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  • Hi, this is Jeffrey Kleintop with 90 seconds  on what we're watching this week. It's an  

  • Olympic-sized week for earnings with 177 S&P 500  companies expected to report quarterly results,  

  • more than doubling the number that have reported  so far. And taking the gold is Europe with the  

  • strongest earnings growth this quarter from a year  ago, and that's lowered price-to-earnings ratios  

  • in Europe and widened the valuation gap between  European and U.S. stocks to the widest point  

  • in more than 20 years. Stocks around the world  have been setting records with the U.S. S&P 500,  

  • Europe's STOXX 600 index and in Asia, Australia  is ASX 200 index all hitting new all-time highs  

  • last week. The competition between earnings  reports and the Delta variant in the news  

  • have tilted back toward earnings, favoring  stocks globally last week. The Delta variant  

  • continues to spread globally, with new daily  cases on the rise but the most recent wave  

  • of cases in the UK and Indonesia seemed to  be slowing and making for some good news.  

  • A rotation back to economically sensitive  companies, including international stocks,  

  • could happen as the current COVID waves  subside. On Wednesday, the markets will be  

  • judging the Fed's meeting and post-meeting press  conference by chairman Powell. The focus will be  

  • on the Fed's bond buying program. Officials will  probably also discuss how they're balancing the  

  • downside risks from the Delta variant with upside  risks to inflation. And that could move markets,  

  • especially with the drop in the 10-year yield over  the past couple of months. And, finally, the host  

  • country of this year's Summer Olympics, Japan, is  set to release the likely slew of positive data,  

  • or a slew of likely positive data, despite the  Olympic backlash over new COVID-19 cases. Mobility  

  • data hasn't slowed down and global growth is  providing Japan with a boost. Thanks for watching.

Hi, this is Jeffrey Kleintop with 90 seconds  on what we're watching this week. It's an  


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Weekly Market Outlook | July 26, 2021

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