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  • Piano music playing

  • Evans Hankey: AirPods have come to define

  • magical wireless audio.

  • To build on this, we set out to create

  • the ultimate personal listening experience.

  • Introducing AirPods Max.

  • Every aspect has been designed

  • for uncompromising fit and performance.

  • Machined aluminum ear cups

  • connect by a unique suspension system,

  • enabling independent articulation

  • to the telescoping arms of the headband.

  • This flexes to fit a wide range of head sizes,

  • with a warp-knit canopy

  • maximizing comfort and breathability

  • while an acoustically optimized knit seamlessly surrounds

  • the magnetically attached cushions. [CLICK]

  • These components work in harmony

  • to maintain an exceptional over-ear seal;

  • the foundation for its incredible sound.

  • Rhythmic bass joins

  • Gary Geaves: Custom drivers deliver high-fidelity playback

  • with ultralow distortion across the entire audible range.

  • And a pair of Apple-designed H1 chips

  • allow computational audio features like Adaptive EQ,

  • which tailors sound to your bespoke fit

  • by measuring and then adjusting what you're hearing

  • up to 200 times per second.

  • Active Noise Cancellation uses eight microphones

  • positioned to sense and block noise from any direction.

  • A single button press activates Transparency mode,

  • letting you hear what's around you.


  • [SIRENS]


  • And spatial audio,

  • which utilizes accelerometers and gyroscopes

  • to track head movement for immersive,

  • theater-like sound.


  • And the Digital Crown allows precise control

  • of volume and playback. [CARS VROOMING]

  • Evans: With up to 20 hours of listening time,

  • best-in-class Active Noise Cancellation,

  • and magical experience,

  • AirPods Max sets the new standard

  • for over-ear headphones.

  • [CLICK]

Piano music playing


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Introducing AirPods Max — Apple

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