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Tired? We all know the feeling.
Irritable, groggy, and exceptionally lazy.
Chances are, you didn't sleep enough last night.
Or the past few nights.
But what exactly is enough sleep?
And, more importantly, can you ever catch up on it
While the very function of sleep is still debated by scientists,
we do know that it's necessary to function efficiently and productively.
After all, we spend 24 years of our lifetime sleeping. It had better be important.
Researchers have tested how much is required each night
by assigning groups of people to four, six, and eight hours of sleep over extended periods of time.
After 14 days, those with eight hours of sleep exhibited
few attention lapses or cognitive issues.
However, those with six or four hours of sleep showed a steady decline.
In fact, after only two weeks, the six hour group showed a similar reaction time to a person with the blood alcohol concentration of 0.1%,
which is considered legally drunk.
The four hour sleepers suffered even more,
occasionally falling asleep during their cognitive test.
In both groups, brain function decreased day-by-day
almost linearly, with no sign of leveling off.
Scientists have dubbed this cumulative effect as sleep debt
So can we recover from it?
After a night or two of little sleep, studies show that the body and brain can fully recover
with a few nights of good sleep.
However, with long term sleep deprivation, on the scale of weeks to months,
the recovery of cognitive function is much slower,
requiring many more nights of quality sleep.
On the time scale of months to years,
it's unknown whether brain function could be fully repaired
or if it causes permanent damage.
Paradoxically, with chronic sleep deprivation,
your sleepiness or how tired you feel does eventually level off,
meaning that you become less and less aware of your objective impairment over time.
So how long should you sleep?
Most studies tend to show that 7-8 hours of sleep is the average ideal for humans.
Apart from the cognitive issues, individuals who consistently sleep less than seven hours a night
have an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
Not to mention, a 12% higher risk of death.
On the flip side, studies have shown that while sleeping more than eight hours does not impair brain function,
it also carries an increased risk of heart disease, obesity,
and diabetes, and a 30% increased risk of mortality.
So too much sleep may also be a bad thing.
But variation most certainly exist, and our genetics play a large role.
In fact, individuals genuinely unaffected by only six hours of sleep were found to have a mutation of a specific gene.
When scientists genetically engineered mice to express this gene
they were able to stay awake for an extra 1.2 hours than normal mice.
It turns out these short sleepers have more biologically intense sleep sessions than the average person.
Ultimately, while it's important to know the ideal average of 7-8 hours exist,
let your body and brain help you figure out its own needs.
After all, no one shoe size fits all.
If you want to know how to get better quality sleep each night
in order to conquer the hurdles of sleep deprivation,
we have some tips and research for you over on ASAPThought.
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何時間寝ればいいのか?How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

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Anni 2018 年 1 月 2 日 に公開    Erina Kawagishi 翻訳    Kana kawai チェック



1irritable    0:02
irritable は「怒りっぽい」「短気な」「イライラする」という意味があり、医学的には「(刺激に)敏感な」と使うこともできます。
I still get quite irritable when Africa is referred to as a country.

見ればわかる通り irritable の初めの部分は irritaですね。この単語はラテン語では「刺激」という意味が含まれます。関連する単語には他にも:irritateがあります、これは動詞で意味は「いらいらさせる」「じらす」「怒らせる」といったものがあります。
Don't wash your face too much cause that could irritate your skin.

2catch up    0:12
catch up 元の意味は「追いつく」で、「状況を把握して、進度に追いつく」といった意味になります。他にも「夢中になる」「巻き込む」といったような意味でも使われます。よく、商業において会議に参加するはずの人が来なくて同僚の手助けが必要な時にcatch up して間に合わせてほしいなどと言ったり、昔の友達に遭遇して最近の近況を喋ったりするときにもcatch upを使います。使い方がたくさんありますね!
When I work harder, I can catch up with the naturally talented.

We should catch up sometime. I'll talk to you later, okay?

catch と関連のある単語やフレーズ:
catch on :「理解する」「流行る」
[Sans Serif] didn't catch on immediately, but would eventually get really big.
「Sans Serif」はすぐに流行することはなかったが、最終的には大流行した。

catch fire: 「火が付く」「熱狂する」
We test flame-retardant pajamas in an inferno to ensure they won't catch fire when our child reaches across the stove.

3cumulative 1:02
Try to avoid getting 7143 abdominal X-rays back-to-back, which is enough cumulative radiation to kill you.
7143 枚の X線検査をすることを避けましょう、 あなたが死ぬ限度である放射量がすでに累積されています。

4level off 1:32
Once it is full make sure [the chocolate] is going right into the corners, and then level off the top.

level はゲームで使うような「互角の」という以外にも「水平」「むらのない」といった意味でも使われます。例えば、level crossing文字上は「平面交差」という意味がありますが実際は「踏切」といった意味もあります。

5consistently 1:46
みなさんこの単語が形容詞だと認識していると思いますが、 consistent 「首尾一貫した」「矛盾のない」という意味ですね。これに ly を加えると副詞になります。基礎知識ですね。また、「一致する」と言いたいときは be consistent withといったイディオムを使います。覚えておきましょう!
I would like to suggest a pay increase to keep my hourly rate consistent with the market rate for my services.

Progress on this journey often comes in small increments, sometimes two steps forward, one step back, propelled by the persistent effort of dedicated citizens.

The coach is insistent that the team is going to win the grand final.

6on the flip side    1:54  
flip 動詞では「指先ではじく」「放り投げる」「ひっくり返す」といった意味があります。on the flip side は「他方で」「逆に」といった意味になります。ちょうどコインやCDをひっくり返して裏側を見に行くような感じでイメージしていただければ分かり易いでしょう。
Don't worry about finding a date. Or, on the flip side, try to stridently assert the fact that you're single.

他にもflip を使ったフレーズを紹介します。
flip out :「ブちぎれる」「かっとなる」


文/ Henry Lin
編集・翻訳/ Hoshie




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