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  • All right, let's talk a little bit about this knees over toes protocol like you said.

    さて、あなたがおっしゃった「Kneees over toes」というプロトコルについて少しお話しましょう。

  • I remember, I think being trained in the gym with my personal trainers in the last 20 years and I'm sure they told me to squat probably without my knees over toes because everyone knows that's bad.


  • And you know how many other myths were propagated in a place before there was Youtube and social media and people like ito and people like you and people like Charles Pollock win, who you trained with, who was a guest here on London reel back in 2018.

    そして、Youtubeやソーシャルメディアがあり、itoさんのような人や、あなたのような人、そしてあなたが一緒にトレーニングをし、2018年にこのLondon reelにゲスト出演したCharles Pollock winさんのような人がいる前の場所で、どれだけ他の神話が伝播されたか知っています。

  • Who actually edo used to quote his name before I had even heard of Charles back in the day and Charles unwittingly became part of my movie Iron Mind.


  • Um at the time I was training for an Ironman triathlon and I was doing it on a plant based diet and Charles had nothing good to say about that.


  • And basically said, I've trained how many Olympian city train like hundreds or something and I counted, I counted 286 olympic medalist that he by far the most in history.


  • I remember reading that on his intro and I said that just doesn't even sound right, it was so big and um and Charles actually kind of played the bad guy in the movie, the anti vegan guy and it was a great part.


  • We dedicated the movie to him and his passing and I was so sorry to see him go and I know you trained with him so maybe you can talk a little bit about what it was like to train with Charles, what it was and where you got some of these ideas before.


  • I know you've shown pictures of some of these old pictures of strong men where they're holding these kind of like kettlebell looking things behind their back and doing these knees over toes training and maybe you can talk because I know Charles, it said to you early on how not only should you, but you had to move your knees over your toes when you squatted.


  • So I don't know, maybe fill us in on a little bit of background Charles training with him and then how some of these ideas started bubbling up in your head.


  • Yeah, I mean, it started with Charles now, like you said, I was, I've always been Crazy passionate one way or another and I wanted to be a basketball player and I didn't have the height for it, didn't have the genetics for it.


  • Then from 12 to 18 chronic knee pain, surgical alterations.


  • So when I finished high school, when in America, you're supposed to get like a college scholarship.


  • I I didn't have any basketball recruitment.


  • And I mean, in theory, I should have just gone into a different field somehow.


  • In my mind, I still thought I was going to make the NBA right?


  • So I was this delusional guy, but I wasn't delusional about how good I knew I needed to be, I knew where I was at.


  • There's a difference, you know what I mean?


  • There's a difference between having a big goal, but actually knowing what it'll take to get there.


  • So I started to realize that if I didn't figure out how to bulletproof my knees, that was just going to never happen.


  • And I got to rock bottom to a point where it was, it wasn't even like, it was like if I could just figure out how to bulletproof my knees to play basketball without pain, then I could just be a happy person, you know?


  • Like, that was my hobby, even if it means just once a week on the weekend, you know, like I'm looking forward to life going, You know, I'm turning 30 this month, my kid is nine months old.


  • I'm just happy knowing that as he grows up, I'm going to be able to play basketball with him, you know what I mean?


  • So it got to that kind of level.


  • So then I put aside all the other stuff and my whole life mission was how do I bulletproof the knees?


  • And really the first thing, because I was so bad off and I already tried every common thing that someone would be told Charles said the athlete whose knee can go farthest and strongest over the toes is the most protected.


  • So the light bulb went off.


  • I immediately knew that was true.


  • Now how do I get there?


  • Right?


  • So if someone just tried to do that, they might, you know, maybe they would get hurt in the process, you see what I mean?


  • So I saw that I heard that now, as you know, Charles was older, there wasn't exactly like it's not like he had videos of this stuff I'm talking about.


  • It was mostly written right written.


  • And there was a guy named keegan smith and a student of Charles.


  • So keegan had some videos and I'm watching this intentional knees over toes training.


  • And so really my best blessing was that one of my knees has partially artificial kneecap replaced meniscus quad tender repair.


  • So that means if you look at the knee, it has surgical alteration above the knee, in the knee cap and below the knee.


  • That's kind of a that's a tough trifecta when each below the knee, in the knee, above the knee.


  • But then the other side, I was too depressed even get surgeries on the other side.


  • I didn't care if I had a limp the rest of my life.


  • So the other side had worse tears, a bunch of different tears.


  • So, because of this terrible difference and not just trying to get through life, but trying to play basketball, getting the clues from Charles, observing keegan, and then trying to apply it to my own horrible body.


  • Then once I started getting results for myself, what happens?


  • More people want help, 60 year old, seven year olds, eight year olds, 90 or, you know, like, so then I had to just regress more and more and more until I realized that every human motions on a scale, it's not I can't do or I can do, you can do anything on some level.


  • So that was a totally eye opening moment that everything is on a scale.


  • And so that's, that's what I do now.


  • And yeah, it got me, I end up getting college scholarships.


  • I was the florida scholar athlete of the year.


  • I've been 10 years of competing like crazy and basketball without ever having to miss a game, let alone a practice because of my niece.


  • So I've lived it now help tons of other people.


  • But it was, it was that clue from Charles.


  • That was so on the other end, it wasn't like, well, your niece can go over your toes.


  • No, it's like the athlete whose knee can go farthest and strong is over the toes is the most protected.


  • So it gave me, that's what created this explosion for me.


  • And honestly, I've never, I've never looked back and I was able to study in person with Charles before he passed away.


  • So I was very fortunate because of Charles and keegan smith.


  • Uh you know, you could see if it weren't for Charles, you know, I'd be working commercial real estate with my parents.


  • Isn't that amazing how one, you know, one poignantly put sentence from a man or a woman with extreme conviction can literally change the course of history.


  • Like, isn't that incredible?


  • Right, changing pro athletes lives, is changing elderly's lives because of that one statement changed my life.


  • What was it like to be around Charles?


  • He's pretty intense, huh?


  • He's the most intense person I've ever been around and I could see why because you see how I channel this into passion.


  • But for him now, imagine being, I'm lucky I get to be in the social media age, I get to have people getting that instant feedback that it's working blah, blah, blah in his age, things couldn't spread that fast.


  • Can you imagine how much internal frustration that must have been for him?


  • You know, I can't even fathom how much frustration that had to have been for him, you know, So I I got off lucky by comparison.


  • He really had to sacrifice for everyone by sticking to his convictions, you know what I mean?


  • Um and as you mentioned, there is there is case precedents if we go back and back.


  • Um when fitness was kind of new, people didn't know any better.


  • So they just they just used the body's ranges.


  • There was no concept of don't do it, there was no don't do anything, you know what I mean?


  • And this actually worked really well and I don't want to even, you know, get too political, I wasn't there, but people, but it does appear like they were getting tons of results for military coming back from the war with broken down bodies fixing them naturally.


  • And that didn't go over well with the medical community.


  • So there is kind of precedence for this.


  • They didn't have social media.


  • They couldn't spread things fast.


  • Nor did they know any better.


  • Like if you look at what I'm doing, I have hundreds of physical therapists reach out to me thanking me using the drills.


  • So from learning from the history, from learning from Charles.


  • I also do think that I've had a realization that they probably didn't have.


  • Which is that no matter what someone's fitness or diet opinions, that's all secondary to treating other people with respect how you treat other people.


  • The ability to get along.


  • That's the ultimate, tough, toughest thing.


  • That's the ultimate ability.


  • The most commend worthy thing.


  • My ability to get along with someone else is more important than any opinion regarding fitting.


  • Uh huh.


  • What not my words.

    What not my words.

  • Why?


  • Stop?


  • Mhm.


All right, let's talk a little bit about this knees over toes protocol like you said.

さて、あなたがおっしゃった「Kneees over toes」というプロトコルについて少しお話しましょう。


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