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  • And that's why people are attracted to Bitcoin because there's only 21 million and nobody can change that.


  • It's programmed in digitally.


  • It's also not under the control of the government can't be devalued.


  • Yes you have the tech risk is it under the control of government miners?


  • Big companies are buying you know huge, huge amount of computers and miners and they're getting them to, you know they're using the notes to to mine crypto the chinese government has a huge spy.


  • So it's a really power to the people when big businesses and corporations who can afford the mining and monopolizing.


  • Okay so let's talk about money and then we'll get back just to finish on that point.


  • So with Bitcoin the whole algorithm from santoshi was all about security was provided by forcing people to try to make really difficult calculations in order to prove that something was correct and if you prove it you get some Bitcoin now the calculations take so much computing power that they can't be faked and that people compete with each other to prove those calculations that add onto the Blockchain and each future block takes more computations so it becomes more difficult, more difficult.


  • That's what the miners do and the reason they do it is because Bitcoin has value and as it goes up then it makes sense to make mine but the miners don't control the network, they don't control the algorithm, they don't control the Blockchain.


  • So I would disagree with you.


  • I would say that the miners themselves make money off of it but right now they don't control it and by the way china banned Bitcoin mining but they've been Bitcoin like three different times.


  • Um So again that's more of a news story.


  • Last thing I'll say about mining is a lot of our new a new block chains are going to something called proof of stake.


  • Like you mentioned as opposed to proof of work which means you don't need a bunch of computers literally doing nonsense calculations putting out heat into the atmosphere as Elon musk complained about even though one of my guests said if we all turned our air conditioning off it would be more of an energy save.


  • Mining with mining.


  • Mining was the 14th.


  • Uh most cost they used electricity read by country.


  • Yeah it's not as high as people said.


  • And also ethereum with 2.0 is moving to proof of stake because these computers they're not exactly if they were doing calculations to figure out the human DNA would be like okay please keep doing that.


  • But the calculations are making are a pointless like they don't actually do anything for humanity.


  • So the bacterium is finite because it eventually gonna find with coins.


  • Yeah but we'll probably give them fees to continue validating transactions.


  • Bitcoin will probably stay as proof of work because that's what it is the original the maximum like that ethereum will move to proof of stake probably next year with ethereum too.


And that's why people are attracted to Bitcoin because there's only 21 million and nobody can change that.



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政府はビットコインをコントロールできるか?? ガブリエラ・ローズ、暗号について (Can The Government Control Bitcoin? ? Gabriela Rose On Crypto)

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