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  • Hey folks, welcome back to the channel! Today, we're looking at my home nation and one

  • of the world's leaders in high speed rail - Canada. With among the largest high speed

  • rail networks in the world, Canada has long been a leader in the high speed rail space,

  • and our expertise sets a vision for what a future world interconnected by premium rail

  • services could look like.

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  • Canada's high speed rail network began with a dream of connecting the country from end

  • to end with a railway network. That dream eventually became reality!

  • Today, Canada's high speed rail network extends to all important major cities - sorry

  • Victoria maybe next time, providing door to door service across the nation, from beautiful

  • Waterfront Station to the beauty of the Canadian Rockies to the metropolitan downtown core

  • of Vaughan, with its palatial facilities.

  • Crossborder travel is provided in typical North American fashion, with express rail

  • services via Chicago to the vibrant metropolises of Memphis Tennessee, Kansas City, and Mobile

  • Alabama! Among others!

  • Suffice to say, if you want to go there - you can get a ticket to ride on a Canadian high

  • speed rail service!

  • This network is growing rapidly too with potential planned expansions further into Texas and

  • even as far as Mexico. Core areas of the network are also being expanded. A new station is

  • being built in the global megahub of Milton Ontario West of the middling provincial town

  • of Toronto, to expand service offerings. The locals in Milton are divided on this project,

  • while some are excited that train services will be drastically expanded to the city - which

  • is nestled along highway 401 and has become among the world's foremost hubs for urbanists

  • with it's diverse, and walkable urban form.

  • Not all residents have yet accepted Miltons position as one of the greatest cultural and

  • economic hubs in the region west of Mississauga, North of Oakville, and Southeast of Guelph.

  • Of course, what would any great high speed rail network be without luxe service, smoothly

  • whisking passengers from intermodal yard to . . . .I mean from station to station.

  • Canada's high speed rail network transports riders in spacious and comfortable accommodations

  • across vast landscapes, in fact modern rolling stock even features climate control and trains

  • with many powered axles, evoking the sleek modernity of the Japanese Shinkansen, without

  • any of the pedestrian capacity limitations.

  • Trains are almost entirely composed of bilevel cars as well, providing incredible views from

  • across the landscape of the windowless passenger carriages.

  • Suffice to say, this will be my last video on high speed rail in Canada. The competition

  • isn't fair and out of consideration I won't try to compare other networks to the incredible

  • bar set by Canada's high speed rail.

Hey folks, welcome back to the channel! Today, we're looking at my home nation and one


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Canada's High Speed Rail System Explained (April Fools 2021)

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