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  • someone else on zoom said this is very exciting.


  • Looking forward to getting started with you, uh Inside the Academy, Great, put your application in and I will literally review it right off this call if I think you've got the right stuff will bring you in.


  • If you get that email, pull the trigger as soon as possible.


  • I got Daniel Mckinny via zoom says I just came in now in this meeting, I have no idea of what crypto and Bitcoin is, since you mentioned that you must know your past to determine your future.


  • So for guys like me who have never used such platforms and don't know what really goes on, there would be ideal for us to start learning defy or start learning Bitcoin and crypto first, or how can you advise me?


  • You know what Daniel we've got you covered inside the defi Academy, I thought long and hard about this.


  • So in module one, we bring you up to speed from 2000 and eight all the way up to the current year of 2021.


  • I tell you everything you need to know from a historical perspective, in order to arm you to profit from the future, and again back to Marcus Aurelius by looking in our past, we can actually see the future, and that's what I want to empower you to do, but I don't want you to waste time either.


  • And so a lot of people can go out there and quite frankly, you can go down the rabbit hole in crypto.


  • Trust me, I've almost gone down the rabbit hole a bunch of times in the past month.


  • You can literally become one of these Bitcoin academics, and you can become one of these crypto fanboys, and you can study the instrument and never do anything with it.


  • Or you can go start buying crazy Kryptos out there and you can lose all your money, you can take a bath, you can get jaded and you'll never understand or be part of defi.


  • Both of them are big mistakes and that's why mentorship is everything.


  • When I want to learn from the best, I go learn from the best, that's why I pay a lot of money for the best financial, the best mentors like dan pena for the best physical trainers, for the best mental trainers, I pay top dollar for those people because I know if I do it myself, I'm gonna waste time, which means I waste money, so don't go try to do it yourself.


  • I see millions of people out there trying to trade crypto on their own.


  • That's one of the reasons crypto so volatile because it's got a bunch of stupid people out there that shouldn't be trading, that they have no business because they've never been educated.


  • And again in module four inside the academy, I go through the discipline of trading.


  • It's a very difficult thing to master because most people trade with emotions.


  • So I hope that answers your question, Daniel.


  • Uh the entire structure of the defi accelerator is to bring you up to speed within four weeks to arm you to become part of that financial infrastructure and build the generational wealth defy, which stands for decentralized finance.


  • This is a $9 trillion per year marketplace.


  • I want to talk about our brand new defy academy.

    今回は、新しくなったdefy academyについてお話したいと思います。

  • Our first program is called the defi accelerator and we have been absolutely inundated with applications from around the world.


  • I'm gonna be talking about how you can profit from what I'm calling the greatest dislocation of wealth in human history, decentralized finance is already revolutionizing the world of finance.


  • You just don't know it yet.


  • I'm going to talk about the difference between defy and cryptocurrencies.


  • There's a big difference I want to go into how to trade the markets.


  • It takes a lot of discipline, it takes emotional discipline, it takes intelligence.


  • It's not an easy thing to do.


  • I'm looking for a small group of people who want to actively participate in this upcoming defy revolution.


  • I'm looking for serious individuals only with real network who want to build this exciting financial infrastructure.


  • I'm looking for partners, collaborators, investors, colleagues who want to join forces and create real value and generational wealth.


  • If you're one of those people go to London dot tv forward slash defy and submit your application.

    そのような方は、London dot tv forward slash defyにアクセスし、応募してください。

  • Now you've got a chance, life all comes down to a few moments.


  • You have a chance now to join me on this incredible adventure for the next 10 years, it will change your life.


  • The lives of your Children and grandchildren, Maybe the life of billions of people on this planet.


  • What are you gonna do?


  • What's the choice that you're going to make?


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah, Yeah?


someone else on zoom said this is very exciting.



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