitcoin, I discovered the power behind Bitcoin in january In the beginning of January 2016, when I first discovered Bitcoin in 2011, I just thought it was a scam and I hadn't taken the time to to learn about the underlying technology.

    2016年はビットコインに関わった年で、ビットコインに秘められた力を知ったのは1月 2016年1月の初め、2011年に初めてビットコインを知った時は、ただの詐欺だと思っていて、基礎となる技術について時間をかけて学んでいませんでした。

  • In 2016.


  • In january, I attended an event at the Consumer electronics show and brock pierce was speaking about Bitcoin and he was the first person to ever explain what a Blockchain was in a way that I could understand it was a way to move information and value without a trusted third party and he explained how the consensus mechanism worked, how 51% of the computers in the network had to agree and validate the transaction in order for it to go through.

    1月にConsumer Electronics Showで開催されたイベントに参加した際、ブロック・ピアースがビットコインについて講演していました。ブロックチェーンとは、信頼できる第三者を介さずに情報や価値を移動させる方法であることを、私が理解できる形で説明したのは彼が初めてでした。

  • And he explained how each one of these computers has an identical copy of the ledger that That has the record of who owns what.


  • And so unless you could corrupt 51% of the computers in the network, there was no way to break the network.


  • And that was you know my head exploded.


  • There's a lot of people out there right now tika whose heads are exploding on the back of your explanation there.


  • Yeah, sometimes tika it just takes the right person at the right moment to get it to allow you to get it right.


  • It's weird how that happens.


  • It is strange how that happens and I'll always be grateful for brock pierce giving that chat in las Vegas.


  • It changed my life.


  • So I flew down immediately to florida which is where my publisher is headquartered and I sat down with all the partners and I looked at them, you have to understand at the time I was writing about conservative blue chip income producing stocks and it was my core audience was You're 45 - 75 Blue Chips saving for retirement.


  • So I fly down to florida and I say I'm writing about the coin and that's all I'm going to do.


  • And they look at me like I have three heads and they said you're not writing about it here.


  • And I said look I've owned a newsletter business before if you won't let me write about it, I'll just spin up my own company and all I'll do is write about crypto and like no, no no no no no, no, you can write about it.


  • So let me start writing about it.


  • So as I start doing more due diligence and start writing about Bitcoin, I come across an industry analyst, I can't remember her name right now, but she um she said to me that she was at a hackathon, a Bitcoin hackathon, but there was also this other protocol called ethereum there and she told me that 70 to 80% of the Bitcoin developers had moved over and we're working on a theory.


  • And and in that moment I said, well hold on a second, these guys are the smartest guys on the planet if they are now working on a theory um and building on a theory, um there's something there.


  • So I read the theory in white paper, I researched it and I managed to get an interview with metallic Pewter and when he was living in I believe it was Zurich at the time Zurich or zouk and we did this interview over Skype and this kid melted my brain just, just, just his vision for the future.


  • And what I realized is that he had created the dominant platform for Blockchain development.


  • The majority of Blockchain development programs that will create a, using a Blockchain, we're going to be built on a theory in and and in that moment that I realized that and I realized it immediately after after talking to him, I wrote a report on it and I recommended it.


  • I think my recommended price was nine bucks, somewhere between seven and nine bucks.


  • And in that report I said that a theory was worth at least $350 a coin which was a $30 billion market cap at that time, right?


  • The whole market cap of the entire space crypto spaces, maybe three or $4 billion.


  • So here I was saying that this one coin Was going to be worth more than 10 x of the entire marketplace right now it's the equivalent of coming in and saying, you know, global market cap of equities is 100 trillion and this is gonna be worth $900 trillion.


  • Right?


  • I mean it's just nuts.


  • But that was the but that's what my research has suggested.


  • And within a year it had gone four x higher than my $350 target had gone to $1400.


ethereum, You went out on a limb many years ago and maybe you can tell me the whole story and said this will be the next thing I think you were buying at $7.



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