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  • Yeah, but it's something we, you know, we saw last year with pandemic.


  • We saw it with politics, but I'd say Roger, a lot of people don't see it as clearly with crypto.


  • First of all, have you seen a lot of things behind the scenes and how do we try to keep an eye on this going forward?


  • How do we try to get real information to the people?


  • So the censorship in Cryptocurrency from my own firsthand Direct knowledge started as early as 2000 and 11.


  • Right, so this is really, really so in 2011 of june for the first time in my experience with Bitcoin, there was the first big price right up.


  • And the price over the course of a couple of weeks went from around two or $3 to $30 in june of 2011.


  • And the main place where everybody was discussing Bitcoin at that time was a forum called Bitcoin talk dot org.

    当時、ビットコインについて議論していたのは、Bitcoin talk dot orgというフォーラムが中心でした。

  • And on that form, everybody kind of knew everybody.


  • It wasn't a giant community at that point, right?


  • The price was you know, single digits when when this took place.


  • Uh and all of a sudden what happened when the entire world and the mainstream media started reporting on Bitcoin how it hit $30 for the first time.


  • There was a flood of these like fake accounts on the forum that were just posting nonsense fluff by cell.


  • Oh no and just made the forum completely unusable.


  • They effectively shut down the discussion place for Bitcoin at the time when Bitcoin needed to have these discussions the most and the most new people were coming to Bitcoin to learn about it.


  • So as early as 2011 there was some sort of orchestrated attempt to disrupt the discussion platforms were discussing Bitcoin and then much later on I think it was 2015 or so our Bitcoin on Reddit and Red, it's a whole nother censorship story.


  • But our Bitcoin was the big discussion platform where everybody was talking about Bitcoin and had more traffic than every single other Bitcoin news website combined.


  • And then all of a sudden overnight all the moderators that everybody knew got kicked out of the moderator ship position, this other guy using an alias then imposed this draconian censorship policy that's been going on to this very day.


  • And at the time it happened, everybody knew what was going on.


  • Everybody knew the truth.


  • Everybody knew that Bitcoin was supposed to scale on chain to be money for the entire world.


  • You could read it right there on Bitcoin dot org still to this very day if you go on the internet archive way back machine.

    インターネット・アーカイブの昔のマシンに行けば、今でもBitcoin dot orgで読むことができます。

  • But then over time that censorship really really became effective.


  • And everybody that came to Bitcoin after the censorship started, only got to hear one narrative.


  • And it launched this whole new generation of Bitcoin maximalist that don't know the truth, that don't know that Bitcoin was supposed to be money for the world.


  • Uh And I guess that's why governments engaged in censorship because it just plain works.


  • And that was really surprising to me.


  • I was I guess I was naive and thinking that the truth would win out in the short term.


  • And I'm still cautiously optimistic that went out in the long term.


  • But my gosh, in the short term, what it disrupted disruptive, horrible thing.


  • It was to Bitcoin to have this censorship going on of what's supposed to be censorship money for the world.


  • So if you're using censorship to protect your censorship money, you've missed the entire point of what's going on with Bitcoin.


  • And that's still going on to this very day to where you'll see people attack me and attack a Jihan wu the man who brought Bitcoin to all of china and translated the white paper into chinese and spread to the whole world.


  • The both of us today are a big giant Bitcoin cash fans and you'll see these Bitcoin maximus try and claim that we're scammers are attacking Bitcoin.


  • No, or the people who brought Bitcoin to the world.


  • And then you see much more recent newcomers to Bitcoin, like Michael Sailor who just plain don't understand because of the censorship that went on and Michael if you want to learn about it.


  • Uh more than happy to give you a one on one private tutoring session and everything that happened and show you why Bitcoin cash dot Bitcoin cash is a better tool to bring more economic freedom to the world.


Yeah, but it's something we, you know, we saw last year with pandemic.



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Roger Ver on Crypt Censorship In Crypto ?People Think We Are Scammers!? (Roger Ver on Censorship In Crypto ? People Think We Are Scammers! ?)

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