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  • If you're a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, perhaps you can answer this simple question

  • for us: What exactly is Penny's last name?

  • Well?

  • We imagine you're totally stumped right now.

  • That's because unlike the other main characters Penny doesn't actually have a last name

  • At least, not a last name that we ever heard on the show.

  • Sure, she became Penny Hofstadterafter she married Leonardbut her maiden name still

  • remains a big mystery, even after the season finale aired in May 2019.

  • Many of us waited and waited, but we never got the big reveal.

  • And it's entirely likely that we never will.

  • This omission evidently wasn't an oversight at least, not through the entire run of the

  • show.

  • As it turns out, the creative minds behind the show made an executive decision to leave

  • Penny's surname an unsolved mystery, evidently unaware that this is exactly the kind of thing

  • that keeps us awake at night.

  • Chuck Lorre, the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, once hinted that Penny's last name

  • might be Barrington.

  • But if that's true, it was certainly never mentioned on the program or anywhere else,

  • for that matter so he may have been trolling his fans.

  • As executive producer Steven Molaro explained during a March 2019 WonderCon panel,

  • "[Eventually] we got nervous and superstitious about giving her [a last name].

  • It will always be [her married name] Hofstadter."

  • He said something similar to Vulture in 2013:

  • "What name could we possibly pick that would be satisfying at this point?

  • You know, I don't think we will [reveal it].

  • We're kind of a superstitious lot here.

  • We've made it this far without knowing Penny's last name.

  • I think we're good not finding out."

  • "Mmm, interesting."

  • "Isn't it?"

  • "No, I mean, what you find enjoyable."


  • And the plot thickens.

  • In 2017, actress Kaley Cuoco revealed that she didn't even want to know Penny's last

  • name, telling CBS:

  • "It's kind of a personal thing.

  • It feels like a jinx.

  • We haven't said it for so long.

  • I feel like if we said it, the world will explode."

  • Cuoco tauntingly goes on to reveal that she has some idea about what Penny's maiden name

  • is, but don't get too excited because she never spills the beans.

  • Instead, she clamps down and outright refuses to share her top-secret intel with us.

  • Does she also think Penny's last name is Barrington?

  • Why the veil of secrecy?

  • Does Penny have a last name that's simply too embarrassing to say out loud?

  • For the love of God, what is Penny's last name?

  • It's really anyone's guess at this point.

  • And it sounds like Cuoco is all about keeping this burning pop-culture mystery alive.

  • In fact, at the wrap party for the series finale in May 2019, she even admitted:

  • "I kind of love it.

  • So many things are revealed in the last few episodes; you get a lot of satisfying moments.

  • But I kind of love that [we'll never know her last name]."

  • Could this glaring omission have something to do with how Penny was conceived in the

  • first place?

  • As Newsweek reports, she was written into the pilot at the very last minute an attempt

  • to replace a character named Katie, who was originally intended to be the girl living

  • across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard.

  • Well, test audiences evidently really hated this Katie, and they thought her personality

  • was way too brash for the show whatever that even means in the context of The Big Bang

  • Theory.

  • "Allow me to explain it to you in your language.

  • Nerdish."

  • To address these concerns, the writers started from scratch and eventually created Penny

  • as a replacement for Katie.

  • Cuoco had originally auditioned for the part, and she was subsequently called back to audition

  • for Penny.

  • Spoiler alert: She totally landed the role.

  • Since Penny was added into the show so late in the game, perhaps the writers and creators

  • totally forgot to give her a last name.

  • Hey, it happens.

  • And throughout the run of the series, perhaps they simply never found the right opportunity

  • or right gag to make the big reveal something memorable.

  • Much like the enduring popularity of The Big Bang Theory, this is one mystery we may never

  • get to the bottom of.

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If you're a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, perhaps you can answer this simple question


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