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  • Next I want to introduce mr Graham, Hancock and Graham, it was one of our first big guests on London rio.


  • I still remember we had grandma on the week before.


  • Um, I went on the joe Rogan experience out in Los Angeles.


  • I think that was around 2012.


  • And Graham came on and talked, you know, in in an amazing way about plant medicines.


  • I Alaska.


  • I remember he said he thought all politicians should do 10 Ayahuasca ceremonies before running for office because he thought it would change their perspective and perhaps they would run for office.


  • Thinking more about not what's in it for them, but more about what they can do for the people, right?


  • That's technically what politicians do is they look out for the rest of us.


  • Right.


  • And so Graham has always got amazing knowledge when it comes to psychedelics, putting them into perspective historically as as well as globally.


  • And uh you know, Hancock here talks about some of those historic traditions and also how sometimes they bring us more back to a natural state of living.


  • Oftentimes we get caught up with all this technology, all of this money, all of this media and we forget at the end of the day that we really are these monkeys walking around on this earth.


  • And so here's Graham Hancock going a bit deeper on those ideas really.


  • For thousands of years, thousands of years human beings have worked with plant medicines.


  • They have been an integral part of human culture, central to human culture, not something bad or wicked, not an aberration but something central to the human experience which was nourishing and teaching.


  • That's why they call them teacher plants in the amazon And then we have our society that comes along, it's just this little blip, you know of 100 years of high tech industrialist civilization and it suddenly pronounces that this whole human heritage is completely wrong.


  • Maybe we should be considering that the depth of human experience is more than just material things and technology and our egos and look, it doesn't get much better than Graham Hancock.


  • He is one of the best communicators out there.


  • He has a great way of really articulating the core points of the issue.


  • Super excited to feature him in the film.


  • Reconnect again, We're premiering that at december 5th here in London.

    12月5日にここロンドンで初公開される「Reconnect again」。

  • If you want to know more about it or join us on the night alongside some really star studded guests, uh, drinks, canopies, pictures and everything is London real dot tv forward slash reconnect at London Real.

    このイベントについてもっと知りたい方や、豪華なゲストと一緒に参加したい方は、ドリンク、キャノピー、写真など、すべてがLondon Real dot tvのフォワード・スラッシュ・リコネクトであるLondon Realでどうぞ。

  • We believe that individual transformation can change the world, join us and start your journey today.


Next I want to introduce mr Graham, Hancock and Graham, it was one of our first big guests on London rio.



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すべての政治家は「アヤワスカ」を飲むべきだ - グレアム・ハンコック、サイケデリックを語る - Reconnect By London Real (ALL POLITICIANS SHOULD TAKE AYAHUASCA - Graham Hancock On Psychedelics - Reconnect By London Real)

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